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We will leave you with a perfect lawn and your pet is gone. I am Jared JOHNSON I am the co-founder of platinum pest in long with my lovely wife and partner Jennifer Johnson. She is a Wassa native. I’m from Houston. But I came here with CLI’s I could hear Oklahoma love here never going back. But we are we are. Pest Control Tulsa we are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area that serves the area you know we serve a Wasow Collinsville sky to Claremore no water too. Broken Arrow of course. Tulsa midtown Sapulpa. You know Jynx big city. We’re just all over the place servicing people in there. Pest Control needs taken care of so if you would like to have your pest control needs taken care of. The best thing for you to do is contact us your reach a platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 now we are talking about bedbugs right now but we have talked about a whole array of insects. Pest Control Tulsa
There are so many different treatments that we do when we do pest control in all its forms. We take care of brown recluse spiders black widow spiders odorous ants house plants.
Piss hands black ants. We take your termites and criminal termites swarming termites flying termites. We treat. Mice rats fly Mosse dring flies Nanse. Wear and tear spiders all to hear fleas ticks scorpions webworms big worms. I mean the list goes on and on and on.
You guys get the idea. We talk forever about that but so we take care of a whole array of different types of insects and but today we’re talking about bedbugs. Now if you’ve tuned in you know that we’ve been talking about bedbugs recently bedbugs are not fun to deal with. If you’ve had them you know that or if you know anybody that’s had you know that as well they are a pain to deal with.
They really mess with people’s minds. That whole mental factor. If you can’t get a good night’s rest because you sleep and sleep in the back of your head is just saying hey something’s going to eat you your sleep. And technically that voice is correct. If you do have a bedbug infestation so if that’s the case if the symptoms are happening to you you’re feeling that.
Go ahead and look for it. We can look up with platinum people.
But the way that you can do that is you can search pest control Tulsa and you’ll see our Web site and it’s going to click on and we’ll come out there we’ll get you taken care of so. So anyways bedbugs. We’ve talked a lot about them. We’re no stranger to trivia. We usually do a little trivia at you here and there but trivia. Pest Control Tulsa
We have more fun than what we have today is a fun fact depends on who you determine if this fun fact is actually fun. But female bedbug can lay about 500 A’s in her lifetime. Right, a hundred eggs.
And guess what those eggs do. Those eggs are going to hatch. And guess what those newly hatched pet bugs are going to do. They’re going to reproduce. And guess what they’re going to do. They’re going to lay eggs and it just goes on and on and on and on and on. So that’s one reason why bedbugs are so tough is that they reproduce at an exposition rate. And so you can really have a bedbug infestation get control extremely quickly. So you might have been driving down the road and seeing that see that billboard that says pest control so that would be us.
There might be a picture of a bedbug on there. The right view a picture of a different type of bug on there that might just be a picture of my big mug on there.
But either way just pulls over and grab that number and give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have. But more importantly, really let me. The big issues where you can sleep nights sleep peacefully. OK, so that’s what’s going to happen. And so about bedbugs right. We’ve talked about how you know moist we’re giving them. Often people carry them into the house. No none. Not meaning to. I mean they just don’t go in and find a handful of bedbugs and grab them put them in their pocket and say hey guys who would you like a new home. Usually, the way that happens what happens is they normally will travel and in the suitcases and get in. Good luck. RIDGE gets on your pockets or your clothes where you don’t know when they will. They will catch a ride with you. They will hitchhike their way into your home. I know it’s they are not nice by any means doing that.
So the spectacle might have some hitchhiker some bedbug hitchhikers going.
And just couldn’t look up pest control Tulsa you’ll see us there mean we’re Tulsa’s premier pest control company here in the Tulsa area and so we take care of all sorts of different bugs. But that’s what we do to keep you happy. We’re happy to continue to do that. Just call us so we can right the situation now. Here’s the thing with bedbugs is they are hard to control if you’re trying to do it yourself. Ok, they are some hardy Hardy birds in they’re smart as well. I mean they can only live about freezing temperatures all the way up to 120 degrees. So. So you waste it. You know you have people trying to heat treatments. But the problem is they actually go to more insulated areas where they’re going to be out of that he won’t kill them. Yes. You’ll usually kill some but they will migrate and they will move on to do. So if he is involved it’s important that the liquid treatments that he followed up by a liquid treatment.
To ensure that those bedbugs are gone and totally nonexistence.
And so that’s what we do or we wouldn’t do that. But we make sure that you don’t have have any bedbugs. OK. So again if you have them I’m going Google pest controls.
You’ll see us on the top link click on us what will come out there and get that done for you.
OK, now big bugs are smart. You know they Heider the day they hide these little cracks and crevices where it’s nearly impossible to see unless you take a flashlight in your temporally look for them. But yeah they’re smart as well and at night this is that carbon dioxide we exhale and that attracts them to the next one to the next feast. Right now they’re methodical right. They have predictable feeding patterns. So once a bedbug finds a person to feed on once they find a host it will usually feed for about five to 10 minutes right. So what that means is while you’re sleeping you won’t have a bedbug come and bite you and start sucking your blood for up to 10 minutes. And so it’s pretty crazy. But but but the interesting creatures when it comes to their feeding. So sometimes they’re there they will come and eat during the day to come to get a little snack here and there but most of the time they’re at night. And oftentimes the bites you know bites from bedbug oftentimes in clusters or they’re actually in a row on exposed skin or possibly in the chest. You know the legs the arms but those are kind of telltale signs that is a bedbug infestation.
You know some people will think hey man this is just chiggers mosquito bites outside and it could be that. Pest Control Tulsa
No I’m not saying it could be that could be chiggers could be you know mosquito bites but there It didn’t a bit like that. You don’t want to rule out bedbugs at all especially if they appear in those clusters in those lines.
So the best thing to do is if you see your child or you get bit by anything pull back the sheets do inspection look on the cracks and crevices see if you see any bedbug activity there. And if you are if you’re in bed by activity or if you just want a professionally trained eye to come in look call us OK.
If you’re looking for pest control Tulsa that’s us. Look no further we’ll come out there and eliminate the make the situation a lot better for you. And that’s what we’re going to do now. Not only do we take care of bedbugs we do mosquitoes. We do termites swarming termites flying termites ants with wings. Some people might say we will take care of mosquitoes when we do we do moles gophers spiders ants. You know we take care of all sorts of different bugs here in the Tulsa area webworms armyworms scrub worms mice rats moths you name it we’ll take care of it. So we also do weed control as well so we’ll do pre-merger applications will be post-merge applications will treat for grassy weeds like Dallas grass crabgrass will treat for broadleaf weeds like Dan Lyons henbit. All sorts of different weeds. There will also do pre-merge applications as well. TAPPER aren’t those weeds from coming out. Those are very important to do. We fertilize we also do overseeding first yuans Bermudan lawns and anyway’s we do all sorts of turf treatments to make sure your turf looks fantastic. And so if you like the whole of us if you’d like her services to give us a call you reach out to 9:28 threesome 0 8 5 7 or you can reach us online at Platinum Pessin remember our platinum pass along with the Perpich law.
When you’re gone and your services just one dollar.


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