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All right welcome back Tulsa. Welcome back podcasters Welcome back to another edition of podcasting from platinum and lawn.
I am chair Johnson I’m your host. I am a co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with my wonderful wife and mother of our three children Jennifer Johnson formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord.
If you’ve been to our podcast you know that we have been talking to all sorts of different bugs all sorts of different pests in the Tulsa area in the Oklahoma area all the different bugs that would give your family problems that would give your pets problems.
Give your loved one’s problems and so in wreak havoc in your neighborhood or in your home or wherever else you are dealing with the problems or with the past. And so if you two did you know that we have devoted a lot of time to educate you to give you information about you know bugs such as dust mites fleas ticks roaches bed bugs. And we talked about all sorts of different bugs here that people would see around the Tulsa area.
And so we are if you don’t know a whole lot about us we are platinum pests and we are family owned and operated a company serves in greater Tulsa area and we are pest control Tulsa.
And most people choose us because they google this information there are wonderful reviews. Average five-star rating on Google. That’s because we work hard to keep our customers happy. Resolve the problems that they’re seeing and also prevent them from seeing other past issues. Now if you’re interested in having your home treat you for past Friedgen week control you give us a call. Pest Control Tulsa
I mean give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com.
All right. Tulsa if you’re tuning in you know that we have devoted a lot of time to two different podcasts dealing with different bugs.
I recently did a long series on bedbugs and then our most recent has been a series that has to do with roaches right.
And then we’re going to be talking about fleas. There’s a lot to go over with please a lot to learn a lot. No. And so podcasters as you listen to these podcasts you’ll see or you’ll hear a lot of facts about but a lot of facts about ways to ways to control them how we deal with the ways to prevent them.
So you’re going to have a wealth of like a river of knowledge coming to you with these bugs. But what we want to do. The most important thing that we should take from this from these podcasts. Is that you don’t have to know all the facts. Deal with all the bugs that the state pays for. Right. Oh, we have to do is you have to know how to get on the computer. Go to Google and type in a few words. Those three words you need to know how to type in our pest control. Tulsa OK can type in press enter and you’ll see that will come up number one on that list you need to click on that will come out and take care of any person you’re dealing with and we’ll do it in a timely manner. We’ll do it where we’re where were you going to be happy as our Google reviews indicate.
So that’s what we want you to know now with PLEASE PLEASE are interesting past. Yes, please. There are interesting people and people oftentimes please and ticks all together in the same sentence. I’m kind of like they’re all part of it right like a first name last name.
And we are guilty of doing then also saying please antics we treat these antics. But people often times I think to group them together is because when they talk about police it takes usually with animals right. Their animals are getting fleas and ticks together. And so oftentimes people will talk about that please and takes almost like they’re one thing but there are different ways to get rid of the different ways to compare to combat them. Right. Well we’re going to go over with you. But here’s which you know again if you’re dealing with any fleas. The best thing to do is just go and look up pest control Tulsa you’ll see all the information on there. Don’t click on it and give us a call. We’re going to come right out there and take care of any pest needs that you have. That way you have to deal with it. It can be done right and done professionally and will get the job done. And in a good professional manner and so with. OK. We’ve talked about some fun trivia with all sorts of different bugs. We’re talking about some fun trivia with police. OK. Now if you have a family if you look at them they jump right to the jump really high. In fact, they can jump a hundred and fifty times their body height. Right. And break it down to relate that to human beings.
If you are flea or if you if you’re born with half human half alien if your bottom part of your bottom half of your body what was the flea with those awesome strong legs you’d be able to jump over skyscrapers. OK. So you’d be able to get that done. I’m jumping over the skyscrapers and so they have an uncanny ability to jump in and jump high and to and to do that. So but here’s the thing is that if you are seen please jump on you or maybe offer your animals or see you’re walking through your house and fleas start jumping on you where you are getting biting and you think they’re flea bites. Don’t waste any time. Tulsa is best to hold the best pest control company in Tulsa and that’s going to be yes. We are. Just go look it up. Look up pest control Tulsa and then you’ll see that we’re going to be number one you’ll see over Google reviews or five-star reviews. And so this will be important when choosing a pest control company but you’ll see that we have all of that. With us with our company with reviews and so flea’s will like I said before they jump a hundred fifty times their body height and. What they’ll do is once they have their eggs hatch they jump on a host. They’ll usually stay on their host for as long as they can feeding and they’ll live on their host the life on that mammals sucking their blood they’re actually a parasite because they actually suck the blood. And so that’s what they do. And so if you don’t want if you do not want flea sucking your blood you have to take action. And the way that you have to take action is you’re going to have to.
Next time you see that billboard when you’re driving down the road and pull over you know billboard I’m talking about is the billboard that says pest control Tulsa OK just pulled over. Plus you didn’t plug your paper jot down the number that’s on that work says our number right now you’re going to call us. We’re going to come out. We’re going to take care of the police. And you’re not going to worry about it. You are going to have to deal with this anymore. OK. But in order for us to that you’re going to have to look us up you’re going to have to type pest control Tulsa to see over information to be able to get us out there. To be able to treat for your fleas right. And so that’s what we’re going to do now. Fleas will drive people nuts. You know there are few things worse than just walking right or you’re sitting on your couch petting your dog or paying your cat. And the next thing you know you’re getting bit by fleas right. And you know that whenever you’re going by fleas they are just biding their body and they’re feeding off your blood is what they’re doing. So if you think you are worse than sitting on the couch you know to come up with your animal or maybe even a spouse and then fleas are jumping on you jumping all over you or even kids you know there’s you.
Know we’ve gotten calls from you to know parents you know that they put their kid to sleep in their crib and they wake up with flea bites on them. Right. It’s a legitimate thing. You don’t want that to happen so if you don’t want your kids to get bit if you don’t want to get that you’re going to have to put forth some effort put forth some action is pretty simple you have to do is turn on your computer and go to Google and type pest control Tulsa. Click on our link and you’ll see all of our information. Not only do we take care of fleas we take care ticks. We take care of mice who take care of rats flies gnats and drain flies. We take care of spiders ants armyworms, webworms, bagworms, mosquitoes, termites, swarming termites, flying termites, black termites, and ants with wings. You know we do pre-merge implications and post-merge applications will take care broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and and and Hibbett will take care of crabgrass the weeds ever will treat for fescue. Bermuda. Overseed err. And then will. We’ll basically make sure that that will leave you with your pets gone and a perfect lawn in order to do that you have to call us 9 1 8 3 7 6 8 5 7 or you can reach us online platinum PSTN line com.
Now, remember when you choose putting them past them on your first serves is just one dollar. Yes, you heard that correctly your first service is just one of. Pest Control Tulsa


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