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Hi, podcasters welcome back to another podcast Edition. We are so thrilled and happy and pleased that you’re joining with us today, I’m at this is your first time we welcome you or, if you listen to us quite a bit, you’re welcome to you as well. I’m hoping, you’ll laugh a little bit. Hopefully, you enjoy this podcast now, for you learn a little something I’m about bugs and pests here in the Tulsa area, or maybe the bugs and pass it around your home. But hopefully, we give you that the information that you need in order to keep your family safe, your PetSafe out from all the bugs are at that that could be existing around your property, I’m in so I am Jared Johnson. I am your host. This podcast series also co-founder of platinum passed along with my beautiful amazing wife, Jennifer Johnson. We are a family-owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area. When we started the company 6 years ago, our aim is to become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer, and we are aiming to do that. We are striving to that. It is our goal to accomplish just ask and we are well on our way and we would be thrilled if you can help us accomplish this time. Pest Control Tulsa We’Re always looking for mystery shoppers. Those that are willing to have us come out and treat their home. Heifer discounted rate gives lot of feedback I regarding our service and regarding how well we did I’m with the service. Pest Control Tulsa Please help us with that, but you can give us a call or you can or there’s a few ways you can get in contact with this one way you can just Google Pest Control, Tulsa and click on the top link. That’S when we are linked. I wouldn’t come out there and in and out and help you with that, or you can you’re really answering questions at that. You do have I’m concerning any past, and I, and so we can a lot of customer referrals and it’s because people trust us with their family and their friends, and we do a good job with their homes. They want us to do a good job at other peoples, homes as well, but that assist when, when people get in contact with us, another way that people get in contact with us is that they just see all these things around Tulsa.

That’S a pest control Tulsa and what they do is a jot down the information and then they give us a call and come out there and we answer any questions that they do have. We also provide services for mine well. We provide the solutions on that they’re. Looking for so, we service of Greater Tulsa area effect where Tulsa’s Premier pest control company and we provide Pest Solutions inter solutions for those who do need it, and so again we welcome you for joining yesterday during this podcast series. Now there’s a lot of information. If you join us before, you know that we can give you a lot of fun. Facts some of the facts are not going to be interesting summer, going to be interesting summer, going to be useless, but in interesting the thing is: is we’re going to give you a lot of information? That’S just not going to stick and stay and said that ginormous Cranium of yours is a ginormous Cranium of yours because you most likely have a ginormous brain because you are brilliant because you are listening to this podcast Series today and so again we welcome you, but We’Re sending out all this information is going to stay inside your head, Pest Control Tulsa and so what we want to stay inside your home or inside your head is how to get in contact with us now. The way that you do get in contact with this is your going to Google Pest Control Tulsa. They are going to click on links wearing, come out there and take care of any pest you have, or we will answer any questions that you have regarding any types of box. Okay, I’m in so again more welcome to join this podcast today.

I’D say we’re going to be talking about yes, and we have talked about ants a lot before in the past. There’S just so much information go over with ant sand uncles, but we will not be talking about Uncle, say we’re going to talk about the type of ants that coming to your home, Uninvited, maybe unannounced and maybe eat all of your food, and maybe sleep in your house When you didn’t know they were there, they just kind of sneak in that there that sneaky type of ants and these the answer to not related to. Actually, these are our very small ants be out here and I’m actually over 12,000 different species of ants worldwide and Oklahoma area. We get calls on predominately two different type of answers: Army, carpenter, ants and those are going to be over as soon as the to answer. We get most of the calls on now. If you do not know how to identify him, but you really don’t care to identify me just want them gone and out of your house a few ways to get in contact with us just going to Google Pest Control. Tulsa, on click on the link, that’s going to give us a call and we will be able to identify him for you, okay, but but maybe you’re, just fed up with the answer you’ve, been in a friend’s house or family members home and that you sit down on The couch and next thing you know you’ll feel little itch me feel a little tickle, their near armor, maybe in the back your neck and then next thing you know you get tickled again. Well guess what those are actually and then you look easy, though those are. Those are actually ants that that are tickling you your week, Kohl’s on. That’S all the time that doesn’t happen if people are sitting there, couches and answer call Anonymous, pretty pretty crazy kind of ridiculous, but a lot of people don’t like that. Pest Control Tulsa A lot of people frown on have ants crawl all over them, I’m in so, if that’s the type of person that you are you friend on ants crawling on you and the next time, you’re at work or maybe you’re, just in the Tulsa area, doing errands maybe Shopping around I mean you see the billboard that says Pest Control, Tulsa, I’m pulled over – do not cause a car accident. I’M be courteous, just pull over and died in all that information. Cuz. That’S give me all the information that way. We can answer your questions.

We can develop a plan with you till the nature, an tissue okay, but but we can do that right, but you got to give us a call, but we don’t just take care of ants like lab. Black ants are piss ants or carpenter ants near. We do spiders like brown, recluse, spiders, black widow, spiders, wolf, spiders, jumping spiders, hairy, spiders, scary spiders, black spiders. We at take care of orb spiders flying insects like mosquitoes wasp, Yellow Jackets, red wasp paper, wasps, dirt, dobbers mud, daubers flies, drain flies and gnats. What do fleas and ticks in mice and rats that rhymes and sound like a dr. Seuss, not book? We also do dust mites and bed bugs and cockroaches oriental cockroaches Brown, Jim Brown cockroaches. We do termites like subterranean termites flying termites, swarming termites, ants with wings are carpenter. Bees at would be imma, take care of silverfish and scorpions webworms army worms bagworms grub worms at you name. It will take care of it for you, I’m bored as well soon do lawn aeration in Fescue. Pest Control Tulsa Over seeding will do a Bermuda Lawns. At will will do fertilization will do pre-emergent applications will be broadleaf. Applications like dandelions and crabgrass and Dallas grass and put in a grass and we can make it happen for you, but we’re going to go to Google and type in Pest Control. Tulsa clicking on link we’re happy to come out there and solve any issues that you’re dealing with provide the best solution, Turf solutions that you need. Don’T leave you with the perfect one in your past gone, you were just at 918-376-0857 or you can register online at Platinum, pest


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