Welcome back podcasters welcome back to another podcast Edition. We are happy. We are thrilled that you’re tuning in with us today I am Jared Johnson. I am your host. I am a co-founder Platinum pass along with my beautiful and lovely wife, Jennifer Johnson. We are a family-owned and operated company here in the Tulsa area, servicing the greater Tulsa area. In fact, you’re going to find us by searching Pest Control Tulsa because we are Tulsa’s Premier, pest control, companies servicing the greater Tulsa area.

Take care of mentally past needs were also good morning. I’m at Putnam pest & Lawn we’re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your past gone really want to walk today. Right. Welcome you to the podcast. If you can join me – and you know, we can speak about this picture, a lot of different bugs, we do a lot of different trivia when it comes to bugs when it comes to pass, and so you are in for a treat so so so step on. In sit down strike Papua, I’m good, you are in for a ride. That’s right!

You’Re in for right tonight, listen to this podcast and hope you can learn a little something-something. Hopefully, you can learn how to keep your home. Keep pests off your properties to keep your home in in in in your property past. Freewriting also weed for you as well, so so so you’re going to have a lot of information coming at you, but it doesn’t all need to stick. What needs to stick. It is just really how to get in contact with us and it is fairly simple. All you have to do is search Pest Control Tulsa, okay, that’s it just searched those words. I’m in then you have our information, and so there I’m you just leave it up to the professionals.

You can call us to ask us any questions that you have wrapping answer it we’re happy to give you any to help. Keep the past in the box of away from your home okay. So today we are talking about ants right. We’Ve talked a lot about how ants in her the home it doesn’t take much to than the end of the hall you’re a welcome to wash on the outside. So a lot of rain. If you have like a rainy week when renting month we’re going to get an increase of calls when it comes to aunts. Now the reason why people are calling us and everyone that they do have ants but the way that they actually get in contact with us that she going to be through Google.

So they go to Google that they walk over the computer or the tablet or the phone. Let me type of electronic device that that is, Google compatible and then click on the Google Toolbar, the search bar and from there they’ll type in Pest Control Tulsa right! That’S what they’re going to happen because you don’t want to deal with an answer, Pest Control Tulsa a pest and they want those ants control, I’m so it’s just logical that they are going to type in those words and once he did that they’re going to press enter and then From there they’re going to see a website in the click on it, they are, they have all of her information.

That’S how we get our calls. I would with dealing with Pastor a deal with ants and so forthright, so that happens quite a bit. That’S how people get in contact with us if you’re, doing with ants on the inside of your home or even on the outside the home. Give us a call, oftentimes at you, a simple inspection. The outside will show where they’re coming in I’m not coming through little cracks in the brick veneer the weep holes in the home and there are just so many different Avenues in so many different areas that are easy for ants to enter a pin into your home Into your structure, so when you call us will come out and we’ll do a 15-point pass assessment, your home, I’m to make sure that that you don’t deal with those hands right, so we can make sure that we can get rid of them. But the good thing is, you don’t have to push.

You know how to get rid of ants. You personally don’t have to know everything there is about Aunt. All you need to know how to do is to pull your car over. Yes, you heard me correctly to pull your car over because, what’s going to happen, is the next time you’re driving down the interstate? You got these crazy ants in your mind and they’ve been annoying you for a long time, I’m so next time, you’re driving on the interstate. You see that big old billboard, you know which one I’m talking about the onePest Control Tulsa. Okay, that that’s the one! That’S going to be our billboard just pull over pull at your pin in your paper and write down our information and contact us that way. We can come out there and eliminate any issues at that you’re dealing with whether their past we are like ants or mice or spiders or whatever. It is we’re happy to come out and eliminate that the situation for you, okay, and so when it comes to Hands.

answer kind of crazy, okay meeting Dad that will hear something back. Ants don’t have lungs, they don’t have ears okay, so if they don’t have long as they don’t have ears, how can they breathe to stay alive and how can we communicate right? Those are some big-time questions. Well, here’s the thing is: an anti little tiny hole surrounded by they actually absorbed their auction is how to get their oxygen into carbon dioxide leave soup to those same holes right, so you don’t have lungs were they can survive by still getting oxygen? Okay, ants are very strong: they can live 20 times on body weight, not actually here by feeling vibrations from the ground to their feet. Right, you were mine. They don’t have two ears right, just how they feel or that’s how they hear that they actually hear through vibrations. But you don’t have to know all this. You don’t have to do all this information about ants in order to get rid of them. That’S the great part for you, so if you see the ants crawling on your countertop, all of your food, all your kids, toys or all of the wall or whatever it is, you don’t have to know a bunch of facts about ants in order to get rid Of them all you have to know how to do is to search Pest Control Tulsa, okay, that’s it right.

just search that click on Arlene call us will come out and we’ll get it taken care of for you. I will get everything eliminated, but the thing is we don’t just take care of ants. We take care of spiders like brown, recluse spiders, black widow, spiders flies, gnats drain flies, scorpions, wasp bed, bugs mosquitoes fleas, ticks, take care of termites flying termites, subterranean termites. We take care of ants with wings termites with wings carpenter, bees, carpenter ants. I mean you name it we’re going to be able to take care of a real steel weed control on the yard as well sweetie Wing fertilization, I’m so what that means. That will be if you give Platinum pest & Lawn a call we’re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your Prescott rights to do pre-emerge applications will treat for Crabgrass Preventer grass Dallisgrass any broadleaf weeds, fertilize your yard as well make sure it’s looking Good and healthy and thinking it, I would you overseeing a Fescue where you would do all sorts of services like lawn aeration. So anyways just remember.

If you call us we’re going to leave you with the perfect one and you’re pissed, but the way that you’re going to have to get a hold of us as you got to search for us on Google, I’m we’re not in the phonebook, this kind of old School rights, you got to know how to add, to use Google just go to Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa, that’s it simple. Colors are phone numbers for me, 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach us online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn.com contact us we’re going to leave. You with a perfect in your past God and remember when you choose Platinum, pest & Lawn. Your first service is just $ 1. Yes, that is correct. You heard me correctly. Your first service is just $ 1, with Platinum, Pest & Lawn


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