Welcome back podcast, we welcome you back to another dish! We are glad, no, we are thrilled that Pest Control Tulsa you’re with us today that you are taking your time out to listen to a podcast help better yourself. It’s always wondering always learning to learn is important. Education is important to always formal education, but it’s a learning that we do on her own, that we learn the most from the books. We read that we decide willingly then we’re going to read those books and pull what we wanted to take out of this book. Right, seems that those the ones that we learn the most from, and so thank you for joining with us in this podcast, should be listening anywhere. I mean you could be in Montana or California be on the coast, be in texas or Florida or Australia. You are on a boat in the middle of the ocean. That’s what’s so great about technology. These days cuz that really be anywhere listen to podcasts, in fact, I’m, not even at the office and in the studio recording this podcast actually I’m on the road and I’m right at least want to leave you with the podcast, didn’t want to leave. Y’all leave y’all want to come so that doesn’t want you going to honk and wave to us cuz. That way. We know that you listen to a podcast and I would really appreciate Pest Control Tulsa you listening and turning into any of that, the pockets we give I. Give you a promise today. That would give you five podcasts in the morning by podcast in the afternoon. I will I am here, see what we have to pass at. This is podcast number 20 for the day and until we’re so glad that you’re joining with us, hopefully, you listen to all these podcasts. Hopefully, you can join, spend your time with me as we talked about the different types of bugs and what they do in the effect they have on you and your home I’m in your life right and so perfect world. We wouldn’t have any bugs right. Oh well, not quite the case and bucks play an important role in the ecosystem, ecosystem very fragile, and they play a role in that position right, either way, it if you do like bugs great fantastic, if you don’t, if you just really don’t mind if your home, that’s fine too, what you want to do you want to call us or stop by that billboard that says: pest control, Tulsa I’m just pulled over and take a look at that billboard and have all of her information on that way. You contact us I’m that way, we can make sure that we come out there and ride. Give me a pastor a really be proactive, really prevent you from seeing past in the first place is really what we want to do. Do we control as well so are golden, are, and platinum pest & lawn? It really leaves you with the perfect lawn and your past gone and still needs to be back in so we do have a lot of google reviews. In fact, we have like a hundred twenty-seven google reviews. Reviews are for people than that, and they decided to take it upon themselves to write a google review for us and we really appreciate those in that way. It helps us know how we’re doing. Let us know how we can get better right, and so what we want to do is we do want to really get better. We want you to be a part of that movie. Want you to be a part of the revolution with us, and so do that it’s the way that you can get a contact, buzz who’s a lot of different ways, but the ways that most people get in contact with us. They just I’m, go to the internet and they just google pest control Tulsa I’m. So if you do that, we’re confident that circle I should we do still bring up our website, you cooking or website, and we’ll come out we’ll get everything squared away and everything is taken care of for you, I’m, really paying to pay particular attention to the preventive treatment there on your home treatments, really work I’m, especially right now, as we got buckets and buckets and buckets of rain. That happened today when was just coming everywhere: lots and lots of rain happened today, and so with the rain, the bugs want to come inside, where it’s nice and dry, and so anytime, you get lots of rain like like we’ve had today, then the bugs don’t like being out in the wet they don’t like being in the puddle. It’s not willing to do some two of them. They then really don’t like it would rather be inside where it’s, where it’s dry, where, where it’s warm and so was Phil start moving inside. So if you want to get for me for venom treatment before we get more rain next week, the best thing to do is to give us a call panda to do it. In fact, you can just stop her truck and lots of trucks. This a pest control Tulsa on them to just stop any of those trucks in and give us a call right. That’s all I want to do is just call. It gets a chance at jamaica right there, for you really prevent you from getting by so if we spray and then it rained on, does that watch. The answer is no I’m actually come out there and treat as long as the product had time to dry. Then what happens we treat me actually bought is that that we have treated right and I, and then rain doesn’t actually wash away what actually breaks the product down it’s going to be the sunlight in oxygen. Those are the two factors that actually break it down: sunlight and oxygen, and Raina want and it’ll have minimal effect on honor treatment. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa So so don’t worry about it. If we are expecting rain in the future that you need to get a tree, no matter what, so it takes action right. Take action, don’t just sit back I’m, so what you need to do. Are you just need to grab the pest control, Tulsa flyer and save our number on your phone? That way, we can help you out with that. Pest Control Tulsa Okay, we’re! Please, we’re happy to do that. So we know that rain doesn’t wash away has been won’t back. Just online auctions what breaks it down as a what will happen is you’ll have homes that that that have the west basin people will see if it’s been a while since I’ve had your last treatment, he won’t tip typically start noticing passed on the west side their house. First, it’s been breaking down the product so which is allowed that the passenger in the home and start accessing those areas, and so what we want to do pizza is is what will help you with that, but we’ll just take care of past. Pest Control Tulsa Yes, of course, you take care of spiders and ants and fleas and ticks and moles and gophers and armyworms, bagworms and all sorts of bugs, like carpenter, bees, carpenter, ants, wood bees, brown, recluse, spiders, black widow, spiders wasps, yellow jackets. We handle all those stupid things, so we will take care of those sticky things for you and then also we do. We controlled well I’m, so I, just google, pest, control Tulsa. That actually drives your company, we’re happy to come out there and get everything taken care of for you and everything eradicated for you. I was going to make the phone call with the patient’s post. Merge applications fertilize your yard, with primo. With that, you don’t have to mow your lawn cleaning green. You don’t have to go out of the motor as much I’m. A fertilizer yard will also be overseeding fescue lawns and we’ll make it right. So just give us a call again just search pest control call, so you can reach the 918-376-0857 for your first service. Only $1 Pest Control Tulsa


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