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Welcome back podcasters, welcome back at Tolson’s, welcome back on anyone who’s listening to this pod podcast welcome back! If you are from Oklahoma City, but here from Tulsa or what, whether you from Texas or anywhere in this a great world might even be any different country. Like Canada, Australia and, I think, a lot of freaky bugs over there in Australia, you name it though, but that’s the beauty about today’s technologies. You can be anywhere in the world and you can listen to this podcast as long as you have internet connection or possibly you download the podcast and your to listen to it while you’re catching some big old fish right now, I’m in so I hope so. I hope. That’S the case hope you’re enjoying life, but we want to welcome you to this podcast series. Pest Control Tulsa I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host today, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest. Who’S listening to this podcast welcome anyone who wants to better their situation and expand their knowledge when it comes to pest control on the past that is here in the Tulsa area or the pass it around your home on terrorizing, your family or the passage you Just like to observe, watch also weed control, so the weeds that might be around your yard. How to have a perfect lawn. Your past is gone, I’m returning it to the right podcast station. We welcome you thanks for joining. We have a lot of information, go over and say is a podcast about, but first of all, we are. We are glad that you’re with us, I’m whether it’s your first time, whether you’re your regular podcast listener. We’Re glad that you’re with us hope you are listening in a good comfortable place, whether it’s on your recliner or whether you’re there, the computer, you knocking at two birds with one stone, maybe working answer, some emails, listen to the podcast one here, whatever it is.

We hope that you are making an effective use of your time and you might even be on an eye deserted island spearfishing, I’m cooking your own fish-eating crab and husky coconuts. If so, I hope that is you right, but I, but today we are we’re going to be talking to past like week like we always do only on this past going on this podcast. So my name is Jared Johnson. Pest Control Tulsa I’M your host today, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest. Thank you for joining this podcast Edition I give me doing anything that you’d like to write. Now you can be doing fun. Things like mowing the lawn, possibly swimming, possibly clean out the garage near working at your computer or your desktop, or you can be fishing in a lake or swimming the lake. You are on the boat. You actually are on an island. You could be on the beach. You give me all sorts of things. The podcast is but we’re happy that you’re joining with us today, I’m to another podcast, add inch Edition. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host, I’m the co-founder of platinum pass along with my beautiful amazing wife, mother of our three children. Pest Control Tulsa As of now and they are joining our life and affected, if you see the movie Wonder Woman, that is a movie about my wife there, but we are Pest Control.

Tulsa Muertos does premier pest control company service in the greater Tulsa area, and so we are eliminating any Buddies control needs of the Wii. Control Need help writing services. I think you for joining us on another podcast. The join the pleasure is all ours, but hopefully, you get your smile today. Hopefully, you give yourself a little laughter release, Pest Control Tulsasome of those endorphins from your brain and your body or, however, it works out, but hopefully, you leave this podcast uplifted. I want to walk with you if it’s your first time fantastic. I hope you join us for many more podcasts if you’re a regular podcaster. Thank you for joining again, whether you are in the great state of Oklahoma or the great state of Texas, California, or Alaska or Canada. I mean there are bugs all over the all over this great hurts right, and so, if you’re living you anywhere near bugs or if you know someone that’s living anywhere near bugs it’s a great opportunity to learn. In the endgame, little more information gained a little knowledge. So thank you for joining us today. We’Re glad that you are with us. I am Jared Johnson, Pest Control Tulsa I’m your host of this podcast series I am open or platinum pest. We have just been busting out a whole array of the podcast and we’re glad that you’re with us glad that you are joining us in joining the podcast team today, I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather. Here we are mid-October. We are here in the fall and it is just gorgeous weather, Hope.

You’Re outside enjoying the life you going to be listening is podcast outside. If you like to hunt, you could listen to it, while you’re in your deer stand with your little headphones on and didn’t try to keep things quiet. So the deer don’t hear you give me fishing and join the time of the leg that sun shining and maybe try to catch some crappie or some bass or some pie or some walleye. You can be cleaning your room cleanout. Your garage, your attic just, get on top of things may be emptying your inbox, yellow wood with email, whatever you’re doing we’re just happy that you’re with us today. So I am Jared Johnson. I’m your host, this podcast series. We can talk a lot about ants recently. I am a co-founder of platinum, pest. You are going to want to do everything you can to get in touch with the best of the best whenever it comes to the things you are wanting to get done.


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