Pest Control Tulsa Hello podcasters, thank you for joining and listen with us today. I would have been jordan in the evening as well. So it’s a day full of the podcast. Aren’t you excited or she’s thrilled? Aren’t you a lady or you should because we’re having an awesome time today will come a lot of rain happen today, but it looks like the rain is finally stopping and son I, don’t think he’s going to come out. It looks better, but it is getting close in it definitely wants to, and so we want to make sure that dad that it does, that you stay dry, that you stay warm and that you stay happy and two things for Jordan with us for this podcast I, don’t know if you listen to live, maybe you downloaded it, but either way. We want to thank you for spending your time to support us and to listen in to help expand your information is Bentley college that you have to deal with the password, and so you know there are a few things you can do. You know you might see our cars or trucks that are there in neighbor’s house will recognize hours they’re fairly simple. They say pest control tulsa those just got pulled over and got done all that information I’m going to come out there and get that squared away and then help you out answer any questions or a really devise a plan. That’s going to help you with to think you’re the bug take care of any issues right that we can make that happen for you, but you got to give us a callbut. We do that and also I just saw some deer studio deliver a podcast you in your office. Looking at a podcast, the answer is yes or no. The answer is yes. I am delivering a podcast in the answer. Is no I’m not going to lie about Pest Control Tulsa my office when you say we’re going to be on the road. A lot going from grove and also for broken arrow, want to make sure that we’re able to provide you with the podcast that did that that you need to help us get smarter and so right now it’s all being recorded in this would be uploaded for a podcast for you, it just a podcast that you want to help better educate yourself and that’s what is going to happen. That’s what is going to transpire and as best what we can do for you. But. You got your missed call! It’s pest control! Tulsa! You see any flyers to say that keep those flyers hang on to those flyers you’re going to want to you going to want to hold those pliers right hold on for dear life, because that way as I wouldn’t time comes, when did you see spiders or aunt or whatever it is where you start noticing the weeks are popping your yard yard. You need to do something about it that way. You have all of her information right there for you. Now it’s important to realize that you’re not going to remember all the information that we give to you in a Pest Control Tulsa poured out to your kind of like it was pouring rain today or we’re just going to just almost like. We have a picture of knowledge of information and it’s not like you’re there when you’re poor the picture in your head. I know if you ever had siblings when you’re in the shower take a nice warm shower and they pour that cold ice cold picture of water on your head to shocks. Yet that’s how it’s going to be well with knowledge with information says we’re just going to sake how much knowledge you going to receive today when dealing with this soap, if you want, but that’s okay, I’m in fairly simple to remember, just that all you do is google pest, control tulsa and that google website our website for you. And so let’s talk about bugs easily carried back. If your home and what you have in your home, they become annoying their big nuisance to deal with people’s minds to go ahead and they can understand them. Then they think they’re gone they’re, not gone and so forth, but we will do a little hammer and hammer down, for you is there for hours, for pest control, company come out and Trina home for the bed bugs and totally eliminated, is between four and six treatments, but with how we used to write products in writing techniques in order to eliminate them so call us, and we can, we can handle that, for you, I mean you can you can also just see, are billboards or signs any of them. That’s a pest. Those are the ones that you are going to want to call have the right now with the rain, starts raining and everything bug start moving towards the inside the hall to get a lot of calls on ants with the rain, Pest Control Tulsa because ants come inside because it’s nice and dry I’m also spires, going to start coming in roach I mean you just name and the bugs to start I come in at once once that once it starts raining, so we encourage you to have your home I treated before it starts raining before a pest become a problem because it’s much easier to prevent a problem. An issue cured it to want to make sure that happened that transpires with you I, don’t want you to be playing catch-up by texting, making inside your home playing catch up on the weeds after we start generating the weed start popping. So we tulsa area 40,000 to 40000 40000 people in the tulsa area. It went out to see and what that flyer says: pest control Tulsa on that flyer right there on that mailer. So just give us a call, but we don’t just take care of weed, do to take care of march applications to prevent weeds from coming in the first place. Pest Control Tulsa

If they had emerged, I will come out there and take care of those as well take care like dallisgrass, crabgrass, and dandelions clovers, also for lacey rd in nice and thick to help prevent weeds from coming in after germinating wall. So I will also fertilize yard, while so I overseed, fescue lawn and do lawn aeration the perfect one in your past go. But you need to give us a call to make it happen, so you can just google search pest control after you, google search that that starts with h Utah’s. We also treat for bad for such as those bed bugs were talking about. I will shoot for termites as well as roaches or bad mice. That’s a mole’s gophers. We also handle other sorts of different environments, other than short two different insects and mammals of rodents. But yo. Would you please and ticks and mites in rats and I had so? If you have any of those, we can handle those for you. We do flying insects like mosquitoes german cockroaches 376-0857 also reached online at platinum, pass in law.Com the morning she’s playing and we’re going to leave you with the perfect lawn and you’re still on your first service is only $1


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