Alright, welcome back Tulsa, welcome back podcasters, welcome back friends, welcome back family welcome, back students. Welcome back whoever is listening to this podcast. You know what I got mad respect for you listening to this podcast and the reason being is because you’re looking to better your life you’re, looking to better your situation, you’re looking to educate yourself right and those that are there being proactive and looking to educate themselves And whatever subject is those are the ones that are going to be successful. So I am happy that you’re joining us podcasters because I know that you guys are going to be successful and if success is divine for you right now and as far as keeping pests away from your home. Well, guess what you tuned in to the right station, you listen to write podcast. We will give you that success as far as keeping past unwanted bugs and also weeds away from your home. So I am Jared Johnson.
I am the host of the podcast today, I’m co-founder Platinum, Pest and white and lawn with my beautiful wife and mother of our three children, Jennifer Johnson. We are a locally owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area. My wife grew up in the Owasso area. I’m her dad owns classic electric, and so she grew up in a self-employed family, and so she knows that in order to have the business succeed, it takes a lot of hard work. So that’s who we are. We are Platinum, pest & Lawn. We are Pest Control Tulsa Muertos does premier pest control company on taking care of all everybody’s passed knees from termites to silverfish the Scorpions to Anson, also their lawn and their wee needs their weed and feed on fertilization to spot treatment, Lawns to promotion applications. But you can always reach us at Platinum, pest & Lawn.or. You can reach us by giving us a phone call at 918-376-0857. You know that we’ve been speaking about ants right. It’S working continue that this distracts, I speaking about ants, but just know that that, if you’re dealing with any issues any past issues with her, it’s answer spiders of termites from mosquitoes all you have to do all that. You really have to know how to do is to go to your computer. I click on Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa. That’S all you have to do right type in those words and then press enter and then going click on our website and that’s how you’re going to be able to get ahold of us will be able to answer any questions that that that you have time regarding Pass regarding a Wii control, so any of those Services. We are happy to take care of more happening answer any questions that you have related to those.
So that’s really all you have to know how to since. We are on the topic of ants yeah. There’S a lot of different type of ants at that live here in the Tulsa area, but your odorous ants are probably one of the biggest that we get calls on odorous, ants and also carpenter, ants living big-time handset that we do get get get a lot of Calls on that we are and what we are servicing. So you see what happens when people realize that they do have ants. The first thing they do. Are they actually go to their computer, the MacArthur smartphone or they might go to their tablet, and what they’ll do is they’ll? Go to Google right Google’s the one that you did the sale go to Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa right, Pest Control Tulsa! That’S what they’re typing in and they’re pressing enter, and that’s how they’re getting in contact with us and we’re going to come out and eliminate there. An issue for the past issue, whatever issue that they are dealing with right just have people are, are getting a hold of us. So I don’t know. Maybe this has happened to you. Maybe it has not happened to you, I’m not sure little scenario.
Okay, you are wake up in the morning. You’Re hungry, you know you’re in a hurry to go to work. In a rush you go to the pantry, you grab a box of cereal. You pour that box of cereal, pour yourself a good bowl of cereal, one that you’re looking forward to just really eating it’s delicious. You know it might be Frosted Flakes if you’re, that type of guy might be Fruity Pebbles of might be Cracklin, Oat, Bran and might be Blueberry Morning. That said, that that was my favorite cereal Blueberry Morning, by the way, my meet any of those rights and then you go to the fridge and you’re pulling out the good stuff man you’re, pulling out the vitamin D milk rice that whole milk me you’re not going for any scam, yeah, that stuff is it’s actually water lying about being milk. You know, if you listen to the wrong, that’s what he says off. If I buy Parks and Rec right skim, milk is a water line about milk, that’s not what you after today, you were!
The good stuff, you were the whole milk. You pour that milk into your cereal and up floats some pants right what. Are you doing that situation right and you continue eating your cereal? Some might, in fact, I might be tempted to do that too. Or would you just be so disgusted you dump it out and you stop by and grab breakfast on the way to work right now? This is what happens. This is Anna. This happens right. Those ants float up. That’S when you realize you have a problem and when that happens, you on your way to work when you’re just upset and you’re hungry your stomach’s growling. When you pass at billboard the one that says, Pest Control Tulsa this time, do yourself a favor and just pull over and jot down the number. Give us a call, that’s going to be our billboard to just call us we’ll come out. There will take care of those ants right. We will save your cereal. I will keep your kids happy and I will let make it where you can actually eat breakfast before you go to work right. That’S what we’ll do for you can still come to the home for a lot of different reasons, but it’s important when the pest professional comes out to take the exam.
Your home, take a look at it.BS right, we’re going to be a pest assessment. So we’re going to look at it to see what those answer actually entering into the home. So what happens? Are people going to their computer and they’ll? Google Pest Control Tulsa and male Presa enter button and end up. They’Ll call us and what’s going to happen, is we’re going to come out there we’re going to play that detective work for you. That way, you just simply don’t have to do that right, but we don’t just take care of ants. We take care of spiders’ brown, recluse spiders black widow, spiders house flies. Gnats drain flies mosquitoes wasp, we take care of termites, we take care of silverfish scorpions. We take care of a whole Ray a different insect, yeah, really everything that you’re looking for in Pest Control Tulsa we take care of it. We all still weed control weed fertilization. So what do pretty much? An application through post-emergent applications will do broadleaf, applications Shamu, take care of grassy weeds, like Dallas grass and crabgrass, and pull Anna, and we just take care of all sorts of different weeds around your home. So that’s what we’ll do for you will come out of eliminating any past needs that you have will also take care of the weed control around trying to make sure it’s at everything’s at up to I’ve, just stopped and will fertilize, but that’s what we do. We are Platinum, pest & Lawn, you can reach us at 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn. Com. Remember what you choose: Platinum pest & Lawn Care Services just $ 1


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