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Good morning podcasters, this is Jacqueline Bollinger with Platinum, pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma. I am here at the main office just getting ready to share some information with you about who we are, what we do and how we do it here. I am also known as a Jackie here in the office, and I am the marketing assistant here at Platinum. I work with the owners and founders of platinum, pest & Lawn Jared and Jennifer Johnson, and they are a wonderful team together they and they have done a wonderful job, setting up their location and getting their business done here in Collinsville and more information on us. We are Pest Control Tulsa. That is what we do. We want to be the best pest control that Tulsa has to offer, and we also offer lawn services to our customers as well. We at service hours to Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Claremore, Catoosa, Skiatook and other areas in here. We want to serve everyone. We can you want to help you make your home pest free eye and look as beautiful as it possibly can, and thank you so much for listening in today and you know, feel free to give our office a call at 918-376-0857. Or you know, if you are listening to this podcast online through whichever you know, podcast Outlet, you use whether it’s iTunes or cast box, or things like that, feel free to just open up that search engine, that you’ve got and lookup Pest Control, Tulsa and give Us a quick Google search, Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com and I see what we’ve got going on on that website and give us a call, and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions and just but you took care of now today. Pest Control Tulsa Today, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce our new location that we’re more Outsourcing. Now we don’t really have a physical location. Our new address is PO Box 995. So if you do have anything that needs to be sent here, you can always send it up to that area or the post office or PO Box in the Owasso area, and let’s talk about, let’s talk about some pest today. Let’S talk about bees. These are something that is pretty common in Oklahoma and they, usually, you know, make people very just uncomfortable, you don’t want them. Seeing you, you don’t want them. Seeing your kids and you don’t want. You know them to infest your lawn with any Hive or anything and some produce honey.

I know that may be pleasant and you may think that’s wonderful, but not all of them do now. We do service for certain bees. We do service for carpenter bees and things like that or wannabes things of that nature, but whatever it comes to honey bees, if they have to build a colony anywhere, I even knew a customer who had some honey bees that built at work run to the engine Of his car overnight and he had to call out a beekeeper to come and take care of those and when it comes to honey, bees. Folks definitely always go with a beekeeper because they are considered an endangered species and they need to be taken care of, and we want to make sure that they get taken to an actual beekeeping beekeepers area and then made to produce honey there. They’Re few and far between at this point – and we do have contact information for beekeepers in the area or you can just Google that yourself at any time, but as far as carpenter bees I go. They are one of the past that we do treat for and they’re very common here in Oklahoma. Pest Control Tulsa I know that I had a few whenever I was growing up, my grandparents had them living on their porch and I wasn’t sure quite what to do with them. They were very large and at the same time I felt bad for doing that, but excuse me. So sorry about that, but carpenter bees are different to teleport are very difficult to tell apart from most species of via, but usually, they are all black. They have some yellow or white, but they have subtle differences in their features. Only B’s would know about, but what they are all about is they have 500 species and 31 subspecies and they burrow into our to plant material such as dead wood or bamboo, and I that can be a big problem is especially for people who have those Wood porches out here in the countryside of Oklahoma, and that can cause a lot of problems.

That’S how they got into my grandparent’s property. Actually, they build little nests and Doug little holes in their porch and just kind of fool around and didn’t really pay. Much attention to us, their solitary they’re, not typically social and females, that habitats at times, but that’s very rare but males typically, don’t go anywhere near the females unless it’s time to mate by tunneling in the wood or bamboo or other materials, they vibrate their bodies And they use their mandibles to get through that hardwood and once they do, they kind of just stay there and build families and the holes are usually 16 mm in circumference and what they’d I mean, that’s kind of a small hole, but it works for Them and carpenter bees do not eat the wood, they described the bits of wood and reuse it and I mean their eggs, are larvae and their relative size to you know female anatomy. I so they don’t give birth to live young. No, of course, they all lay eggs like most past due and whenever it comes time for them to lay them the lay them in the hole and then those little guys I’ll come right out and start to start swarming now, Pest Control Tulsa typically at they’re, not aggressive, They Don’t Really sting and I never experienced any stainless as a kid growing up, but their natural predators are usually woodpeckers birds or it’s usually like to eat them, and some mammals like rats or other larger mammals as well. They do not have stingers and that’s probably the reason why they’re not usually staying people around the place all the time but dumb they. They do have a nectar robbing Behavior, so they do take nectar from plants and from flowers. But that does not that’s more for pollination it. It does have a direct effect on pollination in the area, so some benefits. But if you are having those problems with carpenter bees on your property, you can definitely give us a call and we will be able to come out and service you for that. Now it is important to try and find all of their nests and all of their holes, and that would greatly help us out whenever we come out to service you for that.

But I don’t see, I don’t see that being too much of an issue in the future. Now, if you want more information on carpenter bees or on our services for a carpenter, bees feel free to yeah search US Pest Control, Tulsa online or if you happen to see one of our Billboards, are Flyers. If you’re walking around the Tulsa area, we want you to know that we want to service Pest Control in Tulsa on that billboard a flyer so be sure to stop and jot down our information. We also a service for termites pictures as well as carpenter, bees and carpenter ants on any wood-destroying insect. We do have services for and we can come out and treat to the full extent, and if you are in need of a receipt for that or anything we can provide that too well. I just wanted to say for just a moment. Thank you again for listening. In and if you do get our contact info, so I and I happened to search Pest Control Tulsa and find us there. When you call her book today, you will be getting that first service for $ 1. Pest Control Tulsa Now that can be a bit surprising to a lot of people, but no, Pest Control Tulsa we really do I charge just $ 1 for that first service, and we want to make sure that you are aware of that and we’re doing that to make a very memorable for service For you to make sure that we get everything done while we’re all that you need done in to make you feel more safe and secure in your home. And if you have any questions for technicians while they’re out and servicing your home during that first service. For a dollar do not hesitate to ask they’re very knowledgeable and if they don’t have the answers and they can direct you to our office, and we can give you to our service manager to answer any questions. But thank you so much and have a wonderful wonderful evening.


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