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Good morning, podcasters welcome Tulsa, welcome sky, took driving through the sky to the right now welcome. Owasso, welcome, Collinsville Orkin Claremore welcome Jenks, welcome Bixby, welcome, broken arrow welcome everyone, who’s, listen to the sound of my voice. We are happy, we are thrilled and we are excited about the lady to be with you today. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening to a podcast. Today is February 13th, February 14th. Let’s see what day is that? Oh, yes, that is valentine’s day? Hopefully, you have planned. Hopefully, you have gotten your significant other. If not, then I don’t want to be standing next to you when that day, when tomorrow rolls around so take your last day to make last-minute preparations, if you haven’t made any preparations, yet I encourage you to do so. I encourage you to get that crap happening. So that way, you and your significant other can have a fantastic valentine’s day tomorrow. That way it will be outstanding. I will. My name is Joe I’m the hostess podcast. Some people call me pest control Tulsa because well that’s what we do. We provide Pest Control Tulsa pest, solutions and turf solutions under those in the greater Tulsa area, and so what that really means is that if you are having any issues with any bugs, were there termites spiders bed bugs and wood bees, carpenter, bees, mice, rats, moles gophers, have roaches Jim, brown roaches, anything whatsoever, you just call us and we’ll come out we’ll make it happens, will make it right? We all still do we control as well. So our goal is to leave you with the perfect lawn and your pets gone so we’ll do pre-emergent applications prevent weeds from coming up in your yard. Will fertilize your yard will spot treat the yard will treat for grassy weeds, like Dallas grass and crabgrass nutgrass me will handle it all I’m well sue fescue lawns when do lawn overseeding as well and lawn aeration I’m. So we will provide you with those services if you reach out to her. She can reach 918-376-0857. You can also reach his online at platinum pest & lawn. Com, but remember when Pest Control Tulsa platinum, your first service is only $1, but so there’s a lot of ways you can get ahold of us lot of people allowed for people referred to us from friends or family I feel the trusses for their service and which we are grateful for, but not leave that not only that one way that people get in contact with him is probably the most prevalent way people get in contact with this. Is it just google Pest Control Tulsa till they just type in those keywords, and our information comes up on their search, leads into us and that’s important to do, but you got to have skills in order to do that right now, what skills are my talking about? Trying to dump trucking skills are bo staff skills or any of these other types of skills? Well, that the skills that I am talking about or referring to or I t skills, not even quite ideals common sense kills me that you had filled turn on a smartphone or tablet your computer or the internet weather is google, internet or yahoo or being or whatever it is just go to it right. That’s all you have to do, go to and type in those work. Another way that you can get ahold of us. Another way that you can save our information, your phone, safe Pest Control Tulsa any sign that says those words is a sign that you want to key in on and at your want to grab our information because that song is going to be related and affiliated with us. So that’s what we want to do that way. You always get ahold of us whenever you do need us right, and so what’s your favorite type of vodka? Okay, let’s have some questions here. What’s your favorite type of bug, your favorite type of bug and ant? Is your favorite type of bug? Has spider bug a roach cockroach? Is it? Is it a bed bug termite which or that we should ask the question? What’s your worst favorite, but your least favorite bugs bug that you I enjoy the least right, I’m, pretty sure bed bugs and termites are going to be high on that list, along with mosquitoes and you’re, probably pretty prevalent as well, but we do handle all those at the box okay. So we can. We can get those all taken care of for you, but in order for that to happen, you got to contact us, and so sometimes it will if we treat someone’s lawn and that sign will say, pest control Tulsa. Whatever you see that sign, you can just copy that information to call us and let us know what you’re at least favor bug issue me also email that info at platinum pest & lawn. Com a little bit about that time of year is upon us it’s time to get those pre-emerge, applications taken care of one way to really prevent weeds in the summertime. You know those grassy weeds like crabgrass and dallisgrass, and you really want to prevent those is to really have your yard treated right now. Have the pre-emergent applications now is the time to do it, is that’s what’s going to prevent weeds from popping up? So if you ever wonder, why am I fighting on these weeds all the time? You know why can’t I get ahead of these weed spray, but the next thing I know there we just pop in the bop in the bop it was spring and summer will. The answer is most likely to not have a pre-emergent application performed on your yard that pre-emergent application is your office when it comes to eating that way, you can prevent weeds from popping upright.

You’re so can get some weasel pop up throughout the summer because that could be near like it would be. If you had a pre-emergent application performed at your house, we encourage you to have your yard. Street Trenton have pre-emerge. Applications perform in done right. So, in order to do that, you’ve got a contact us right, so what you can do, if you can actually I just see any billboard that says pest control Tulsa will have all of our information on that billboard to just grab a pen and a piece of paper pull over and john done. All that information. That’s! What’s going to end up going to be on our that’s going to have all are all of our information on it, and so the pre-emergent applications are important. To do so. Maybe see people right now with their lawns that look green. You know from up from an application or they look blue from the application. Those are actually signs of people have in their lawns. Treated with the pre-market. Application is very important that gets taken care of very important that gets done. So we highly encourage you to do that receipt that out in to have us come out and then do that for you so, but we don’t just take care of a pre-emergents yeah. We don’t just do more treatments as well, but we do yeah. We will also fertilize the yard in the summertime spot you for weed, like crabgrass in Dallas grass, not grass, and will really make you look great, but you got to call us to make that happen okay and we also do lawn overseeding and pain and fescue lawns, or your lawn aeration as well. I’m going to be a pest controller, so I will take care of all your spiders. Are black widow, spiders brown recluse spiders, your roaches german brown cockroach? Are your oriental cockroaches, your water, bugs your centipedes in your millipedes or moles in your crickets on your gophers, you am i. Seen your ads you’re freezing your tix are mosquitoes or wasp or yellow jackets will handle carpenter, bees and carpenter ants in and wood bees, all sorts of wood, destroying insects like I, like termites with wings. We handle it all right to take care of bed bugs for you I’m. So if you want a perfect lawn in your past gone it’s time to look us up. Just google pest, control Tulsa after you google that price and her and then all of her information will come up. We’ll come from that search will be good to us reached at 918-376-0857 and also reached online at platinum pest & lawn. Call me the first service is only $1


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