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Alright welcome back podcast should we are so happy that you’re with us today that you’re joining this podcast later also listen, this podcast series, if you are, we can mend you then just great to be on the multi-task. It’S a steal. Everybody has, I hope. I hope to develop multitasking skills later on in life, hopefully sooner rather than later. Hopefully, you got that skill in your listing. Pest Control Tulsa This podcast takes your office anywhere, so you can fish and still listen, this podcast overlooking scenery or maybe I can just do whatever that you want to do, but I’m hoping that’s what you’re doing right now and you’re enjoying life. My name is Jared Johnson. The host of the podcastI’m also enjoying life, I love giving podcast series and how bad you couldn’t help. It knows. I’m there are learning about past and learning about how to get rid of the past and don’t know how to keep their member with Platinum, Hair Salon. We’Re going to give you the perfect one in your past, but you can call us a lot of people cause Pest Control, Pest Control Tulsa Tulsa the really need that Premier pest control company in the Tulsa area and Dad really provide you with a fantastic service and be a part Of this a revolution in order to be a part of it, you need to become our customer needs to allow us to serve you and the way that you didn’t get in contact with us which happens quite often, or you can give us a call at 918-376-0857 or You can reach us online at Platinum, pass in law. Calmness, one way or another way that you can reach us in the way.

The most courageous is there. She goes to the internet and that leads to our website at least them to the best pest control. I’m here are you feel that we provide for you and so do that. That’S one way to get in contact with us, but you’re going to have a lot of information given to you during this podcast series, and it’s just natural for you, I mean I still remember everything that I’ve said: he’s podcast over Twitter podcast out with Us make it through these are billboard a flyer to see anything that says: Pest Control, Tulsa jot down the information saved in your phone to make sure that you have it in your phone to make sure that the bug shows up that you don’t want to run your Home or do you have a question, Pest Control Tulsa you can always just read this for just a button away or pushed it a call, we’re happy to do that for you, okay. So today we’re me talking about spiders that we talked about Thanksgiving, even if we’re a few days after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Pete. Hopefully, you got to spend some time with your friends and loved ones and family member. The neighbors never made you happy. Hopefully, you were able to accomplish, says it, and I did you really have a good time together and that’s what we’re all about the role that family spending time together. Hopefully, while your gathering around now, this may have happened to you this week. It happened to you Melissa, you got all the family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, I mean cousin Tom and Aunt Jerry or Uncle Jerry I would call me I can send Jerry come in from all over. They made the drive down there so excited to spend time with you and that you’re kind of nervous because you know the kind of a kind of gossipy people you’re the kind of talk a lot and it let’s say you just sitting down eating dinner and you Look up the next thing. Pest Control Tulsa You know you see a spider crawling down the shades above your window right just a little spider, it’s a big spider when they call us – and so next time you see the billboard that says: Pest Control, Tulsa pullover copy that information jot. It down gives us a call that way we can come out there and help you out get the spiders for yet we make it nice and easy that way. You didn’t have to deal with them.

That way. That way, there would be any gossip talk about you. We will really make it happen for you. We look out for you just to make sure that you’re home safe protected against the button down the curtains of your home, the shades of lines on Aunt, Jeri’s hair. She doesn’t know what’s happening at Falls of the food and that’s when all hell breaks loose once that happens once a spider, it’s going down right, that’s what it’s all happening. That’s when the screaming and yelling happens. You know that’s what that people shoot out and try to stand up, but your platelets up and get cranberry sauce all over them. That happened. You know. That is not that. That’S a not an unlikely scenario, and so it may be going to have future Gatherings, and you just don’t want everything to be really cool. Pest Control Tulsa As far as Pastor’s concern, then call us right: you can just go on Google Pest Control, Tulsa make sure that doesn’t happen for you will protect. You protect your home from those past the spiders. How much you got to give us a call, but we don’t just take care of spiders like wolf spiders and a brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders in a lot of other different types of bugs. I can piss ants black ants. We take care of a scorpion, take care of silverfish centipede millipedes, crickets fly house flies, Nest, drain flies, take care of wasp and yellow jackets and paper wasps and dirt dobbers and hornets. We also take care of mosquitoes carpenter, bees, wood bees, fleas and ticks mice and rats termite, subterranean termites with wings flying Termites, Termites or ants with wings flying ant.

We also handle bed bug bed bugs are big one other roaches Brown, Jenna Brown cockroaches oriental cockroaches play with the Perfect Lawn. If you passed gone, give us a call, just search Pest Control, Tulsa clicking is late and we do pre merch applications. We also treat yard for weeds. What do broadleaf weeds, like a dandelion in bed or the grassy weeds like nutsedge, will also handle the crabgrass in Dallas grass. Pest Control Tulsa All sorts of another different type of grass is there for your new lawn, aeration lawn fertilization for you as well. We want overseeding, I’m will also handle any other type of weeds there for you. But I’ve got to give us a call, and I will leave you in the perfect you reached at 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum,,


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