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Good afternoon podcasters, this is Jackie, Blue and her or Jacqueline Bollinger, with a platinum pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma. I am not here at the main office recording this podcast to give you more information on us. We are founded and ran by Jared and Jennifer Johnson, and I am the new marketing assistant here at Platinum, pest & Lawn. We are Pest Control Tulsa and we provide service, including lawn service and Pest Service, for the greater Tulsa area and. We want to make sure that when we come out and provide a solution for your home that you feel safe and secure after we are done and we have left your property well now I was far as contact information goes, our office number is 918-376-0857 and our Website is www. Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com feel free if you’re just curious about us just to give us a quick search they’re on your computer, whichever you prefer or whether it’s a tablet or iPhone 8, whatever you prefer so, it is getting close to 5 today, close to the end of the workday – and I am just relaxing right now and thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner tonight – you know I think I’m going to go home and make some steak. I think that I’m going to go, make some steak tonight and possibly have some of those cornbread and green bean casserole leftovers from Thanksgiving with that steak as well, and then I plan and hope that everyone else is going to have a nice quiet evening as well Know today I want to talk to you about the pest in Oklahoma. That is also known as the mosquito. The mosquito is probably the most common pests that there is, I think, for the world, maybe because I have such a hard time with them. Pest Control Tulsa I mean my arm swells up every time I get bitten, I buy mean they State Bar circular, like quarter-sized, and it doesn’t matter how much bug spray I put on. I usually always get bit, but there are other methods to getting rid of those mosquitoes and we offer exterior mosquito service data. I have heard does wonders it’s supposed to be wonderful for anyone who has a proclivity for getting bit, which is me and I’m anyone of my friends.

I think it’s mostly because I eat a lot of sweets. Shouldn’T really do that, but I’ve also heard that the more carbon dioxide you produce in your blood, the more they’re attracted to you. So that’s also Food For Thought. I don’t know. I think that I think it has a lot more to do with the region. You live in and just how hot it is during the summer and how I acted they are, but you know those questions could also be answered. Pest Control Tulsa There are a hundred and seventy different kinds of mosquitoes in North America, so dark that puts a damp damper on my theory of why I get bit so much and they’re part of the same family as houseflies and fruit flies. If you can believe it, they all have to clear vein Wings, which is why they are in that same family. They are just. They are the biggest pest during the summer for most people, especially here, but they’re, usually 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in size and they’re narrowing opal. I’m sure you’ve seen one when it’s jumped on your arm or your extremity and man. Mosquitoes don’t actually bite you. That’S the saddest part of all of this. They don’t really bite you. Pest Control Tulsa They plant nectar, they’ve females. Usually, I feed on plant nectar and blood. They do need protein to reproduce and they pierce your skin with their proboscis and suck your blood, but they don’t bite you. So they just kind of poke you and that’s about the difference of it all. They will fly up to 14 miles for blood if they are needing it very badly and they are just attracted to stagnant bodies of water. So anything that is a stagnant body of water standing around you, such as a lake or a puddle or a pond or marsh. If you are near Marsh anywhere, they love that bird boss, also children’s wading, pools old, tires and things of that nature, and the reason that mosquitoes are just incredibly terrifying.

In fact, is they do spread disease bloodborne pathogens, and that’s always something you want to be very careful and watch out for you can get the West Nile Virus, malaria, Dengue fever and I’ve even heard of a few couples of cases of zika in some Mosquitoes in Collinsville, which was insane to here, not sure if that’s true, but I hope it’s not. Pest Control Tulsa But what does what really shouldn’t be happening is make sure that you were placed stagnant water at least once a week. If you do have any birdbaths or any pools, or anything that you’re, that you’re keeping on your property and avoid going Outdoors at night on your property if you can help it, I know that I’m a huge Night Owl myself, I love going out walking My dog, around our Lake and down during the summer that can be, I can be a problem because I do get bit by mosquitoes very often and my dog doesn’t seem to have any problem. Looking at all, I think it’s the fur, think it’s the fur butt. There are a few ways that I have found that you can make a mosquito bite, stop itching immediately, Pest Control Tulsa because itching is the worst thing you can do I mean that you get all of that poison in your bloodstream once you itch it and it starts bleeding, and What I do is I put white vinegar on it, and it immediately stops that itching and I think it works also with tick bites and chigger bites pretty much any kind of guy. I do white vinegar and it will stop after you’re holding it on there. For a couple of minutes – and I would recommend that for anyone as well during the summer, so I was taught that by my grandmother-in-law she’s, quite handy and she’s a wonderful lady, but damn when, when you’re camping during the summer, especially in an area where the mosquito Population is heavy, another wonderful thing to invest in is mosquito netting and I love mosquito netting.

I put it on my balcony during the summer and I keep it with me. Whenever I do go camping, it has been a while. It has been quite a while since I have been camping, but that is not going to be much of a problem at all this year. I plan on going on a huge trip with my husband, but as far as more of this information, if you’d like more information, you can definitely give us a quick search for Pest Control in Tulsa and you can go to our website. Www. Platinum, pest & Lawn., Calm, and I see that we offer outdoor mosquito Services as well as tech services and sugar Services. We also do flea services and other blood-sucking insect services. So if you are having a problem with anything like that, please give us a call we’d love to help you with that. We also offer termite treatments and silverfish treatments, dirt-dobber treatments, stink, bugs and bed bug removal as well. We offer fruit, fly removal, and can we do Mite treatments or treatments for mites? We are. We offer an array of rat and my services as well, if you are having trouble with either of those, and we also offer mole and gopher services and we want to take care of your home like it’s her own, so again, Pest Control Tulsa just search for us on whatever Search engine, whether it’s, whether it’s yahoo, whether it’s being whether it’s Google, whether it’s you know Firefox or any of those search engines, you just look us up. Pest Control Tulsa and the first service that you booked with us is going to be $ 1, and I know that that can be pretty surprising for some people, but we want to make sure that your first service is memorable with us. You want to make sure that we are doing our very best to make sure that you are satisfied with that service and that you feel secure whenever we are leaving your home. If you have any further questions, you know where to reach me I’ll, be the one on the other end of that phone. Whenever you give our phone number call 9 376-0857 and thank you so much for tuning in and have a wonderful day. Thank you.


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