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Pest Control Tulsa Low podcasters welcome back to another podcast of lemon and let it really sink into your cranium orange you’re. Harder is your soul. Wherever you wanted to see me again, hopefully, that’s where it is sinking at, but welcome back to another podcast. Listen! You know that we did find podcast this morning and then, later on, we did five podcasts this afternoon and now we’re going to work on 5 to 10 podcasts this evening and asked me what day it was with the weather in the rain and all the nasty instead of going along with it. But now the sun is coming out. It’s looking pretty sexy turned out to be at be a pretty day today out here in that in Oklahoma. We are here in the Tulsa area and in so whether you listen to the Tulsa area or whether you’re you’ relisten to somewhere else. We are grateful, we’re thrilled you’re doing with us and that you are learning about past, learn about the weeds and how you don’t want to get him how to prevent them, and so I am Jared johnson. Some people just call me Mr. Pest control Tulsa, because we provide pest solutions intersolutions, those in the greater Tulsa area, and so we’ve been doing a lot of work here, but doesn’t mean that we won’t do work in Oklahoma, city or any of the other areas that people have issues and doesn’t mean that thePest Control Tulsa information I’m giving you today, I won’t help you and your situation, no matter where you’re living and I totally want you to know even want to smile once in the last joke little bit a little bit. I, don’t know I’ll make you cry, but this is what we’re going to do today in the best lawn, the other founders, my wife, my beautiful wife, my better half there’s many has. She is the better half right and I’m so I see, there’s many 1/2just, two halves by definition and she’s, the better half she does a better job. She is a wonder woman, aka superwoman and she’s a backbone company. We would not be where, today, without her, she takes care of the kids does business. She does it all mean. So when we started the company seven years ago, our tank was to come to the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, and they are google reviews weekly, the weave, a cheap that were the most reviewed company of anybody in the Tulsa area and then so with that time comes responsibility right. The reason why we have her cuz, we’re always looking to improve our services were always looking to get better and better to improve in to improve it to improve revolution. We love for you become part of the partner together that way, we can eliminate your past and leave you with the perfect lawn and your past. That’s really are a manual week aim to achieve the subway. So if you’d like to be our customer, which we know you do, who wouldn’t want to be our customer I’ll take, you would want to be our customer service I’m in the Tulsa area right. So, if you’d like to be our customer, which we know you do, we want to do a few things, it’s actually very simple. We need you to go to a computer or tablet or a smartphone or whatever anyway, that you can search a search engine, look like the search engine I’m. So once you know that search pest, control Tulsa, just type in those three words, and what will happen is when you type in those three words. I will bring up a lot of different web sites on our websites on there. So we just went to click it and I click it and give us a call, and we can make sure that we help you out. We transfer than get everything situated in all the transactions done for you, and that would make you happy that we make you smarter would come that divided and who knows, maybe we will maybe we’ll hire you someday talk about weed or the talk about it all I’m. So when you have it had a lot of it all that rain on the receipt when we’re going to get some more rain also this next week. But what happens when we get all this rain? It’s good for weeds to germinate Pest Control Tulsa rights. When you get there and get the moisture you get one and then what’s the make the dishes right for 4 weeks to poppy and start seeing a popping people’s yard now, there’s billboards that say: pest control Tulsa when you drive by any of those billboards, we want you just pull over and get the information from there, because that information bleach to us-and you just call us somewhere to come out there and had to take care of the box, take care of any past and let you have or do that pretty much have a vacation for you on your yard and you’re. There is going to be a weed, a broadleaf weed that you see in your yard and snap, some purple flowers on it. So if you see some purple flowers, looking weeds and grass type stuff in your yard, that’s most likely going to be in bed this time of year. It’s a cool season. It’s cool weather! We as a source coming in the yard and in the snow starts popping in the yard. Now how the fall pre-emergent help with that important to have them right now, I have done done. The spring also-and so-and it’s pretty popular once you start seeing the purple flowers, you know that that was Germany and it’s able to dead to cassieapps that you can have offspring that can germinate and that can also take over your yard. We don’t want that to happen. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa If you want to get on it right away, and then we can do that, we also don’t just do that. So let’s say you know you might see a flyer, not a flower butterfly around Tulsa that has pest control Tulsa, get that in bed that you don’t get any other weeds there I’m in your yard. We want to leave you at the perfect lawn and your past is gone so I’m, so do that only take care of I would take care of Dallas grass and crabgrass and in bed not grasp in Bethesda broadleaf weed, so don’t want in there see if you’re paying attention so and we do lawn aeration and fertilization yards all overseeing a fescue lawns as well. We’ll make it happen if you piss, like german brown, cockroaches mice, rats, fleas, ticks moles, gophers I would do mosquitoes lies walk yellow, jackets bed bugs and termite really handle it all for you, but we want to leave you the perfect lane pest, control Tulsa, very, very simple. It’s all you do just google is working. Press enter, I will come or website, but gives call you reached at 918-376-0857 at platinum pest & lawn.,. Remember when she’s platinum we’re going to leave you the perfect lawn and your past gone Pest Control Tulsa


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