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Alright, welcome back podcasters, just walk back Tulsa. Welcome back anybody use, listen to this podcast series you could be on both you be on a plane to be in a canoe or kayaking, be on the beach somewhere. So you got internet access. You are able to. I listen! This podcast, which, by the way, we can mend you for doing so, it’s important to get to listen, it’s important to learn, always important to continue your education and that’s a good thing that you’re doing cuz if you’re listening to this podcast. That means that you are bettering yourself, your bedroom, your situation by trying to gain as much information as you possibly can in the order I to have it done right in order to have it done right. So that’s what we’re here for Tulsa I am Jared Johnson. I am the co-founder of platinum pest along with my super-duper awesome, wife, also known as Wonder, Woman Jennifer, Pest Control Tulsa Johnson mother of our three children. I’m sure there will be more of the future, but we are happy to that. They are part of our life and who. Are we well, I’m number one? We are a family-owned and operated company. We are servicing the greater Tulsa area for general pest control, such spiders, and so we can termites and do all sorts of All Sorts Services, real steel, weed control for the blues, a shell, the yard, and so we are Pest Control Tulsa. We are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area, I’m providing that service for everyone who needs it, I’m to make sure that they don’t have to try to go and fight the problem on their self or by their self. To change Stars play tonight from work out well for him. I ain’t always reaches online at Platinum, pest. Tulsa anyone is doing it today. I’ve been is a fabulous morning. It is a rainy morning over here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We are getting buckets and buckets and buckets of rain. We can definitely use it. It’s been a while since we’ve had some rain, so I threw in some good growth but at the same time as a good growth that helps promote bug activity as well. So here we are told, so we just want to make sure that we give you the facts, that we educate you a little bit, that you learn a little something by buying Jordans in this podcast. How I say Tulsa, but you can be anywhere, really need to be on an island. You be in a canoe need to be on the boat on a cruise ship anywhere. Where you have internet access. You can actually listen. This podcast, I hope you’re enjoying it. If you’re on vacation, I hope that at that you learned a little sum so when you get back and help battle that helped out of the critters help bad about the past, how to battle your weed control problem out, there not in the yard, but just 24 Min inspire you to keep your home protected from compasseth in the weeds. Will I Am Jared Johnson, I’m co-founder Platinum, pass them along with my beautiful wife, lovely wife, Pest Control Tulsa Jennifer Johnson, mother of our three children. I’m sure there will be more to come, but as of now, we got 3 or youngest is about 3 months old and we are loving life enjoying life, but that is who we are. We are a family-owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area on we are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area, other than that we are Pest Control, Tulsa and then you can always reach on the Internet by going to platinum, pest. Tulsa, okay morning, Oklahoma, world, that’s the beauty about technology.

These days is you can pretty much get what you want anyone around the world in the middle of nowhere as long as you got some internet, you get the information. This is the information age, so whether you’re listening at home and whether you’re in the Tulsa area or Oklahoma, City area or maybe you’re in Texas or Louisiana Ford or even Canada, Canada gets bugs up there as well. I’m you might be in the Caribbean and you might be a helping disaster. People along the way you might be on an island or wherever you’re at you want to wish you a good morning might not be morning where you’re at, but if we wish you a good day right, but I am Jared, I’m with Platinum, pest. Everyone on that is turning into this podcast day, even if you’re, not in Canada if your to look or if you’re anywhere around the world, all Australia there’s a lot of nasty dirty bugs are there in Australia what a killer bug just really a place. Sad that you know I mean you need Pest Control here in Oklahoma, hear the Tulsa area, but if there’s one country that says you have to have it or you just might die, I’m not country be Australia.

There are some nasty freaky bugs venomous bugs over there. That will kill you if you let them right, and so they are everywhere. So just be careful. If you decide to move to Australia, make sure you get an exterminator right away, it’s so and so welcome to the podcast we’re glad that you’re joining with us today. If you’re turning it into this podcast series, that tells a lot about you. Pest Control Tulsa I should say a lot about yourself you’re, looking to educate yourself that you’re looking to learn that you’re looking to find out as much information as you can about pest I’m in the Tulsa area. But also we control and in Turf services in the Tulsa area, so I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host today, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest


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