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Welcome back podcast, I just woke back to another Edition! Thank you for joining us today. What’S this your first time or whether your regular, it’s important that you tune in it’s a point that important that you get the information that you need in order to better your situation. Out of your home make sure whether it’s dealing with brown, Pest Control Tulsa recluse spiders are wolf, spiders or bed bugs and termites or maybe – or maybe you just want the Perfect Lawn in the neighborhood, either way, you’re listening to the right station to listen to the right podcast. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host today. I love this podcast series. I’m also co-founder Platinum, a pest in love with my beautiful wife, Jennifer Joyce Johnson’s mother were 3 wonderful, kids, wonderful children and dad said that is who we are. We are a family-owned and operated company service. In the greater Tulsa area that we are Pest Control Tulsa and we take care of your past needs – you don’t have to. We also do we control weed control fertilization on your yard, also make sure that we leave you with your path with the Perfect Lawn and your past is gone okay, and so that’s what we are doing thanks for joining us today Pest Control Tulsa and so if you are joining us if you’ve been with us before the past, you know that we’re going to ask a lot of questions about a trivia question summer, funny summer, not summer kind of scary, either way, we’ll get you in for and we’ll get you taken care of and die, and So what we’re talking about today’s were talking about bed bugs now, I’m we understand that. I everything that we say today is going to stick and stay inside your cranium, although it might be a ginormous Cranium, it’s all not going to stay in there. It’S going to run yeah, you might catch a few, but most of it is is going to run out and you’re in you’re, just not going to understand you’re not going to remember so. If you can remember anything from this podcast, we want you to remember how to get in touch with us, an estimate is through Google or looking at anything online on the internet and the end. So what you got to do is you got to Google Pest Control, Tulsa, okay, that simple, just Pest Control, Tulsa SEO comes up. You’Ll see that we will be or that we are number one in this category coming up on Google and then so that’s what you got to do that. Then you got to learn how to do that.

You got to stick to it I’ll, make sure that make sure you’re prepared at the drop of a hat Bill to find us. I’m suing come out there and take care of any your pest need. So I’d say we’re talking about bed bugs. Will you give me some facts before such as one female bed bug can be responsible for laying over 500 eggs in her lifetime? Okay? So if left unattended head and if you don’t do anything should take care of those bed bugs those are going to grow an exponential rate at a point and you just won’t be able to handle right. So that’s happened to you. If you see any bedbugs whatsoever just go in search of Pest Control, Tulsa right cuz in the point that you use the best company that does companies going to be us once he has a Pest Control toolset. So call us we’re happy to come out there and, first of all, inspect the situation, make sure that you are actually indeed doing with bed bugs right. We don’t want to treat for a pest, you don’t have and so will be looking. We will be able to identify if you are dealing with bed bugs okay, and so it’s not common that we get calls from people with bed bugs by the way. You think that the majority of people find this is that they type in a word such as Pest Control, Tulsa. What’S a dude that are information, pops up, and so they give us a call, so we can give them and provide them with the best pest control. Pest Control Tulsa All that they are offering the days that is available to the consumer and said that that’s what we do that’s what we’ll do for you to write, but you got to give us a call. I’ve been in a mini home. I’ve been in some recently where people picked up that bed bugs from traveling right of another big area that people get bed bugs is a pickup. Furniture on that is sitting out by the curve it sitting out by the curb is play sitting out for a reason, and you probably don’t want to go and grab it. But that’s one way to people be get bed bugs. Try to save a few bucks me buy some online Appliance and online dresser online box frame and not knowing that is just infested with bed bugs right, I’m.

So if you don’t want that to happen to you, what you have to do is you have to Google Pest Control. Tulsa, yes, is that simple, Pest Control Tulsa I’m just people that click on that top link, that’s going to be a storm going to come out and will limit your Pest Control at issues and take care of the situation that way you don’t have to mess with it. Okay, so anyways that that’s what we do – and so I am bed bugs at the females – can lay over 500 eggs in their lifetime, which is pretty remarkable, males, not so much concerned that males, don’t even lay eggs because they’re a male males, don’t do much Of anything right now, but I bet that’s what we do so I mean if you’re, dealing with a bed bugs if you’re doing with any other, bugs that just termites or spiders or whatever don’t wait any longer. What you need to do is you need to pick up the phone and call in, first of all, Google Pest Control, Tulsa, clicker Arlington you’ll be able to automatically call from the website’s pretty cool function, pretty cool feature, how many ways that that’s what that’s, what we Will do for you, okay, but you got to call us, but we don’t just take care of bed bugs. I would take care of roaches. I would take care of spider’s black widow, spiders wolf, spiders, yellow orb spiders.

We at we take care of carpenter ants order. His hands, wood, bees, carpenter bees, we take care of termites and take care of mosquitoes fleas, ticks you name it. We were going to take care of it. Drain flies house flies, odorous ants will I fit, it will take care of it. If it’s past will be able to hammer in okay that that’s what we do, that way, you don’t have to mess with it. Also, when it comes to weed control, we also do weed control applications, so we do pre-emerge applications, Pest Control Tulsa post-emergent applications. We treat at 4 pointer grass, crabgrass Dallisgrass Johnson grass, all sorts of different types of grass. What we treat for when you over senior Fescue with your lawn aeration, how we make sure that we leave you, would the Perfect Lawn in your past gone rice? That’S what we’re going to do for you, but in order to do that, you’re going to have to give us a call, so you got to have to search for us. Go in search of Pest Control. Tulsa there you’ll see all of our information just call us we’re happy to come out there and get your problem resolved for you, okay, but you don’t always reach at 918-300-6857 or you reach sunlight at Platinum, pest


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