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Pest Control Tulsa What podcast is welcome back glad? You were out for more come back for more. We got plenty more podcasts for that last one came from. We got tons of podcast after for you coming for. You I’ll tell you Saturday. It is the last Saturday in February men that just snuck up on us out February, just snuck up, took control and laughs last Saturday here in February, it’s just crazy. How is your stuff moved on through and what we knew it there we were. We were done right with February, so don’t let him in your home that we are getting tons of rain. It is coming down in sheets, it’s coming down in buckets or so I’m a set of staying at home, I’m out working I’m out, searching for a for termites and termite inspection, actually in grove Oklahoma super making the drive up. So if you hear any background, noise happens right now, just to raindrops, hitting the car at 70 miles an hour they’re coming in pretty hard and heavy but. If you see our vehicle or vehicle safe pest control, Tulsa tattooed on the side. So what you want to do is you want to go and take action about that and get that taken care of right so shut down. The information gives a call. You want to make sure that you have pre-emergent applications done on your yard on to make sure that we do not come up make sure we do not pop up there and your yard and make that way. You stay straight when it comes to that. So make sure you do that. Okay, make sure you are you keep that up and I’m, so you can always give us a call, and we can answer any questions that you have put. My name is jerry. What are the owners of the fighter passed along with my wife, the mother of our children? She superwoman she is Megan, woman, wonder woman. She makes it happen. She is the backbone chart company. We would not be where we’re at without her, that is for, my sneezy, okay, oh I, hope you took note of that for, my sneezy and I am so what we’re doing we started the company years ago about 7 years ago when we did, our goal was to become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer okay, and so we feel that we are accomplishing that we feel so far. We are the best company that here in the Tulsa area, we are ptosis, premier, pest control, company servicing the greater Tulsa area, I’m, providing both pestering it and we control treatment of those in the greater Tulsa area, and so, if you would like to have that free Pest Control Tulsa application of reformer on your home, that is smart or, if you’d like to just make sure that your home does not get any past any bugs. That is also smart, but you need to take action. Just doesn’t happen overnight and see me be proactive, that about it and to the proactive moves that you’re going to take today are fairly simple I’m. All you have to do. Most people have a smartphone I hope you have a smartphone or see why the tablet-you don’t have a tablet. Most people have a computer, but either way, you don’t have any of those, that’s fine, but what you want to do is you want to search keywords: those keywords that you’re going to type in or pest control Tulsa score typing those words that start with hu to us did your website and from there we’ll be able to help you out. I will be able to provide a free, merchant station, prevent you from seeing weeds you always right. Now we can handle those, we can take care of those weeds. Also, Pest Control Tulsa we are happy to that. We would love to do that. For you, I’m giving a shout out to school. We can help you outright. You can reach the 918-376-0857, also regions online at platinum, pest & lawn. Com, and so what are we talking about today? Nation? Well, today we are talking about but a big surprise or we control also another big surprise. We handle all that we do pest control with you, we can do it all right. So that’s what we were handling for you today until we’re going to talk to her more about that how weather patterns affect the number of bugs you’re, seeing inside your yard. Also how weather patterns affect the amount of rain that is an accurate statement that is correct. Jared’s accurate statement also talked about how weather patterns and rain affect the amount of weed. Did you get inside your house or not? Is that your help kind of weird you’re going to wait inside your home unless you have a planner you’re like a plan with some i, don’t know what some flowers happening in a pot, something along those lines right and a so, if that’s happening, then we going to say that you didn’t reach inside the hall, but most people are not getting weeds inside the home, most of our getting weeds outside the home in a yard, and so we won’t prevent that from happening. You won’t prevent you from getting to kill weeds on the outside of your house out there in the yard. So if you want to purple on and you’re pissed on, it’s very simple to give us a call, you got to call us right. I will make it as easy as possible for you joey time. You see any appliers there’s a lot of fires around, but anytime you see a flyer that says pest control Tulsa, that’s the flyer that you want to hold on to that supplier that you want to call is that far will actually lead you to our company. Did you all of our information lets jerk up in that we will be able to handle that for you to get it squared away and get things taken away for you, which is really what you want? Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa I, don’t think you want to see spiders helping you want to see. We don’t think you want to see me passing happening inside your house at this time, and so what happens when you get a lot of rain like this I guess, we’re just really want to go well, they want to go where it’s dry, when it’s warm and cozy, which oftentimes inside your home I’m. A classic example is this. Is today we had tons of rain is coming down in sheets of today, so lots of rain Happeningi’ve got a flooding condition and went outside to the vehicle to take to this termite inspection and mobile home I saw a wolf spider that was upon the tire of the vehicle. I was in it, so you ask yourself: why was the most like rubbing on the tire with the reason? Why is it because it was trying to stay dry? Okay, the wolf spider was true, it was doing its best to stay dry and stay off of the water and stay off of all that. You know all that flooding that was happening. Okay, and so you don’t want that to happen. You give us a call you when he said 918-376-0857 also reached at 5 in the past salon.Com or you can just grab a pest control. Tulsa flyer they’ll also give you all of our information, but we don’t just take care of weeds, although we do take care of weed pre-emergent application to renew post-emergent applications and so do all sorts of application. But where do Dallas grass crabgrass nutsedge, who we handle it all? We want to leave you the perfect one in the crest on what do lawn, aeration, overseeding, fescue lawns with lawn fertilization as well. Also do pest control for spiders and ants are carpenter bees, carpenter, ants, wood, bees, wasps, yellow, jackets, mosquitoes roaches, roaches cats, fleas and ticks. We handle it all. Okay, we take care of it all would do termites roaches bed bugs, but if you want that to happen to you and your home, so just out just general pest control Tulsa. That search will lead. You to us, give us a call we’re happy to come out and get you taken care of. Believe you, the perfect one and your past, but you got to reach out to us and give us a call at 918-376-0857 or you can reach it at 5 and pestle on. Remember your first service only $1 Pest Control Tulsa


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