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Welcome back podcasters Welcome back Tulsa. Welcome back Oklahomans. Welcome back. Tulsans. Welcome back. Friends Welcome back. Family Welcomes back.
Anybody who’s trying to educate themselves by listening to these podcasts you know if you’ve listened to these podcasts you know we come at you strong and hard and heavy. All sorts of. Pest facts right. So welcome. This is going to be the last and final edition of the fleas here in the Tulsa area. I mean we are in pest control Tulsa. That’s what we do.
We’re Tulsa’s premier pest control company in the Tulsa area and we are only an operating company. We take care of the past and your weed control so that way you guys do not have to do it but. But if you want to get a hold of us you can always Regis in 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dotcom. All right podcasters What do you think you’d be talking about today. Well if you said flea’s you guessed it correctly. Last for podcasts have been about fleas. And so we want to add one more so. So this will be the fifth and final podcast this week. Dealing with fleas and talking about fleas. But one reason why we decided to do a podcast on please is that we get a lot of calls dealing with these now most of the time when people final. First of all, they find the fleas right and they want to get rid of the fleas so usually what they do is they go over to Google and they type in pest control tools. And that’s going to bring up our information. That’s usually how people get in contact with us. So that’s how it all starts with the fleas in the house or fleas on a dog or fleas outside in the yard. So that’s usually how we get our calls and that’s what we do.
So when you come out and eliminate the situation now we’ve given some fun facts or some interesting facts or some depressing facts when it comes to the police like they can jump a hundred and fifty times their body height. That’s the equivalent of you jumping over skyscrapers Also if you can survive in the freezer for a year. So you can’t freeze them outright. It’s there are different ways different techniques that we have to intend to keep fleas in someone’s home and then make sure that they stay free.
And pet in pest-free when it comes to fleas.
Now police are often transported into a home or they jump on their host and they usually stay on their host at all times.
The most common plea here in the Tulsa area or probably in the country is going to be the cat.
We now get this thing cap we.
I mean it prefers cats dogs and humans so.
So it’s not just on cats although the name does say cat. So if you do see a flea on a cat or dog or another human being.
Go ahead and google pest control Tulsa and click on our link. We’re going to be the best pest control company in the Tulsa area and we can that we can come out and we can eradicate those.
Those pleas for you that way you don’t mess with them that way you don’t have to deal with them. Nobody likes getting hit by police. Now when you bite you might know why they bite you right.
You might think they’re just irritated with you but the answer is they’re actually sucking your blood. These are parasites.
And so and so what they do is they’re bonding you’re sucking your blood. So you become their host which you do not want to do. You don’t want to become a Phillies host. But. I mean they’re found on possums raccoons rodents humans.
And any type of animal. Oftentimes you’ll find them on your pant leg. So this is you. So let me know if I’m describing your situation.
OK. Get home. You walk the house you are walking to the kitchen to make you something to eat. Sitting on the couch thinking No you see fleas on the blanket that’s on the couch. You
see fleas on yourself on your clothes. Right. Let’s see this scenario. Let’s say you go to a friend’s home or you’re walking around at your friend’s house and next thing you know there’s fleas jumping on you. Well in that situation what you got to do is you’ve got to tell your friend to give us a call you go tell them to look up pest control Tulsa on the Internet. That way they can click on aren’t or don’t think. Give us a call. We’ll come and take those fleas that way they don’t have to be that way they’re not spurring them to you. It’s your home. Right here’s another scenario. Let’s say you’re at home petting your dog your pet cat next thing you know you look down the guy, please. What do you do? Well, that’s the case. First of all, what you want to do is you want to get the dog you want to get a cat you want to get your animal treated for fleas. OK. Take the bet. Don’t treat for fleas. They’ll make sure they get the proper treatment that will have the fees on him anymore. Pest Control Tulsa
You don’t want them transporting him into the house. Then after that, the next thing that you want to do is you want to google pest control tolls. So again you want to look up pest control Tulsa and pick the best pest control company in the Tulsa area. That’s going to be us right platinum pest and long.
We’ll educate you. Please listen to all the prep work that needs to be done before we come out. But the bottom line is once we come out we’re going to eradicate the police by doing triple layer protection for you. OK.
Now, these are the most well known for spring bug plague.
But we don’t really have to worry about that too much nowadays. But it was devastating devastating back in Europe. Wiped out. What was it like a third of the population just absolutely something ridiculous right. And so waste. It actually keeps fleas from your house or ways to prevent them. First of all, treat any animal that you have and the fleas you give them in the yard. It’s important to treat the yard from fleas for fleas. Also, we do that for you. But you have to call us to look at Pest Control Tulsa and then we can come out there and we can measure the yard.
Give you a call but we can take here take your take care of the fleas. Another way to prevent fleas is to back you frequently. Say that frequently in your home though suck. So been pleased but also hatching the eggs. But it’s important to dump those bags on the exterior of your home and just dump it in the trash.
So these fleas can jump out and jump out again terrorize you or your family. Right. And you want to keep your yard clean. Right. You don’t want the get grass to get very long. So you want to keep it clean and clean keep it free from pet droppings as well. Right. In fact only if you want to keep your dog or cat from getting Please keep a leash on them keep them from running around wild into the long grass. And if you think you have ticks actually in your home and property. The best thing to do is to call a pet.
A pest control professional.
And luckily for you, you’re actually talking to one if you just want to talk to one woman.
Talk to us. Go look up pest control Tulsa. Pest Control Tulsa
Click on click on the link will come out and take care of the police that you don’t have to write so soon. Now as we talk about what these do is they actually drink blood. They’re a parasite. Right. So they can move on any warm-blooded animal but they seem to prefer humans. Dogs and cats you know what type of thing with a good easy free meal. So but we we’ve been in all sorts of different homes and all sorts of situations with them. Please please like dark areas. So if you’re on a crawl space home for dinner, please. It’s important to treat the crawl space that does the crawl space that way it treats the crawl space extremely well for the fleas.
That way they don’t reinforce that we come out there and treat so dark areas Erny beds in closets that type of thing it’s a board that you pick up on with all materials all items up off the floor before we come and treat for flea treatment that way this is going to ensure that you do get the best flea treatment that you can possibly possibly get.
Now if you call this you’re going to see it we don’t just take care of fleas we take care of ticks flies roaches spiders ants scorpions silverfish termites you name it and we take care of it. Right. Well, still we control the yard. Broadleaf weed control grass weed control such as Dallas grass and crabgrass.
We do pre-merge applications. We treat festoon lawns to Bermuda lawns will also overseed and we will do a starter fertilizer in a liquid area before you get to get the grass going wild but this is what you needed. Now if you choose platinum pest lawn we’re going to leave you with. What we actually do with a perfect lawn. And your past is gone but you’ve got to give us a call you’ve got to look this up to read the reviews read those five-star reviews that we have in this because we work hard to make it right for you. You can also reach us online at Platinum pest dot com or give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 Now it’s important to room to remember that when you choose platinum pass along we are going to leave you with the perfect one and your past gone. And then if you call us we’ll actually do the first service for just one dollar. Yes, that’s correct. Your first service is just one dollar. When you choose platinum past and the.


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