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Rt Podcast was walking back to the cast so happy you’re joining with us today, and actually it’s night time now. I know I said today, but I should have said tonight. You know we talked before about how are things been so warm? I will now we are having that cool front moves through until I can drop things off and really drop below, freezing really get a good fries cuz. It’s been a fairly mild winter that this winter. If that today is actually the first day of winter, I think it’s the winter solstice or whatever it’s called longest years tonight, I’m in out of daylight is just going to start getting brighter and brighter and brighter I’m Jared Johnson. I’m your host. This podcast series, some people just call me Pest Control Tulsa, because we are family, Pest Control Tulsa owned and operated company and we service the greater Tulsa area bright Pest Solutions inter solutions under those who need a hand and everybody really needs it. So I guess you can say we provide Pest and turf solutions to everybody because everybody needs the services now when will serve the company we started up. So, let’s say I think was about 6 years ago now, when we turn up the company, we had a goal to become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer, and I and we feel the way we feel we have. I have gotten that you would feel like we’re doing that. We feel that we are getting the reviews. I give us feedback as far as that. The pest control concern as far as our services concerning those reviews are, are positive, and so we feel that we are on our way to accomplishing this goal, but if you want to get it to get in contact with this going to be a customer, Pest Control Tulsa you Give us a call at 918-376-0857 and pest & Lawn. Com

But that’s one way that you can get ahold of us. Another way that you can hold of us is the way the most people get a hold of us, that’s actually through the internet, but most people do they grow their favorite search engine, Google or Yahoo. All of they do is when they go, that’s him they just type in Pest Control, Tulsa and those of the gummy. The keywords they type in those are the keywords that that will lead guitar company, and so that’s what they’re doing? That’S what you should do too, but I have a pass or just all over the place right now, with this weather got cold weather got hot weather got cold weather, so they can make up its mind, and so that’s what’s happening and whenever that the hot weather Comes in the cold weather when you got this fluctuation, Pest Control Tulsa what happens is the bugs move in and out men and Out In and Out in and out, so people actually usually have a lot more things of Pastor this time is there cuz you just keep moving in and So I was all sorts of different type of flyers for different companies in different Services. Next time you see one of the pest control Tulsa flyers. I want you to grab it put on your refrigerator with a magnet place it on there and having a place that way whenever you need her services will be right. There handy-dandy that you can just grab and then refer to in that way. You can have it and that way you can. Pest Control Tulsa You can have it all right there that way, whenever that the problem does arise and reduce your pastor, those weeds, I’m starting a Star Pub in your yard you are just to give us a call on it and so about the bugs that were talking about today. Now we are in December Somas Christmas time now still have some Halloween decorations out, they may or they may not even use the natural webs in natural spiders, as Halloween decoration I’m either way that is still out and about the still happened.

I can’t stress enough how full set is everybody needs Pest Control treatment in around and you keep that barrier up and active your home to prevent pests from coming in. I’m swinging are some homes right now it looks like they still have Halloween decorations up because they got webs and got Spurs that got everything else. So spiders will be prevalent even during this time. It’S cold. They want to come inside the home, and so, if you do not want this to happen to you next time, you see the billboard that says: Pest Control, Tulsa just pull over and get that information, and that way I know it’s all good now way. It’S all Hindi. That way, you can just give us a call to make sure you don’t deal with any spiders and you don’t want to deal with the answer. Pest Control Tulsa That’S a possibility as well, either way, I wouldn’t want you to have to deal with those guys and so leave it up to the professionals. I have seen spiders build webs in the snow. Okay, let me say it one more time I have seen spiders build webs in the snow right. I’ve saw it below. Freezing moves around on the outside now they’re usually moving a little bit slower, but they still are moving. So anyway, spiders are prevalent during the cooler months also, but if you want us to come out there and get that taken care of I’m just I just pull up that Pest Control, Tulsa, flyer and I’ll have all are all of our information who don’t just take Care of spiders, like black widows and brown recluse spiders and wolf, spiders and jumping Spa, do ants like carpenter, ants, black ants, carpenter, ants, piss, ants, mosquitoes Yellow Jacket, wasp iFly is drain, flies house flies gnats, Pest Control Tulsa I’m taking care of carpenter bees in wood bees, termite subterranean Termites termites with wings bedbugs, bedbugs, bedbugs, they’re everywhere.

We also take care of, besides that, I’m going to take care of fleas and ticks on mice and rats can take care of centipedes and millipedes carpet, beetles all sorts and types of beetles and ladybugs and take care of cockroaches mice and rats. German brown cockroach is oriental cockroaches, you name it. We can make it happen, we’ll get it taken care of for you, but you got it. You got to reach out to us now. I see I reach out to you: got to have a little the Steelers going to have some computer skills wheelchair on the computer or smartphone or phone or tablet any of you have to go in your search bar and type in Pest Control. Tulsa once you do that, that search will lead you to us, so don’t hesitate when you get on it, but we all still chirps verses as well, so will fertilize the yard will do the lawn. Aeration will do overseeding, Fescue Lawns. I will treat for broadleaf weeds and also grassy weeds, like nutgrass and crabgrass Dallisgrass in Johnson grass, but remember when she’s fighting a pest & Lawn, I’m we’re going to leave you with the perfect length and you’re pissed on your first service is only $ 1. You can reach the 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach us online at Platinum, pest &


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