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Hello podcasters, thank you for joining us today. Thank you on this beautiful afternoon here in Tulsa, Oklahoma I’m, actually in Beggs, Oklahoma inspection, and so that’s what that’s what’s so great about technology these days is that is I can do this podcast, while I’m driving, which is a very good thing because I’ve been crazy busy today, but I still want to be able to bring you some information, some knowledge, the little bit of know-how to your day at that will help you get along your way, especially with right. Now, as we got the weed season in the bug season upon us, it’s important to cram as much knowledge. Information inside your cranium is physically possible as mentally and emotionally as possible, and that’s what we’re doing for you today, as we are cramming that information technology, some people call me professor, pest, control Tulsa, that’s simply because we provide pest, solutions intersolutions, those in the greater Tulsa area and so really with platinum pass may want to leave you with a perfect lawn and your pest is gone, but we don’t just take care of a past. You take care of spiders, crickets, and gophers, and moles and gophers and fleas and ticks and mice and rats mosquitoes wood, bees and carpenter bees fly. You would take care of it all. We really do wells do bed bugs and we don’t just do that. What else do we control fertilization in the yard as well? And so what will do is will I’m in your yard, also fertilize. Your yard will also do the lawn, aeration, and overseeding fescue lawns as well. We’ll do it all there for you, but we got to make it happen for you by you giving us a call, so you got in contact with us. If you want them to happen now you can reach us at 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach us online at platinum pest & lawn .com or there is what other ways you can get in contact with that. You can see any of our pest control Tulsa billboards get all the information that you can from those that will lead you right to ask, but my name is Jared on the hostess podcast muscle, co-founder platinum pest & lawn, with my wife I’m of the company. Apparently, the company was lost me founded it. No, we started from the ground up and I would have never been lost and it is awesome, and so we provide pest solutions intersolutions, those in the greater Tulsa area. We really want to leave people with the perfect, lawn and they’re pests gone by the time we leave their home by the time. We leave the property and we ain’t make that happen for you and we are happy to do so for you as well, and so we want you to do you want you to a tuna and we’re glad that you’ve turned in and also wants to do is to remember how to get in contact with us, because I can remember all the information that we give to you today. I, don’t think it’splay sleep on sport humanly possible to do that and so you’re going to forget something i. Just like it’s cool I mean if I don’t know everything that you’re tired of school, all the lectures were ever given the school we play. Just don’t remember it all right, I am so I can start applying. I can remember this whole podcast I can’t remember so just go to google pest control Tulsa after you google that just to save that number to your folks, that’s going to be our number in that way. I will make it easy to get in contact with us i. Whenever you see the bug or the straw that breaks the camel’s back or the weed to start popping up in your yard. I give us a call right now, and we are. These are imperative that you get these taken care of right now during this time of year. I’m really free, merch applications is a really often said that you do on wheat. Other than that you put just playing defense, you trying to play catch-up the rest of the year and the pre-emergent application how to prevent weeds from coming in I’m such as grassy weeds. You know that that’s what’s going to prevent from happening for them from coming in as well I’m, so you want to make sure that you did get the service down to get it taken, care of and otherwise, you’re just that when the weeds come up you’re playing whack-a-mole, but we can call a wack, weed or spray weed is what’s going to be happening at so don’t procrastinate be proactive about. It gives a call that is very simple, very easy for you to get a hold of us. You can reach him at 918-376-0857. He reaches online at platinum pest & lawn. Com. Those are all simple and easy ways for you to get in contact with us, and we want you to get in contact with you to contact us so that way we can. We can help you write, it’s so fun to do that and that way we can. We can take care of you, take care of your situation, so river pest, control Tulsa, is what you’re looking for, but if you can get dandelions in their yard, the only certain type of weeds in yard that start popping. They don’t know why certain years in different ways are going to get many more than others. Certain years is the fertilizer yard as well to help thicken up the grass and thinking up so that way it prevents the weeds from coming in, and that is something that we want to do. We want to accomplish there for you, and so we can make that happen for you, but you got to give us a call and the thing with the weeds is it they just start growing and growing and growing right.

If you don’t want them growing, Sandra toolset that says pest control Tulsa, you want you to take note and jot it down right. You’ll see lawns is how many year bells will have to look like they’re, blue right, you’ll, see a blue lawn or green lawn here and there and it’s you wonder: why is there yard what’s happening? Lets you track or die by the pudding with the mixture of a product that is put in there, just to make sure that that you know where you’re spraying, where you’re treating right, let’s just part of the process for the treatment for you I, would need to contact us. So you can just say just google, pest control Tulsa to you will that that’s will lead you right to us. Okay, so keep that in mind just google that that leads to us, but we don’t just take care of a weed herbicide weed like nutgrass, dallisgrass, nuts, age and I will do dandelions in bed, and we will pigweed. Would we will take care of all sorts of different applications and lawn overseeding for you as well I’m, not only that we will treat for other bugs we do pest control, ants and spiders moles and gophers and flies, and mosquitoes and yellow jackets I will take care of grubs. What do bed bugs and termites as well as service? We take care of right, we handle it all, for you would be stopping to me how much you want to service. Give us a call. Just look this up typing the words pest control Tulsa morgan, Wichita, online and platinum pest & lawn., com member. We want to leave you with the perfect lawn in your past. Your first service is only $1


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