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Welcome back podcasters you are listening to the podcast show about the Platinum Peston lawn. Well, we want to educate you about bugs and educate you about dealing with pests in the Oklahoma area in the Tulsa area.
And so the way that we’re doing that is we’re talking all sorts about bugs you lots of trivia about education is fact and help hopefully prevent a pest infestation from occurring in your home. Of course, if it does you always just give us a call.
We are a pest control Tulsa. We are a platinum pest and lawn. I am Jared Johnson. I’m your host co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with my wife Jennifer Johnson’s beautiful wife and mother of our three children. So far we are a family-owned and operated company that operates now the greater Tulsa area. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or religious or light at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK. So we were talking about bedbugs. OK.
We talk about bedbugs last few podcasts just so much to learn about bugs.
But of course, if you listen you know that we don’t just take care of bedbugs. We take care please take care Tick’s take care moths take care lies to take care that we take care grain wise take care silverfish take care scorpion’s take care career kids to take care of mice take care of rats and take care of rodents we take care of termites flying termites black termites with wings.
So bring all my soldiers home.
We know we do. You should do a liquid term or treatment.
But we do debate stations as well on three persons upon base stations. Pest Control Tulsa
But but but we prefer to do the liquid treatment so we’re going to give you the best protection on a home. Take care of brown recluse spiders black widow spiders ants understand carpenter ants little black piss ant sometimes people call them sweet just take care of a ray of insects but it’s hard to know about those insects when we talk about dust mites. Before young you have like 12000 dust mites live and living on a mattress which is pretty incredible is pretty Corrie’s 12000 dust mites living on the mattress one make sure that’s not you. That those dust mites aren’t on your mattress. So what if you suspect that they are just them Google pest control Tulsa you’ll find early. Click on it will be number one. We will come out there and get taken care of and that we do not have to have to deal with dealing with dust mites or any other bugs and other critters.
Ok, so today we’re talking about bedbugs again. But you know we’ve done trivia before the.
In fact, we talked about bedbugs and you know that if a bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime I know it’s absolutely ridiculous and those eggs once they hatch you know they can reproduce. So numbers get out of control actually fast. Now don’t think by any means oh they really can’t get that bad. But it can get extremely bad. We’ve been in some very bad infestations with bed bugs roaches where the roaches are eating the bedbugs. I mean you got a little National Geographic happening inside the home. Not a good situation. You don’t want to be in that situation but if you do know a friend that’s in this situation or someone who might just start having bed bugs or any type of pest. Have them give us a call. I mean just going by and I mean next time you’re driving down the freeway and you see the billboard the big billboard that says pest control tolls So just pull over and jot down the number and then we just say give us a call that we come out there and remedy the situation. All right. Well, we’re going to move on to some facts about bedbugs. Now let’s hear what people think of bedbugs they think I’m just living on the beds in bedrooms. So to get the name bedbugs but how did they get there. Right. Do they just magically appear the bugs come out of nowhere next you know they’re just on the bed? You know it doesn’t make sense right. Usually, bedbugs are transported into the home.
Maybe you have someone who’s had bedbugs in the past it comes and visits you where the situation is you might even go over there and sit on their couch and not knowing it. Bring the bedbugs back. Back to your home. Right. That happens also. And so that’s how bedbugs usually come into the home usually two transportation. Right. And so if. You suspect your friend has them or if you think you have them or if you let’s say you want to visit a friend or they came in and saw your place it could have been relatively it and then you find out later that they do have bed bugs you just want to make sure that you are bedbug-free. Go ahead Google pest control Tulsa look us up. Pest Control Tulsa
We’ll come right out there we’ll give you a call and the server will come out there make sure that you’re not dealing with the bedbugs in any way shape or form.
Right. And so that happens. I mean we get calls on this quite regularly. I mean we get calls from people who have sleepovers you know because we really want to identify the source of how they got the bedbugs there in the first place. And some will question why it was lots of questions. We’ll try to have become detectives is really what we’re doing. And so we’re finding out where people stay if people come over and stay in their place. Well a daughter we had a client their daughter actually had a birthday party and so it was a sleepover birthday party. So a bunch of girls came over and spent the night you know a couple of weeks later they started dating by. They don’t know where it’s coming from and put two and two together. As it turns out it was it was bedbugs right. So what did happen is when they had this sleepover someone from the sleepover obviously had bedbugs. Right. They were dealing with them at their own home. They hadn’t got it taken care of. Right. And so they hadn’t eliminated the problem and probably knowingly had brought him over to the other home. And so they got along on a couch which was one of those pull-out beds those couch bed things those can be tough to eradicate and still are extremely tough to get rid of but. But the thing is is that that’s one way that they’re actually brought that they’re brought into the home.
Is brought from other people. So people innocently coming to you know for a party or just come have fun so. So again if you suspect that you might have maybe you went on vacation next thing I know you’re getting a little bug bite you might think a mosquito bite for my chiggers they could be or they could be bedbugs So if that’s happening just look us up lookup. Pest Control Tulsa and again we’re Tulsa’s premier pest control company in the Tulsa area and we’ll come out there and we’ll take a look and we’ll remedy the situation that we don’t have to mess with. And that way you can you can sleep peacefully. Pest Control Tulsa
So that’s one way the parties or people come here visiting another big one that we see all the time is travel OK. People go out of town they stay in a hotel. Hotels are hubs for bedbugs right. They’re like the airports for bed bugs that’s where they’re transported that’s where people are seeing them. And so what happens is you might go to a hotel go to sleep and they’ll tell you to wake up. You don’t know. Bed bugs clean your bag. And next thing you know you’re bringing them back. Right.
Be they can be traveling across state lines. We traveled across the ocean in different countries but bringing them back with them. And so the way to prevent that one way to help with that scenario is when you go to hotels if you travel or even if you don’t travel up and just staying in the hotel. The best thing to do is to do an inspection right away.
Look for any blood deposits or look for any bed bugs that they hide. Pull the sheets back off the badges and get yourself a good look give you a good look over. Make sure you’re not dealing with them. I did that. I checked the hotel wants to give you a good look over finding out it had bedbugs. And so I need you. OK. And so what do you do if you think what. Anyways when you get to a hotel make sure you have a plastic bag or garbage bag. Put your picture put your luggage in those garbage bags them up off the floor. Tell you about. So that way that bugs would have an extremely hard time getting in there. So but again if you if you’ve been traveling you just want to make sure that your stuff is clean. No bedbugs. Go and look up pest control also you’ll find us click on us Click on our link will come out there and take care of it. We not only take care of bedbugs and take care of fleas ticks spiders ants rats mice flies Mosse grubs take care termites to take care of roaches germ Brown cockroaches ants odors hands and his hands. Carpenter bees. All right. Take care call from the bee people to call them would be as well but we take care of that and we want to make sure that they don’t do any damage to your home and take care of are a pest. We also do we control. Pest Control Tulsa
So we take care of broadleaf weeds grassy weed you pre-merge applications will do all sorts of applications that way your yard is going to look good. So planting them past them or we can leave you with the perfect one in your past gone.
You can find this at Platinum pest along with dot com or you can reach us by calling 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 will get taken care of. OK, you’re in good hands with us but I’m again here planting them. We’re going to leave you with one. Your past is gone and your first service is just one dollar we.
Suppose give a call right away.


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