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Pest Control Tulsa Glow podcasters, thank you for joining us today. We are excited that you have taking time out of your day or week of your life to listen. This podcast information I’ll be helpful for you, so movie funny. Some of them won’t be funny, so you might think is gross gross facts about bugs. Yes, they do exist, but we want. We want you to, be a part of our family and part of our pest & lawn family. But thank you for joining us today. It is sunny this morning, wasn’t quite so sunny will you had inches upon inches apart inches of rain dump, as I was driving to the grove, there was flooding everywhere off the road I’m just got all the fields were flooded. I was pretty incredible, as we were sure as heck need the rain. It’s been a long time since we had some good, a good soaking, good drinking, and so we are getting some moisture in it and it’s really really good. But now the sun is out where your shine ready to play, and once that happens and guess what these are going to come out also, and so what we want to do today is we want to talk to you about past about lawn care, weed control. That’s what we do I my name is Jared. Some people call Pest Control Tulsa me mister. Some people call me pest control Tulsa because we provide pest solutions and we are toast premier pest control, company servicing the greater Tulsa area, and so we prevent weeds from coming into people’s yards. Are they have come up already? We don’t lemonade and take care of them. We really want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past is gone I’m. So that is our aim. My wife is the other founder of platinum, pest & lawn and so she’s the backbone of the company. She does so much she’s a poster child like I, only really know what that means, but she sure is a model they’re. Both of them look in her ability to organize into the really do well in the business and also take care of her three killed. Children at the house now we started the company, it was 7 years ago, 7 years ago we start up the company was. That was a great time starting up the company. We did a lot and it was hard, but good things come to those that work hard. You know we worked really hard or goal is to become the best really offer the best pest control Tulsa has to offer and we provide that we breathe. We have the service for everyone in the greater Tulsa area, and so you take care of weed control best deal on l, street, Bermuda Pest Control Tulsa lawns. Also, we do your fertilization. I will sue pest control, so general pests like spiders and ants and mosquitoes termites roaches. Please sticks you, don’t mice, rats, we handle it alright, so we can do the same thing for you, but there are a few things. If you want you to get from this podcast because you’re simply not going to remember everything that we go over today in this podcast and so what would you want you to remember? If you want you to remember how to how to contact our company because there’s a much different way of the electric company, a lot of people are actually referred to us because we have treated their house to retrieve their homes or yard. They have been very pleased with the services that we offer in the service that we provide when you come out to treat their homes, and so we want to try that same service for you, so they’re, close ones. Most people find us as they just google pest control Tulsa. What’s a google that that’s going to come up with all of our information unless you know how to get in contact with us, that’s how most people I’m, actually fine, just buy it by doing that I’m at so we want to beat the company that services your home, and that makes things right or they at your home and I took, say we’re going to talk more about past right. We talked about before in the past, and you talk about past there they’re everywhere, especially with this rain or receiving a fact. I just got done, inspection, termite inspections. Today, I’m one was over in grove Oklahoma, and that was a heck of a drive out there and rainy wet conditions, NASA conditions we did happen to find termites I’m over in their garage now, where the reason why we feel that we found termites or one reason that she attractive chart over to that garage was because the grade the soil was well above the siding of the home. So it was all a 3-foot so or on the side of the garage is played. Dierks deck, 3 foot high up on up against the garage right I’m in someone, Pest Control Tulsa was just pulling into the garage I’m his we’re getting a lot of rain. I was just sleeping in and seeping through. You don’t want that to happen. Okay, you just don’t that’s one reason: why do I, have your home check for termites are concerned about termites at your home. What you want to do is you want to take advantage of our service. You want to call us so if you’ve seen that flyer that says pest control Tulsa, you want to grab that flyer. You want to call the number that’s on that flyers that will lead to us and we can come out there. We can help you out, eliminate termites from having their and they’re at your house. Keys are all services that we are going to do nothing as far as conditions conducive termite. Activityentire thing. Pest Control Tulsa

Tulsa Pest Control Looks really good, but it’s not just for termites is for a carpenter. Ants are for wood bees and other things am I from the integrity of the structure. Right. That’s! If you want this type of inspection, what you got to do you got to call us to see our truck that says: pest control Tulsa on it. If you do, that will give you all the information that you need to know in order to contact us, and we highly encourage you to do that. But we don’t just do termite inspections, although that that Pest Control Tulsa is a big part of our company, how many termite treatments as well so subterranean termites with wings flying termites. We do ants carpenter, ants, carpenter, bees, wood bees, odorous antsare, we handle flies in a lot of people. Thinking get rid of flies in your house, but we can eliminate them and get them all taken care of get him to get in that I’m already came from your house. We also take care of more than just the flies I would a wasp and yellowjacket. We do mosquitoes yeah. We all actually handle mosquitoes lot of people. Don’t know you can get rid of those, but you can try, it will show you how we take care of bed bugs and roaches turn brown cockroaches mice rats, please text, moles, gophers, centipedes, millipedes, grubs, webworms, armyworms alliance and we will we handle it all. What do we control? Also so we’ll do pre-emergent applications to make sure that you don’t have weed that comes up. How many yards in your home want to make sure that we get that arranged to get that taken care of for you and also the site that you’re more than just weed control right, I’m, a fertilizing yard, make sure, looks good, clean, green and make sure that you don’t have any bugs or any weed like any lines or closednutsedge. That would be best deal on. How about you, google search, pest, control Tulsa after you, google search that all of our information on pop up and come out there and get you to get you taken care of right, provide the solution to whatever issues you’re dealing with. But if you give us a call to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past on your first Tulsa Pest Control service, only $1 each the 918-376-0857. Are you also regions online at Putnam, pest & lawn., com


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