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All right welcome back. Welcome back HARDCASTLE. Welcome to another podcast.
This question from platinum Peston lawn I am Jared JOHNSON I am the co-founder of a platinum person long with my beautiful lovely wife Jennifer Johnson mother of three children and so we are platinum pest and lawn a family-owned and operated company that is serving to service the greater Tulsa area taking care of general pest as well as we control. We can feed the baby. So that’s what we’re doing and today we’re talking about ants but we are the premier. We’re actually at Pest Control Tulsa and that’s what we do. We take care of any pest control needs that you have here in the Tulsa area. It does give us a call when it reaches the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can look it up online by typing in platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right podcasters Today we’re talking about ants. If you’ve been missing if you’ve been tuning in you know the answer has been a hot topic. We just did the last five podcasts on and but we’re continuing it simply because there are so much information and an answer so bad over here in the Tulsa area, in fact, I just came back from a home. I was actually doing termite inspection on the home. Home is free and clear of termites which is definitely a good thing the home was treated for termites which I loved to see as a termite inspection inspector because every home in Oklahoma is going to get termites eventually if no treatments ever do it. So it’s really just a matter of time. Pest Control Tulsa
So what I’d like to see is I walk up to a house I’d like to see that that it has been treated and this home was. So no issues with termites However there were quite a few issues with it. And so I was able to pull them aside and show them this big trail of ants that was reach around his home that he was to buy and where they’re actually accessing and going inside the house. Right. We don’t want that to happen but my point is ants are a bad situation. They’re just a bad problem. So if you’re dealing with ants go ahead and google pest control Tulsa you’ll find us on their top on Google go and click on us and we will come around and you can get that taken care for you eliminate any of those pests needs or that that you’re dealing with. And also we can help you with your lawn as well so we can use platinum pest and long leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone or your money back. We offer a money-back guarantee for you as well. So if you’ve been to land you know that we are no stranger to a little bit of trivia here on this show. And so we have asked all sorts of questions such as how many dust mites are on a mattress to the. How many dust mites can be in a square yard of copper which by the way was 100000 is pretty crazy. Talk about bedbugs. You know how long can a mouse swim before Droughns is like three days. How long can a roach live without ahead? How long can a roach hold its breath?
How high can we jump and so forthright? So. So we’ve had a lot of trivia here in the past. Right now we’re talking about ants. We got a little bit of aim for you. So you know we can give you some of that interview here for you. But first and foremost I mean if you’re driving your vehicle and if you happen to drive by a billboard that says pest control Tulsa I’ll most likely have our logo on that billboard. Just pull over and jot down the number there give us a call. That way we can take care of your cancer or any other bugs that you are taking care of or that are plaguing you at the time. So a little bit of trivia. So how many ants how many different species of ants are there around the world over and over that there are about 12000 different species of ants throughout the world. It is pretty crazy. And so another question we had are the trivia question was how much can you lift. So how much more of its body weight can live for. We’ll put it this way and we can lift about 20 times his body weight. So to put that in perspective yes between times your body weight would put it put a second-grader. So that’s in elementary school. Lifting a car over their head possibly carrying that car. So I wouldn’t actually be a bad deal to have if you’re driving in the car with your family. Let’s say the car breaks down runs out of gas get you to get to the gas station to the mechanic.
Well if you can have a two-year-old that could pick up that car and carry that sure would be nice.
It should make your life a whole lot easier at that point. So so answer the answer incredibly strong for their size. We have talked about Queen ants. Yes, some of these Queens can live for years and have millions of babies. Primary responsibility once they reach an adult their responsibilities legs so that’s all they do is just lay them all the time. And so that’s what they do. That’s their responsibility. And we talked about how ants communicate now don’t have ears. Right. So how did they hear if they don’t have the? Well, one thing that they do is that they actually feel the vibrations in the ground so they actually listen to their feet and that’s how they actually that’s actually how they hear. Right. They pick up all the vibrations through their feet and they’re able to communicate that way. Also, they communicate through pheromones as well. So that’s one reason why you might see troll hands or you might see oh I don’t know you know other ants that kind of avoid each other not because of pheromones in the pheromones behind where they’ve even let him know where that is or where the food is or really to get around. So a lot of oh here’s another interesting fact on ants you know ants don’t have lungs at all. They actually breed. They have holes in their bodies that they actually observed the oxygen in and the carbon dioxide leaves at the same hole. So so pretty crazy but here’s the thing is if you have any it’s you don’t have to know all these facts.
All you have to do. All you have to know how to do is Google. Right. Just go to Google type in platinum pest and lawn and actually go ahead and google pest control Tulsa and then we’ll come up that way you don’t have to type in platinum pest and lawn of clicking the link will come right out there and get it to get you to take care. Pest Control Tulsa
So we Imprimis as we talk about how fast Ernie ants might feel and you know if you’re at a picnic or let’s say they’re getting your seat or you all are in your home they’re pretty frustrating inside the house. But yeah they do actually do help the environment.
And colonies can consist of millions of ants. And so we talked about the queen’s job is to lay eggs there are workers there are males jobs are simply to mate with the queen to reproduce. There are also soldiers. But. Here here’s one that’s very interesting and I want to throw it at you. Kate Now this soldier ants what they do is they protect the colony. Yeah, they can actually get food to kill food the financing places that type of thing right. But sometimes they’ll go and they’ll go to war with other ants with other colonies and if they defeat another colony what they’ll do is they’ll take away those eggs from that other colony right. So defeated coaling get these eggs jacked and then they’ll care for them. Now those eggs are eventually going to hatch and when they do the new ants become the slave ants to the colony. OK so isn’t that crazy.
They go in and say it’s kind of like if Tosa one of the Oklahoma City and ransacked Oklahoma City took on Oklahoma City Tulsa Oklahoma City and we took all the people all the kids in Oklahoma City and we made them slaves. OK.
That’s kind of how it’s working. Right. That’s kind of how ants work. And so they’ll take that previous colony. And when those eggs hatch those become their slaves. Now some of the jobs of the colony actually include them now but there are actually specific events you know assigned to actually take care of those eggs and also take care of the baby ants that hatch. So it’s incredible. I mean they’re very sophisticated. Pretty remarkable little creatures. But here’s the thing again you do not have to know all this information.
All you have to know is the best pest control Tulsa and that’s going to be us obviously so just call us and they will come out and we’ll get you taken care of. That way you don’t have to deal with those ants. Right. Not only do we take care of ants we take care of carpentry and we take care of odors and we take care of Beadle’s we take care of fleas to take care of Tick’s we take care of mosquitoes. I would take care of spiders. Brown recluse spiders black widow spiders are daycare wise. Take care now. We take care of moles. So basically you name it we’re going to take care of it. No armyworms are on that list web ones are on that list. Everything on the list right. Termites. You know we take care of Termite’s don’t want you to have termites and have those eat and destroy your structure. That’s ridiculous. Not only do we take care of general pest control we also do we control when fertilization so Platinum Pass long leave with a perfect long your past is gone. But the zation services will do pre-merge application post-merger applications broadleaf control applications will do Grassie weed applications as well. No Dallas grass crabgrass planted grass all sorts of grasses that there just aren’t just like in the yard we do you will do fescue overseeding. Basically we’ll leave you with the long your past is gone but you got to give us a call. They hear a platinum pencil on your first law or your first service is only one dollar.
Give us a call 1 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn. Pest Control Tulsa


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