How frustrated do you get you when you find out that the pest control Tulsa service providers you been using for the last year have raised their prices again! This is the first time that it happened this year, and if it were a few dollars in might be a little more reasonable, but know they have raised their prices by over 15% every time. That is absolutely ridiculous because while they are raising their prices they are not improving the grade of the chemicals they think or the quality of their service.

It is time to stop using pest control Tulsa services that will not provide you with amazing results, and the theme and eco-friendly high-grade products. As I passed on, he is able to promise you that we will treat you the best he’s ever been treated, by guaranteeing our platinum rule. Our platinum rule is where we promise that we will treat all of our consumers, clients, and potential clients just how we would like to be treated. People always go above and beyond what your expectations are, and we are able to keep our prices low and affordable while using the highest grade products and chemicals in the industry.

We’re able to treat for rodents, please, termites, and provide many more services. If you’d like to find out a more detailed list of services that we provide, go online to, because there are so many services we provide we want you to be able to find that out for yourself, and find out just how truly wonderful we are, and why our clients always come back for more services. Start all of our new clients out, by offering them at their first service of choice for just one dollar. We do this because we want you to be able to see that we are providing you with the most exceptional services and that are chemicals really do help the vermin that are in and around your home.

Whenever we provide exterminator services especially in the summertime is important that you know how well you need to guard your home from fleas, termites, and ticks. Because when the weather is warm, this is their time to shine Bayfield. So whenever you have fleas in your home can be a painful and frustrating experience. You will experience extreme itching, and they pick up diseases brought by fleas. We not only recommend vacuuming multiple times a day but dumping the contaminants outside before you are there to provide a flea treatment. We treat all carpeted areas with a product that is specifically designed to eliminate fleas. Any betting that comes in contact with hostile pets will need to be laundered as well.

We do recommend that you multiple times before we come in and service home for fleas because when you do so we are able to really get down to the root of the problem and when you provide the clean carpeted area and service, it is able to penetrate deep down inside diapers. So call us today at (918) 376-0857 because we can provide you some of the pest control Tulsa services ever! Or go to our website at where we have made it available to you to sign-up for a free consultation or for your first service that’s only one dollar.

We provide treatment against many pests and vermin in your home. Whether you need the interior or the exterior of your home treated the many options for you. Here at platinum pest and lawn, we make sure that we not only provide you with the best pest control Tulsa services, but we will make a sure and richer home of all rodents, fleas, ticks, and termites for good! We would love to spend one of our visionary technicians at your home today, so we can offer you a free consultation or your first service for one dollar. Contact us at where you are able to sign-up and enjoy the services for free or at an extremely low affordable price.

If you live more out in the countryside and are battling rodents constantly, and just aren’t able to keep up give us a call at (918) 376-0857. Mice and rats carry many diseases they contaminate food, and they can cause damage to your property. We are able to place the patient in areas that have evidence of previous or current productivity. Hyperpigmentation’s work, is they locked and require a special and unique key to ensure that your family pets stay safe. We don’t want your beloved family, or dog to be injured in the process while trying to capture these rodents.

Platinum pest and lawn are able to provide you with the best services that provide bait stations for rodents that are designed to allow them into the bait station through a small opening while there given that thousands of security they will be feasting on the bait which is contaminated. Especially when it starts to get colder in the season you will want to be working with platinum pest and lawn care providers. Because we will be able to protect your home throughout the fall and winter when Morgan targeted the seeking shelter in your home.

Our technicians are so knowledgeable! They not only have extensive knowledge on how to protect your home from fleas, ticks, termites, and carpenter and, what are pest control Tulsa services don’t stop there. We also provide lawn care services for you. Whether you are looking for lawn care for your commercial business, or for your private property been our specialists will be able to come up with a customized plan to improve the overall appearance and help of your home turf. We are able to fertilize, weed, and maintain a healthy and fit them on. Other lawns that have bright vivid colors whose blades of grass are tall and silky do not happen by accident, a lot of work and effort are put into lawns that exhibit these attributes.

We include a variety of slow-release fertilizers that not only increases the minerals but also help put nutrients back into the soil because that is what your lawn uses to grow. We want to make sure that you’re lawn is more resistant now than ever against the disease. So if you’d like to go relax, or play golf or do whatever makes you happily leave the lawn to us! Because our pest control Tulsa services are able to help with the control, you’re able to help late in the winter-spring and fall.



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