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Hello, Tulsa, hello, everyone, hello, world, hello, anyone that is listening to the podcast, thank you for joining in and that you could do anything right now be able to be watching the Olympic winter Olympics only happens once every four years, at least on the winners. Every two years we got some sort of Olympic happening. Some sort of Olympic event happening right, so you’re, so you’re, adding in the Summer Olympics in the winter Olympics to hear so, for instance, here in 2018, we’re dealing with the winter Olympics in 2020 will be the summer Olympics in the evening. So on right. But if you’re more concerned about bugs that make your mom look good, have the perfect one in your past gone then we are the right people to contact me back to you or you’re doing the right by listening to us right now, and so you might have even found this online. You might have to search for the four you know you to search for a lot of things, but you want to search for pest, control Tulsa, it’s legit and that search couldn’t let go of legend. Does. Let’s do this? The podcast I’m sure things that that you are listening, this podcast the Olympics, but also the world baseball classic that happens I’m. So that way they can compete. I really have the best in the world and it’s really awesome. It’s really cool thing to be able to have that. So what big man I was watching those are those women I doing those mobile’s, golly they’re flying down the hill super crazy. You know I’m scared of heights. Maybe some of those people are scared of bugs. You know I’m scared of doing flips. They obviously can’t handle the flips, but they might be scared of bugs right. There’s always give and take on this. Some people are scared of other things and others. Not so many bugs are pretty common that other people just don’t like him in their home right now. My name is Jared on the Pest Control Tulsa co-founder platinum pest & lawn, my wonderful wife, Jennifer Johnson, mother of our kids of our children on she is a wonder woman and k superwoman, but she makes it happen. I’ll just tell you that much and I am so all we do right. I’m, a weirdo. Just do pest control like ants and spiders and carpenter bees in wood bees and mosquitoes and wasp and yellowjacket sand flies and spiders, and ants and fleas and ticks of moles and gophers and rats in bed bugs termite. Yes, we definitely handle all of those, but it’s not all that we do. We do we control 12 Smule applications, for you in your yard. You also fertilize make it look. Good, I will make sure that that that you stay past freeze, that’s what we will do for you, but you got to get this call. Just a lot of ways different deadly to get in contact with this won’t go through that under the podcast. 376-0857 and lawn. Com, about the way that most people find us. Pest Control Tulsa they actually find it online via the internet and still go to the internet and they’ll go to google type in three keywords those three keywords are pest control Tulsa after they type in those words that start sleeping just over have to take over from there Pest Control Tulsa solution, and it’s so road right now, just driving down the road making. It happens I’m on the interstate moving and driving very fast, but not to exceed that this. The Pest Control Tulsa speed limit in so I’m not a very very busy day today, but I still wanted to give you a podcast that way. You’re able to learn the information I want to see the day off right, so I’m busy I don’t have time, but I will bring it to you. That’s the beauty of technology, glad you’re with us today. So the term I said I saw in up somebody’s wood floor today, and so somebody called us out because they said they had some rotten wood in there on the floor server has a flooring company a has the wood guys might have heard of them harder than if you’re the Tulsa area you can google them or anytime sports around town, Davidson billboards also there’s a lot of billboards around town around t-town, but anyone that you see this as pest control Tulsa I want you to take note and got done all that information. Cuz, that’s going to have more information on it, but these foreign companies, what happens we’ll get calls from people that I say: hey I got wood floors replaced as so. What happens is the wood guys are out there and they take a look at that on the wood floors. I’m going to tell mother not any be replaced, but what happened is the homeowners pull up the wood floors and then they were actually eating up by termites, and so we at we handled it. We went out there to take a look or give him a quote on the termites that are over there at their home. Okay, cuz! You don’t want those to be left around there just going to eat yours. Would you know they don’t fit? They just costly eat 24/7 on the wood. So if you don’t want your lights, if you want to termite inspection anytime, there’s a lot of signing around Tulsa that any of our signs that say pest control Tulsa, he wants you to take. No one wants you to write a letter formation and give us a call okay, so going to do that. That’s very important that you do that, and so we want to do that. Everyone wants you to death Pest Control Tulsa to get that taken care of right, but we also take care of subterranean termites with wings and flying ants and carpenter.

Ants wood, bees., carpenter bees fly house flies, yellow, jacket, wasp, mosquitoes fleas and ticks mice and rats I’m going to take care of bed bugs are horrible. You know how to take care of those will take care of this, for you and all sorts of other will handle, handle to get those taken care of okay. So now the Dallas grass. The grass will handle it. All I will look this up. Just google search, 357, nelson regions, online platinum, pest & lawn.,. It’s only $1. If you want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your pest on Pest Control Tulsa


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