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Many people will put you that the perfect lawn does not exist. They were not able to have that vibrates, beautiful, flourishing green lawn without seeing or having an invasion from worms, termites, or other insects. I’m here to say that they are absolutely wrong. They are 100% wrong for many reasons. Allow platinum pest and want to explain to you why we’re not only able to provide exceptional pest control Tulsa services, the how you can have the most perfect pristine lawn.

First of all with our lawn services we’re able to help maintain and regulate a healthy green and beautiful lawn. That is because pest control Tulsa has been in the industry since 2011, and we have perfected a process over and over again, until we have found a process that works, and makes our customers and consumers satisfied and happy. We will go the extra mile to make sure that it is done right. That is why especially in the winter and springtime we will provide a pre-emergent application that prevents grassy needs to grow. As well as spot treating any leads that have made their way to the surface during the spring and summer, and even provide a solution for the fall. There is an application that prevents winter weeds from taking over your guard during the cooler months.

We will make sure that your lawn maintains a healthy color by fertilizing it regularly. You need fertilizer garden regularly, because it gives back nutrients, that your turf can thrive on. We will come up with your own unique fertilizer and find the perfect time for it will take root and grow. We also provide insect control for your beautiful, healthy lawn, by destroying all insects that come in contact with it. Because armyworms, grub worms, bees, and takes can be extremely harmful to your beautiful vibrant front or back yard. Fertilizing is one of the best things that you can do for your guard

If you have just purchased a new home and the front yard is not up to your standards, or you would like a more fluffy, lush area for your children to play on. But platinum and lawn are able to provide pest control Tulsa that is able to reseed your lawn to restore or establish a beautiful blush area. Our knowledgeable technicians will be able to address your specific property needs. We will be able to select high-quality, premium seed blends, that will promote and restore a healthy lawn. So if you just purchased a home that has a dirt pit instead of beautiful green grass, call us at (918) 376-0857.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we will be able to increase drainage, create growth pockets for new roots and be able to improve your soil structure. We will provide you with the most spirited, inviting, and inspiring lawn! We would like to offer you a free consultation because we want to make all of your dreams for your lawn come true. We want to provide you a beautiful lawn, that your father would be proud of. You may schedule your free consultation site going online to where we have provided an area for you to get your information to contact you. Or you may call us at (918) 376-0857.

Pest control Tulsa | Munching, and crunching

This content was written for platinum pest and lawn

we offer services ranging from getting rid of bed bugs to providing you with the most beautiful vibrant green lawn you’ve ever seen, even to helping to terminate termites. Our employees and technicians that platinum pest and lawn know how difficult it can be for pest control Tulsa services to eliminate termites once they have taken over your home. We offer a few treatments available to homeowners to help deal with pesky termites. If you’d like to find out what that treatment is called this number (918) 376-0857 because our exceptional staff members are waiting to hear from you.

Unfortunately, if the homeowner who suffers when termites are able to create as much damage as possible. That is why our team is here platinum pest and lawn pest control Tulsa is able to provide you with the best solution to absolutely obliterate any and all termites. The solution that we use is a liquid treatment. Because termites live underground and they make their way into your home by creating special mud tubes that travel through the dirt and go above the soil into your home. We treat the soil as one continuous barrier, even though it is an intensive process when done correctly it can provide you a decade of protection.

In case you don’t know very much about termites, they need food which is wide and water to stay alive. So by removing access to these needs, homeowners will be able to reduce the risk of a termite attack. That is because our pest control Tulsa Tulsa that have been in your position before. They are either suffered attacks from termites, text, or faith. There are physical barriers that can be built into new homes to help prevent termites from reaching with structures however are additional method is using a liquid solution. Because it is only by using this liquid or a chemical solution are you able to get rid of them.

What we have seen many other companies in the pest control Tulsa industry does, if they will cut corners when it comes to treating your home or business for termites. That is great we use damaging because when they do this they are weakening the barriers to protect your home from termite attack. So then when a termite comes looking for food, they will find their home to be a tasty treat. So here at platinum pest and lawn with the extra mile to make sure that it is done right the first time. It is the homeowners who will suffer the most in the long run companies skimping, and cutting corners.

We are so excited to work with you, which is why we want to provide you your first service for one dollar. By providing your first service for just one dollar we are able to share our enjoyment, and enthusiasm in being able to help give back to the community, help protect your home and loved ones, as well as getting rid of those pesky pests. So it’s time to stop termites from munching on your home because your home is not his neck, a place unified and enjoy long-lasting memories of your family. So call us today because we would love to assist you.


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