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Welcome back. Welcome back to another podcast edition. You are.
You’re doing the right thing if you’re tuning into this podcast if you’re listening to this podcast. As a homeowner or maybe someone who’s renting. Either way, you’re making the right decision by educating yourself when it comes to pass when it comes to lawn. I am Jared Johnson. I am co-founder platinum pest and lawn with my lovely wife my fair lady Jennifer Johnson aka. Angel and we started platinum passed on and we have been serving in the greater Tulsa area taking care and solving them providing pest solutions and also more solutions. To me the great people in the Tulsa area. But we are pest control Tolles. We are a family-owned and operated company. You reach us you can always reach us by calling us in 9 1 8 3 7 6 8 5 7 or can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK well if you’ve been tuning in recently you know we have talked a lot about ants and you know we are no stranger to little trivia happening. And so we have all sorts of different types of trivia questions guest trivia questions go bed bugs with best trivia questions about ticks and mice and rats and dust mites. We’ve asked all sorts of questions some are surprising some of them may be not so surprising. The one thing that we know is we know that we are surrounded by all sorts different to the past all different types of bugs all different types of weeds here in the Oklahoma area. Oklahoma is still a wonderful place to live despite dealing with these past and with these. Noxious weeds. Pest Control Tulsa.
But the good thing for you Tulsa’s you can live and you can enjoy this great state this great city great area and you don’t have to worry about the bugs. Now the way that you do that. Are you got to have you got to know how to get in contact with us in a great way to do that is through Google?
I mean just google pest control. Tulsa will come up. Just click on that. Link and we’ll come out there and eradicate any pest issues that you might have. OK. Now we’ve been talking pretty strongly pretty heavy today about ants and we’ve done a number of the podcast about ants. Nobody likes ants who like science. The answer is nobody likes ants unless you’re a little weird right. If you got it. No answer as pets you know that that’s our right too. We’re all a little weird. I’m a little weird.
You have to be a little weird to be in this industry right. And so we’re a little weird. We do actually find pests. Interesting. And so we study them and that way we can give you the best knowledge to be eradicated in your home or to call the professionals.
You know if you look in you know if you’re looking for pest control Tulsa look no farther than that’s going to be yes right. We’ll come out there and get it. Get the problem taken care of. Get ready for use. That way you don’t have to. So we have talked about ants last few podcasts. We’ve talked about how they fight to the death. Often. When we’ve talked about you know what the Queen’s job is what the worker’s job is and what the soldier’s job is we’re talking to all the different roles that happen you know in sudden Cali and we throw in some interesting facts and she tells us such as like ants don’t have lungs. Well if they don’t have lungs. How in the world do they breed? Right. How do they get their oxygen? How did they get what they need in order to move into the function? Right. And so but they do not have lungs. If you think about it it’s very interesting. They have little tiny holes throughout their body. Right and that’s what the auction at. That’s how they get their auctions to those holes and then the carbon dioxide. Leaves through those two the same holes. So those are together options to actually know. No lungs. Very interesting. And oftentimes when it Queen it dies the whole country can only survive a couple of months before it’s wiped off the face of the earth right. Pest Control Tulsa.
And so and so when we go out and treat like if you are dealing with this and you know your treatments are designed to take care of the queen you know that by eliminating the queen we’re able to eliminate the entire colony. OK. Now if you suspect. That you do have ants or if you know Vance see you’ve seen him crawl around. You know if you’re looking for pest control Tulsa look no farther that’s going to be our go and call us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 will come out there and take care of that. So let’s say you’re in your house unless your kids love some crumbs out and the ants come and eat the crumbs or maybe they left a very sweet sugary drink that maybe it spilled and cleaned up all the way and you come out into your kitchen in the morning time and guess what. Ants are marching all over. You know. Yeah. The ants just aren’t marching one by one or two by two. Hurrah. These ants are marching by the hundreds all over your house eating that sweet nectar and in need no food that your kids so graciously left for him. You have nice kids you know they’re just looking out for all the bugs here in the Tulsa area. So you know if that happens the thing is you don’t have to deal with it. Don’t worry about it. Go and call us are you seeing that billboard on your way to work it says pest control. So that’s going to be our billboard. Jot down the number or call us. I don’t know what you’re driving. No definitely don’t do it while you’re driving. Come on.
You got to be safe in that. You know that right. Pest Control Tulsa. So I trust that you going to jot it down while you’re driving. But just going jot that number down. Call us. We’ll come out with a very quick response time that will come out and get that taken care of you. Now we’ve talked about carbon transfer talk about how they haul the wood out termites eat the wood properly and hollow it out and use as their nest is actually how they got their name. And that’s what they’ll do. Now get this right. So what are carpenter ants? All right well the number one the world number one they do not eat wood. All right if you would this not exactly accurate. It is not accurate at all. Termites eat wood carp rats will hollow around uses their structures or their home as their nests. But carpenter ants other insects right. One eats other living insects both dead and alive. The fats you know mean other sugary foods like nectar and how to do it from plants. They eat also all sorts of stuff. Right. So we mentioned how corporations can build their nest back behind the walls. But what about on the outside where you find them well you might find them in softwood. Right. So if you’ve got it. Wood rot you know may be on the exterior of your home the big areas were that were all hollow and as sharp as a softwood like firewood you know plants maybe that that are planted around your home runs your structure you know mold would you mold.
Or would it. As you mentioned like an old stump. Those are just real common areas that you find carbon variance you know because it is easier to hollow out that’s easier to use as a structure so that that’s what they’re going to do. And so it’s not uncommon for that to happen but if you see that around your home you know let’s say you have some wood around your house you flip that wood over an old stump and next thing you know you see all these ads pouring out. The best thing to do is to go in and eliminate that. And the best way to eliminate that is to google pest control Tulsa and that’s where we’re going to come up and that’s where we’re going to come into play and we’re going to take care of that for you. And that way you don’t have to but we don’t only take care of carpenter ants we take care of odors and we’ll take care of all sorts of different types of ants. We take care of brown recluse spiders wolf spiders yellow orbs spiders black spiders we do. You know we do a spider service. We treat for WASP we treat poor Hornets we treat for fleas treat for ticks treat for bed bugs treatment for termites treat from moles we treat for moths treat for flies dring flies gnats. We take care of those also. We do webworms armyworms bagworms. I mean you name it Tulsa. We have the solution to take care of your pest control needs. And we all do we control weeding fertilization.
So I will fertilize your yard to make it look green. We’ll do all of the pre-emergent applications and make sure those get watered in we’ll do we’ll try for broadleaf weeds will treat for weeds such as crabgrass Dallas grass and all the different grassy weeds that you’re going to find here in the Tulsa area. You do not want to enter your home you don’t want to. One ranch property one-yard looking steller right. So if you need any of those services just go in and go and look for pest control tools. Of course, that’s going to be yes.
You can reach that 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can reach us online that platinum past and and platinum Peston long will leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone and your first services just. Pest Control Tulsa.


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