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Pest Control Tulsa Hello podcasters, thank you for joining with us today on this stormy saturday morning. It is february something whatever the last saturday isn’t february that’s today and it is pouring down it is coming down. So we’re able to give you five podcast this morning and during the last podcast I promised you would be the last one in the morning, and that is true. That is correct. It was last one in the morning and that’s what we’ve done now is now it’s the afternoon. So while you are in for a tree you’re in for 5 more podcast this afternoon-and you might get some more this evening time just a little heads up on that. But thank you for joining with us and, like I said, the rain is really coming down today and it is just on my name is jared I’m, the hostess podcast. Some people just call me mr. Pest control tulsa, because we provide pest solutions in church solutions. Everyone in the greater tulsa area, right, nowthe, sailboat bridge near grand lake, occasionally, will make sure it’s up to grand and in trump’s father I do termite inspections for people buying a home. What make sure that it’s done right or make Pest Control Tulsa sure it’s done effectively. I want to make sure that if you’re buying a home-and you need a termite inspection that is done properly to ensure that you were going to get the best really the best service and really make sure that you are making a purchase and that you don’t have termites when you’re making that purchase. That’s what we’re here we’re here to do now. The buyers on that hired me today were very happy that I came out. They did hire us to do the termite inspection form today. Now the reason being is because I miss home. We did find termites. Imagine that we found termites. Now this home was a crawl space. Home I’m pro space did not look bad. We had a solid stem wall. We like to see that saw concrete piers. It was great. It was beautiful, even had some gravel there in the crawl space. We definitely like to see that as a pest control company, however, attach this crawl space home was a slabdoes slap garage. The great of the of the of the dirt on the on the left side of the garage was above the stem wall right, and so there is tons of dirt piled on there. That’s not good! That is never good situation I’m, because when dirt is above or when, Pest Control Tulsa when wood or siding is below the grade of the dirt on the outside, that’s always a condition. That’s going to be conducive termite activity. So if you’re not sure if your home has conditions that are conducive or if it has termites do not want to take the chance with carlos, and so what you want to do. Do you want to take action right away? Swift action that swift action, I am talking about is fairly simple, even seen, or car, or truck rolling down the interstate, the truck that says:pest control tulsa. If you seen that truck, you want to drive down that information or wave us down, maybe you’ve seen her truck in her in the neighborhoods doing that I’m. If so, just take action, just just just shut down the information there give us a call willcome out there will get you squared away, will get you all taken care of just what you need, and so we can make sure that your home is free of termites. If it has termites, we can never have to deal with those guys again. Just keep that in mind. We will handle that when it comes to termites for you and that why do we do that? Well, it’s because you want to make sure that I know if I’m buying a termite make sure that I’m not putting thousands of dollars worth the investment into the home right after I made the purchase it and I would like to thank. You would think that too, and also most people out there, and so that is the case. We want you to do want you to take. We want you to take notes today on this podcast so make sure you’re taking notes and make sure you are being careful and, if you’re out there on the on the on the road today, but but take notes it. But we understand that you’re not going to remember everything that we have to say today, you’re just not right, I’m, not the person. I can remember everything, I have to say today, and so what would you want? Pest Control Tulsa You remember if you want you tohow to get in contact with us, which is fairly simple right. All you have to do is that you go to google and type in pest control tulsa to go to whatever is your favorite search engine I’m typing those words and all of our information to come up we’re confident that search is going to lead you to us legion our direction or we can take care of things and in solving any problems we have at that point. So we are happy you that, but you got to give us a call. You got to contact us, so we can make that happen for you, okay, so today, because it is pouring rain right now so water they’re concerned about rain the amount of rain weather conditions, weather patterns I’m. All these have an effect on bugs and weeds I’m in someone’s yard, as you might be, considering doing. That might be considering well, what is all this rain and what is this weather? How does this affect me and my house and my pet? What is it do their well there’s lots of things that that it can do number Onei’ll be working turn off cuz. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa You were concerned about about the ring bringing bringing bugs inside. That is a totally legitimate concern, but that’s a concern that pest control tulsa, billboard information call it right, call it, and that way we will come out and we will get it ready. Cable, get things taken care of for you and make that happen for you, okay, so call that number and it will do is it is much easier to prevent a problem? Is you cure it? Just keep that in mind. Prevention is key, maintenance is key and so will treat. The yard will treat the home make sure that we put a protective barrier that prevents bugs from make me on the inside when you get a lot of rain like this, the bugs just literally, aren’t able to make it inside. That’s because, as a as a cross from that barrier, they can get something that we call a little medicine for him, that medicine is going to kill him and that way they won’t make it inside the home to bother you or your family okay. So if you want that to take place next time, you see the pest control I’m. Sorry, let me seepest control tulsa flyer grab it done and all the information that’s on that flyer and then that will be good you’ll go hold on to that you’ll. Keep that keep that fire with you and or at least just riding. The information saved I’ll save all that information. So we can make that happen for you. Okay, so do that I will be right there for you, take to help you out, but we don’t just take care of spiders and ants. We do that. We take care of termites bed bugs roaches oriental cockroaches turn brown cockroaches, take care of fleas and ticks mice and rats grubs and moles crickets. We handle it. Alright, we are the exterminator over here in the tulsa area, but we also do centipedes and millipedes flies. House flies, gnats wash jail, jackson, skeetos, you, name, it we can handle it., you’re pre-emergent post-emergent application, and so what will also do with that as well will tree make sure that you don’t get weed like dallas grass and crabgrass and not sage dandelionfor, all those different type of weight, loss or overseed, your yard for fescue, new lawn aeration and we’ll do a fertilization services for you as well. But if you want that, you got that information allegiant test will be happy to come out there and and I get things taken care of it. Squared away for you can reach him at 918-376-0857. He also reached online at platinum pest & lawn. Com. When you call platinum pass along your first service only $1 we are going to leave you with the perfect lawn and you passed on Pest Control Tulsa