Welcome back Tulsa, walking back to the podcast welcome back to another Edition. We welcome you with open arms and we are so happy and so thrilled that you were joining in with our podcast today. If it’s your first time, welcome, if your regular welcome, if your regular you kind of know what you’re in store for a lot of facts doing with passing with lawn, I’m very informative, that’s what we want! We want to be as informative as possible for you and, of course, like always, if you have any questions, just Google Pest Control, Tulsa click on Arlene call us if we’re happy to come out there answering questions that you have me answer me over the phone, but I bet you’ll be pleased with our services and with what we provide. So I am Jared Johnson. I am your host today, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my beautiful amazing, Superwoman, wife, Jennifer Johnson fact.

Apparently they made a movie about her recently Superwoman right. I believe it’s a movie, I haven’t seen it, but I hear is awesome. Of course, it’s going to be awesome if is based after my wife’s life, so anyways make it to the movie. Theater go see that movie. I hear it’s a great one, but we are Platinum. Pest & Lawn, We are family owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area for their pest control needs also for their lawn needs for their Turf needs. So we’re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your past gone.

So if that is your goal, if that is your intention, the best thing for you to do is to get a hold of us. You can reach us at 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn, okay podcasters if you’re joining in today. If your regular, you know that we usually do a lot of fun facts that just so that those are going to come in at just wrong today,
we’re going to give you some fun facts were to go over an ant on the inside, how to get rid Of ants – and I know we’ve been talking about and slightly but they’re, all Hot Topic – people deal with them all the time over here in the Tulsa area.

I’m in this is Green Country right and so Green Country can be conducive to aunts and conducive to all sorts of different types of boxes. Okay, and so our topic today is Aunt so like I said we’re going to go over a lot of fun facts. A lot of information, but the information that we want you to know is how to get a hold of us and the way that you get ahold of us. As you have to Google Pest Control Tulsa. Okay, you got that your goal.
Pest Control Tulsa call us we’re going to come out we’ll take care of any issues that you have will take care of. Your lawn will keep it all Under One Roof. Also, if you just have any questions in general, you want to talk to his call list or have to answer questions at that you might have okay, and so let’s talk about these ants, let’s talk about these pesky answer.

Okay, first of all, let’s go over some fun facts with these ants. Okay, we’ve talked before about how ants don’t have ears and they don’t have lungs. However, they can still breathe and they can still hear.
Okay, we’re told me that can’t don’t have lungs, but they can still breathe. They don’t have ears, but they can still here okay now. The way that this happens is they hereby about feeling vibrations through the ground right. That’S how they’re able to sense hearing right. I’m an ass since when we hear our eardrums are picking up vibrations as well. So I guess it is it’s not too far distant from us right now, breathing without lungs. That’S a different story. What happens is ants have a bunch of small little holes throughout the body.

They actually absorb the oxygen through the day release of carbon dioxide through those same holes right I’m. So if you see any ants in your house that are breathing or on your property that is breathing, maybe listening to defeat,
you know any of that hocus-pocus jumbo Mumbo craziness, that’s going on! Don’T let that happen in your home? Don’T let it happen on your watch. Next time, you’re driving by that billboard, you have the big one that says: Pest Control Tulsa just pull over jot down that number that’s going to be. Our number just call us we’ll make sure none of that Shenanigans is happening at your home.

I’m underneath your roof right. Keep those ants away from your family away from your past and I also sometimes will get calls now. This isn’t uncommon. If someone has an ant problem inside their house, it’s not uncommon. Takedown the food right, the kind of cereal and so let’s say, you’re waking up early in the morning you’re getting ready to go to work. It’S a Monday morning right and so you’re a little grumpy anyways you go and you’re late for work. You pour yourself a quick bowl of cereal, pour the milk and we’re talking about the good milk right, the whole milk right, just a good stuff, and as you do, you start eating your cereal and you start noticing and Float to the top of your bowl of Cereal, okay, has it ever happened to you?

Well, if it has, or even if it hasn’t – and you just do not want that to happen to you, Google Pest Control Tulsa call us will come out we’ll make sure that you don’t ever have to deal with those ants in your cereal will make sure that you Don’T ever have to deal with them in your home? What we’re going to do is run to a 15-point inspection around your home, we’re going to take a look to see where the ants might be entering your home. We want to make sure that they aren’t getting back behind the walls and nasty and laying their eggs back behind your walls. That’S a bad situation.
We can make sure that we can take care of it if that does happen, but we can do that for you.

Okay, I’m in so, if that’s happening to you, if you’re seeing ants coming into your house or just on your property, and you want to make sure that they do not come to your home search, just go on search Pest Control Tulsa, okay, and we will come Out we will eradicate the situation, for you make sure they don’t make it into your house. Okay, now a lot of times, people are seeing odorous ants out here, so don’t interrupt those we pose in your home. Those are me that that little gaps in your in the brakes – your home, every few feet that’s a big area that they actually enter into I’m sure we’ll make sure that they aren’t coming into those areas, will look for any other areas they might be coming into the home, as I said, we’ll do that 15-point assessment, for you make sure you and your family just don’t have to have to deal with them right, but if you are seeing them or if you know a friend that sings or a family member, this deal With Angela say you go over their house and you see a bunch of ants walking around on the countertop rubber. Maybe I just need more information time to Google Pest Control Tulsa. That’S it! That’S simple cause we’ll come out.

We not only take care of ants. What do spiders brown, recluse spiders black widow, spiders odorous, ants carpenter, ants? We take care of German brown cockroaches oriental cockroaches bed, bugs fleas, ticks termites, Subterranean termite flying Termites Termites with wings ants with wings, Grubbs webworms, bagworms, armyworms, spiders Serbians, silverfish, mosquitoes mice, rats name. It was going to take care of it, but what else do we control? So we take care of your Turf as well as an application’s Dallas crime, Dallisgrass, crabgrass, henbit dandelion, to name it will take care of it will get rid of it for you. So just call us but you’re going to have to Google Pest Control Tulsa give us a shout. We should. We should be number one on that page. You can reach us at 918-376-0857. You can also reach his online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn. Calm., Remember with Platinum, pest & Lawn will leave you with a Perfect Lawn and your passcode on your first service is just $ 1.


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