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Welcome back Tulsa welcome back to another podcast Edition, welcome back at even if you don’t live in the Tulsa area, even if you live in Oklahoma City or even Texas right. I grew up in Texas. Texas holds a special place in my heart, but even if you’re, not in the United States of America, you might be in Canada or Mexico or Australia. You might be anywhere in the world, but you listen to this podcast, which tells me that you want to educate yourself about past, which means you want to educate yourself about lawns, which means you’re, looking to better your situation better and better your yogurt, your scenario right. So I am Jared Johnson. I am the host of this podcast on his podcast series, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my beautiful amazing, lovely wife, Jennifer Johnson. Okay, we are at Tulsa’s premier pest control company. We are Pest Control  Tulsa, okay, and so what that means is, that we serve the greater Tulsa area for their pest control needs and for their lawn needs, take care of their weeds. Give fertilization I make their yards look good, make sure that the pastor is gone. So a platinum pass long will leave you with a Perfect Lawn and your past gone. That’S who we are. We are a family-owned and operated company finest online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn. give us a call, you always were just by phone. The number is 918-376-0857. Alright, podcast today, hopefully, this isn’t your first time join me in, but if so welcome,
I bet you’ll find out. We are no stranger, to the trivia. We like to ask a lot of different trivia about different, bugs you’re from roaches. How long can a roach live with its head cut off to how long can a rat swim in the water before it drowns in the answer that question three days by the way in so we’ve asked a trip about fleas about bed bugs are dust mites and You name it: we’ve recovered a lot of information right and so on, and so we don’t trip about ants but just know this guy’s. I mean we’re going to give you a lot of information during this podcast series on, but really, if any, only one thing can stick. What we want to stick is how to look us upright. All you have to do is search Pest Control Tulsa you’ll be able to find her a link to our website. Just click on it call us up we’re having to take care of the issues that you have never answer. Any questions that you have to go to help you. I do it on yourself and save yourself money we’re just here to help I’m. So we do ask a lot of trivia. There are a lot of trivia questions. We’Ve asked about they can lift 20 times their own body weight. They don’t have ears or something interesting to know what else they don’t have. They don’t have ears, but they also don’t have lungs okay. So how does an air I breathe if it doesn’t have lungs right? That is the million-dollar question. Well guess what I have the million-dollar answer, so ants don’t actually have a month, but they do need oxygen to live and so what happened to Jen? I actually have tiny little holes all over their body. Now it’s these little tiny holes. The oxygen actually in tears right so that dachshund inner to these tiny holes and The Dockside leaves have the same holes right.
That’S kind of interesting a little neat, I guess, depending on who you are or what you think of life and and and creation, and how these ants were crazy, but it’s kind of unique, so they actually don’t have lunch with a breach of these tiny little holes Throughout the bodyPrince, if you see me and said that they’re doing this at their breathing they’re absorbing their auction fees, little tiny holes do not hesitate. I’m going to look this up. All you have to do is go to Google Pest Control Tulsa and that’s a nice simple, easy way to get all of our information to contact us. Okay, just know that, and so at incident this deal with these answers. They don’t have lungs they at their auction to these tiny little holes, but they get into people’s homes. That’S when they’re really annoying to people is where they get you on the countertop when their cereal or their food and there just can’t really be annoying cuz. It seems like they just never stop there just constantly there, I’m you kill one and then another 50 show up and take its place right. So in order to eliminate now, this is super simple right. The way that you’re going to eliminate these answers super simple, but it’s going to take some skills on your part, you’re going to have to know some Google skill alright. Yes, you heard me correctly you’re going to have to know some Google skills. What I mean by that is you going to have to know how to open up Google and you’re going to need to know how to go into the search bar and type in Pest Control Tulsa, really, that’s all you need to know press Tanner and cuz. Then you get access all of her information right and so you’ll be able to call us at that point to contact us when you can be out, and we can come out there and resolve the aunt issue that you might be dealing with her that you may or may not be dealing with a right. We don’t want anybody to deal with ants, they are really annoying, and so don’t let that be you, okay, and so that’s all you have to do.
It is just learning how to Google that right, we should have to know all the facts when dealing with the answer with dealing with that with any other box, but just know that we can take care of them that we will leave your house at Aunt. Free pest-free do you know how annoying it is, and it’s on your countertops you’re trying to cook and trying to eat the getting into your food. I’d say that happens quite a bit. Actually the Tipping Point of the turning point that gets people to search Pest Control Tulsa by searching Pest Control Tulsa they’re able to get in contact with us, give us a call and we come out there and eliminate Durant problems. But here’s a good thing is that we don’t just deal with ants, would take care of odorous ants carpenter ants. Those are probably the two most common ants that we do get calls on a boy else to do. Spiders like brown, recluse, spiders, black widow spiders. We do mice rats. So we do rodents flies. House flies drain, flies, gnats, wasp, Hornet bed, bugs fleas, ticks termites, mosquitoes subterranean, termites with wings black termite ants with wings when we take care of all sorts of different type of bugs, and so did I mention mosquitoes. I think I did and bedbugs we handle all those scorpions silverfish we. Don’T normally take care of those boots. You weed control, so old do pre-emergent applications in your yard. Would you take care of your broadleaf weeds? Your grassy weeds, crabgrass Dallisgrass at times also prefer light fertilization down walls of fertilizer yard to make sure it’s staying, green, clean and green right. That’S what we want cleaning green, but in order for this to happen, you’re going to have to contact us and so the way that you have to contact us a few different ways. You can Google Pest Control Tulsa online I’ll, give you more information, or maybe the next time, you’re driving down the road. You see that really big bore billboard. You know which one that that I’m talking about the one that says Pest Control Tulsa just pull over and get all that information. That is all of her information, will have her phone number is 918-376-0857 or it might have our website, which is platinum, pass in The remember when you choose Platinum, I, your first service is just $ 1 and we will leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your pest gone.


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