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All right. Welcome back to Tulsa. I’m Chair Johnson. I’m your host. I’m co-owner of platinum pest along with my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson.
It has been a while since our last podcast. Thanks for hanging in there. We did give you a lot of information not a lot of knowledge about all sorts of different bugs and really how to get rid of them prevent them from coming into your home. We took a little break but now it’s time for some action. So we’re coming to you strong and we’re going to talk all about ants today under Johnson said owner co-owner of platinum person one with my wife. We are pest control also. And we are family owned and operated company in the Tulsa area. And you can always call us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or find us on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Pest Control Tulsa
OK as I mentioned before we’re talking about agents. There are all sorts of information out and there are so many different types and there are so many different types of ants just in the Tulsa area none less in the state of Oklahoma and all over the world. So.
So ants are what we’re talking about today.
But if you think you have ants watching you do it you need Google pest control. Tulsa. There you will see us putten pest along on the top of the page. Just go in and click on our Web site and you’ll see more information will come out.
We will get things taken care of you up. We will take care of that and so you don’t have to worry about taking care of the ants. So let’s go with some fun facts if you’ve been listening and all told so you know that we usually have a little trivia we used to go for some fun facts about some insects. You know to think we’ve gone over in the past or how long can a Rufe’s live with this without ahead. How high can a flea jump? If you were a flea How high could that. How high would you jump? All sorts of fun little trivia. Boscawen starts off with some trivia here. How much can an ant live? OK let me rephrase that. How many times its bodyweight can’t live without a good way to rephrase it. Not sure but it can actually lift. 20 tons some bodyweight. So let’s put that in perspective. So Anik can live 20 times his own body weight. So what about a human. Well if it was a second-grader if a second-grader wasn’t and you know if they had those antennas that came out of his head and its eyes and those ladies in their hair and all that happen and if a second-grader wasn’t and he would be able to lift a car. Yes, that’s right. If a second-grader wasn’t and they will be to lift. Of course this car His you’re lifting 20 times your body weight. OK.
But yeah it’s a little crazy. Pest Control Tulsa
They’re strong insects for their size. And we talked to there all sorts of different types of ants in the Tulsa area in the Oklahoma area. The United States of all the world but there are actually twelve thousand different species of ants all over the world.
So again 12000 species of ants all over the world. What do you know about queen ants? What would they look like? They sit at and what do they do. They sit around all day. They wear a crown and command other ants their subjects to worship them and bring them food and do everything they need. It’s a great question. Well, let me give you a little knowledge about Queen Anne’s now some colonies have one queen and others have multiple Queens. The queen’s job is strict to the laya. That’s what they do is that they lay eggs. They reproduce and that’s what happens. Now
some cuisines can actually live for quite a few years and over the space of those years, they can have millions of babies. Yes, that is right. You heard me correctly they can have millions of babies. So if you’re looking for pest control Tulsa goes no farther.
You can just Google us, Lucas, on Google on Google and we’ll come out there will get you taken care of and that way you don’t have to deal with them that we don’t have to deal with those pesky ants that are crawling everywhere.
Now oftentimes here in a Wasow or polls and in these areas we get calls on handouts a lot of times we get calls on ants in the springtime they get calls on the ants in the fall and really show up any time of the year. You know we see them in the winter when it snowed. All right. Ofttimes you will think oh there’s snow on the ground. I don’t need to have my home treated with Falls. We get calls actually when it snows because the past has gone inside and have gone inside where it’s nice and warm. I’m seeking moisture that’s not frozen. OK. So that happened so we called them in the wintertime. But most of the time we’re getting calls in the spring and then also Also the fall or really are in flux and it is called phone calls and now handsful. They’ll come inside for a few different reasons they’ll come from moisture. You know maybe there’s too much moisture outside or not enough moisture coming in for more. Sure they’ll come in for food as well. What you don’t want to have happened is you do not want to have those and start nesting behind your walls. So if you see any chance whatsoever Google pest control Tulsa you’ll find us platinum pest and lawn. Just click on our link. We’ll come out there and take care of it so that you don’t get to the point where they’re actually laying eggs back behind the walls where they said that the colonies. I’m back behind the walls. You just don’t want that to happen over your home.
Oftentimes people are going to finance their pantry.
There’s a lot of food sources there. There’s nothing worse than that in the morning your pool and your pour your bowl of cereal. You think everything’s cool until you pour that milk. And once you pour that milk all of a sudden you start noticing little parts of your sear that didn’t exist before. And what those little parts are they’re floating those top those are actually little ants. They’re trying to swim in your milk but they sort of float to the top and you start pouring the milk in. And the reason being is because they had been they’d been in your cereal munch in your cereal and you didn’t know it when you poured the cereal and poured the milk. So if that has ever happened to you and if you’re driving to work and you see that billboard says pest control Tulsa just pull over and jot down just down the number though be our billboard and it will come out there and make sure that those ads don’t get near scenario.
Make sure you do not have to have to worry about that ever happening to you or your family again. See it’s one thing if it’s you poor in the middle can mean cereal and most of the time you’re going to catch it before you eat it. However, kids not so much. Often times kids will pour the milk to the ceiling and they’re just munching away they’re hungry. Other been going around. They’re hungry. They haven’t eaten in 10 hours and they’re just starving and they’re just going to start munching down here munching down the food. And it’s not a good situation.
That food actually consists of events inside that cereal so don’t want that happening in Tulsa.
And so if you’re dealing with ants. Pest Control Tulsa
Just give us a call and we will come out there and take care of that. Really the situation that way you don’t have to remedy or try to remedy yourself. Oftentimes you know the parts that are found over the counter that people buy to take care of vans oftentimes the repellents they just aren’t going to do the job they’re going to get rid of them and they might disappear for a week or two but then they’re going to come right back. Really need professional products and the wage to find the professional products you have to hire professional companies a professional exterminator. And so what you have to do is you have to just go and look for pest control Tulsa and we’re going to come out there because you’ll call us because we’re number one on Google. I’m clicking only. We’ll come and we’ll get you all squared away and we’ll get it taken care of. Now it’s best we will never answer you talked to us on the phone with Umich. Tell us where you’re seeing those and so greatly help us as we go out there to treat your home. I’m going to customize the treatment to your home though. Help us know where to treat and what products we use or what products to do.
But again we don’t only deal with ants. And while we do take care of carpentry and take care of her stance we do spiders we do grasshoppers crickets moles we do armyworms. We do webworms. Termites. You know we take care of brown recluse spiders black widow spiders wolf spiders or spiders mosquito treatments Flea and take treatments are big. We do all sorts of treatments. You know we also do we control so we do pre-merge applications post-merge applications we treat for broadleaf fertilize Wi-Fi we will air 8.
So you hear a shout out in the yard.
And scening we just want to make sure that your bun looks good. So here’s the thing. Tulsa if you’re looking for pest control give us a call. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 8 5 7. Or you can reach us an online line you can find us online platinum pests and And what we’re going to do is your first services will be one dollar. Yes, that’s right. Your first service is just going to be one dollar but you got the call that you got to act fast and then we’ll come out there and get you taken care of. Remember impersonal long will leave you with the perfect Klon hand your Peskov. Pest Control Tulsa


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