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Pest Control Tulsa Alright podcasters welcome back. It is still raining. It is pouring out here too, it just got even worse. It is just coming down hardly see anything on the road today, but I did want to give you and it is flooding everywhere. We’re driving down the road. There is flooding all these filled, but the ducks in the water found the geese, probably loving it right now, with all the flooding we got plenty of places to land and to live there just enjoy life right now, I mean date. They got it driving this stuff. You know that kind of driving this nasty weather, so we are getting some just torrential downpour right now, but you can be listening to this on a beach. That’s the beauty of technology. Are you don’t have to be sharing this horrible weather with us right now, I’m, you can be listed on a beach right now, listening on a mountaintop, maybe you’re, skiing or snowboarding of anywhere that you want to be maybe in a dry building, maybe outside in the rain. Maybe if you like the rain right, maybe like being out there in the rain, maybe that you may be your good that type of person, either way, it’s cool what happens if you join with us today. Until maybe you found us by searching pest control Tulsa, the podcast that way, but I didn’t have time to be in the office today, delivering a podcast got a termite inspection on in grove Oklahoma until we’re on our way to accomplishing that I’m out in grove oklahoma right now so, but I still want to be Pest Control Tulsa able to give you the podcast. I really do everything that you want everything that that that that would help you learn and grow. We just didn’t want to shut it down because we’re at because we’re heading to a termite inspection that could be the best at the beauty of technology. These days we can do this podcast, while we’re driving after you hear that rain that background noise I know it’s coming in pretty heavy a mess cuz. It is just coming down heavy cats and dogs, raining cats and dogs right now, and we do want to make sure that you stay dry and also that you enjoy this podcast and so another way that you might have found give you a flyer on the set pest control Tulsa on that flyer. That could be one way that you found last night either way, no matter how you found us, we are glad we are thrilled and excited that you are with us today, I’m working going over a hold of ray, a different Subject: I’m going to talk about weed and talk about pest I’m going to talk to I’ll, pass it to my cousin. She does not like people like that. Most people just don’t like spiders and ants in general, I’m other people, kind of love, some and hate the others, as everybody is different, so carrot find the best one. We were able to customize our services to you to make sure that you stay happy and keep you happy thrilled and excited right, and so we have that ability to customize. We wanted to make sure that we are able to customize a service for you, but we are seeing that you just not going to remember everything that is said in this podcast i. Just don’t think it’s possible to remember everything that we’re going to go over Pest Control Tulsa today. I’m not going to be able to remember everything that I said today, and so we realize that you’re just that not everything is going to stick inside your brain. We want the most important things to stick inside your brain and the most important thing is how to get in contact with soap love the way that you can get in contact with us as loss in different ways. The formation is out there and everywhere I’m. So next time you see a billboard around Tulsa. There’s lots of billboards lots of signs around Tulsa the next time. You see the billboard that says pest, control Tulsa, you want you to pull over and got done that information. Okay, just pull over be cool about it., information and sesame, or information that information is going to lead you over to us on that with me answer any question that you do have right regarding past gallon. Whatever concerns you just might have, I will be able to handle that will be able to get it squared away and get it taken care of for you. What’s really what you want was really what we want as well I’m, so we can make that happen for you, I was going to get this call you reached at 918-376-0857. She also regions online at platinum, pest & lawn, okay? Gave. You have any questions, go ahead and email. Pest Control Tulsa hose questions to info at platinum pest & lawn. Com by coming in hot and heavy here, guys okay we’re coming in life. People have the question:how does rain because we’re getting a lot of rain right now? How does rain affect the test to move in bed moving? Also, we control. That is a great question. How does rain do that? Well, here’s the answer! Okay, rain! Well, when it gets really cold outside or 3, is really wet outside. Where do you want to be questions you want to be outside if you want to be inside where it’s warm and dry? For the answer is a bunch of the same way right bucks doesn’t really want to be outside in this rain. Did he want to come inside and cozy up to you oftentimes inside your walls, little bit warmer definite dryer of it? That’s what they want to make happen. So if you do not want that, half of you, in fact, you might even see her vehicle right now. If you see our vehicle driving down the road, the one that says, pest, control Tulsa, it’s imperative that you pull over or not pull over in DePere that you jot down all of our information rights, but we have a lot of information on our vehicles can contact with us so jot that down that way, you can get in contact with us and get ahold of us who would absolutely love that would be thrilled. Pest Control Tulsa

That would make us happy if you did that because it shows that you care a lot about yourself shows that you care that you’re learning I’m handling and doing all that for you as well, okay, I’m! So right now we are on the way to do a termite inspection for someone buying their find a home. Would you a lot of termite inspections? People buying homes talk sometimes, but the lenders require that he’s. Termite inspections are done in these termite inspections are accomplished and completed, so you want to make sure that your home is inspected for termites and every to buy a home. Okay I’ll be times that realtor will will line that up with the home inspector and the home inspector will give us a call and I will come up and get it taken. Care of for the realtor will give us a call and get the all lined up, either way, we’ll get it squared up and get it in before you I will get it taken care of, but I thought we don’t just take care of termites, although we do take care of a lot that we do, handle a lot of and do a lot of work for so we do do the would you do termites, there’s no doubt about it, but we don’t just do that. We also a handle or other bugs like a spider, an ant’s. We handle wood bees and carpenter bees. We handle all sorts of other different bugs as well besides wood bees and carpenter bees, but we do take care of those we also i. Take care of bed bugs termites will will handle other bugs as well. Besides, termites and ants will do mosquitoes watch these texts I’m what we handle it all. We don’t do the pre-emergent application. If you want these services, it’s very simple, just google, pest, control. All of our information will come up in that starts with each over to us. So take care of all that. Well, so we control, so we can fertilization, can pre-emergent applications for you. What do postmarks application for broadleaf, weeds and grass crabgrass dallisgrass nutsedge will handle all those different grasses for you, but we’ll get that taken care of and squared away, Walter fertilize your yard and then we’ll leave you, the perfect, lawn and pest gone will treat the best oversight. You saw you passed you but gives call you reached at 918-376-0857. He also regions online at 5 in the past. Lawn.Com remember. Your first service is only $1. We want to leave you the perfect and your past gone. You got to search pest, control. Have a great day


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