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Good morning podcasters this is Jacqueline Bullen at Platinum, pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma, I’m also known as Jackie here in the office – and I am the marketing assistant here. Thank you so much for tuning in to listen to what I have to say about platinum and to just give you more information on who we are and what we, what we do here and how we get it all done now. I do work under the owners and we are the creators of platinum, pest & Lawn Jennifer and Jared Johnson, who are a wonderful team. And I am just sitting here enjoying a nice quiet morning and that it seems to be raining and raining this morning. And now. In Collinsville Owasso area and I’m hoping that it’ll clear up soon, but maybe it will maybe it won’t. What rear we are here at Platinum is we are Pest Control Tulsa and what that means is we serve not only Collinsville Owasso but the greater Tulsa area. We go out to Claremore, Skiatook Broken Arrow all of the surrounding areas and if you have something in your home that is concerning or crawling, we will come out and we will make sure that that is taken care of for you and if we are family-owned And family-run, and we want you to know that when we come out to get that done, we are thinking of you and your family first and foremost and again if you have any questions or you just you don’t want to want to get ahold of us. Somehow, Pest Control Tulsa I’m you can always grab your smartphone and do a quick search on your search engine, Pest Control, Tulsa, and we will pop right up there in that search engine and you can pull up a website. Www. Platinum, pest & Lawn., Calm, and you can also give us a call at 918-376-0857 and we will be there to answer the phone to get those appointments scheduled or get you taken care of now. I hope everybody had a very good weekend. I know that I did I am I enjoyed going out with my family and seeing the new Thor Ragnarok movie on. I am a huge fan of I’m a huge fan of the Marvel series and just enjoying all the superheroes Thor Hulk, and especially, I think my favorite series right now is Iron Man. I think that that’s my favorite one, but who doesn’t and whatever it comes to just going out and spending time with your family. I hope that everyone that got to do exactly what they wanted during the weekend and you know I hope you get to go out and see Thor Ragnarok or whatever movie it is that is in theaters right now. I would highly recommend the new movie murder on the Orient Express particularly good film and very theatrical, so if you do have a proclivity for theatrics, that would be a great movie to see. I just want to thank you again for taking the time out of your day just to sit around and listen and again. Pest Control.

Tulsa will be there in your search bar and you can just follow any of those Platinum links and we’ll be right there to answer the phone. When you call the topic today, I think it is very important. I want to make sure that, since we’re not going to be getting to I’ll try to give you some up basic pest information – and I think that that’s a topic that has been skipped a little bit and it’s very important to have that. You know types of pests where they can be found on whether it’s in your home or in nature, what kind of damage they can do to your home, or you know surrounding areas how to prevent injury with these paths, what type of habitat they have you know And I want you to have as much a basic information on passes possible before you know before you call out anyone to come to your home, but knowledge is power and that you want to have all of it so that, when we’re talking about pests – and you know all of the different types – it’s very important to know that, Pest Control Tulsa once they find their ideal conditions in any particular home or a spot, that is where they will stay because they are comfortable. And we will like that when it’s outdoors, but when it is indoors not the best. So, as we discussed in previous podcast mice, like warm dry areas, lots of food and you have moths or Indian meal moths that, like lots of oats and lots of grains in a nice. What are you have roaches that like wet, damn cold areas, and if any of these needs are met, then this past will definitely find a place to call home. And the other thing that should be noted is that whenever we’re talking about General past most enjoy damp areas and that’s important, Pest Control Tulsa so keeping your home dry and clean is always the most important thing and any garbage that is out can attract some form of Pastor another, so it’s very important to keep that locked up in trash bags. You know just away from your home or left in your garage overnight. Things like that.

It should be taken care of very early on and not left out or left leaking anywhere and I’m are environments tend to eliminate pests or predators, predators being the least of our worries. But we have access to infinite what seems to be to a pest, infinite water, and food and shelter, and it’s the main reason why they had tried to invade our homes or we seem to think that they’re invading them and it’s the actions of the person that Own the home that affect the outcome of that. So it’s important to note that while you could have the cleanest, nicest prettiest home pest will still find it appealing because it is away from all other elements, such as rain and snow and wind and excessive heat as well. So anything that is comfortable which humans have you know 10 to do a really good job of making things comfortable and dumb. When we’re talking about tests, specifically the ones that you don’t keep as a pet, we want to make sure that we understand the type of damage that can be done by any pests, Pest Control Tulsa such as chewing holes, holes being made in your clothing. You know whether it’s an odd smell, whether it’s shedding skin like beetles and things like that, but those are just some of the things that can a tip you off to having pests in your home. Other types of damage can include, you know how they get in. If you could have natural damage to your home, that could have happened months ago, maybe even years ago, if the home is 8 is a bit older cracks or holes are crevices and things like that, you don’t want those getting into you. Don’T want to want those getting out or being known to pests around your home, and you want to make sure that you take care of those immediately now. Any technician that you talk to would be more than happy to recommend a way to get those plugged up or waiting for somebody to call just to come out and see if there’s open areas in your home and things like that. And if you believe that you’re seeing some damage or you’re thinking of there’s a cobweb in the corner, Pest Control Tulsa I don’t know if that’s a cobweb or if it’s a spider web. You know you just you know, look for Pest Control, Tulsa and we will be a right on our way out and dab if you do call we service for all General pests, and these would be General pests and our general pest service includes a services for black Ants are sugar, ants and all types of ants that you might be having a problem with spider?

Are we do spider removal and that could be for a wolf? Spiders are jumping spiders brown recluse and black widows, which can be very deadly. We can do scorpion removal and remove different types of roaches from your home as well. We also remove different types of mites from your home and if you are having any trouble with things such as grubs or you think you have a girl, but it turns out to be an armyworm. I know that we’ve been getting a lot of calls about armyworms lately in the Owasso area and we do handle those as well. I know that those can destroy entire lawns in a day or two, and I think that my next segment should be on armyworms. But it looks like we are running a bit out of time, but if you’re just no running around doing stuff with your family this week or this weekend – and you happen to see a flyer with our logo – Platinum, pest & Lawn – I just take a moment jot Down our information, Pest Control, Tulsa, and I give us a call at 918-376-0857 and when you book with us, your first service will be $ 1, and I know that a lot of people are skeptical about that as well. But that is true. Pest Control Tulsa We are wanting your first service to be very memorable with us and we want our customer service to be perfect and if you are having any trouble, I say with anything that you’re not sure is even a pest. Then you just give us a ring and roll will come right out and will double-check that for you but again, Pest Control. Tulsa is where you can search for us on that search engine or on that tablet and have a wonderful day. Thank you. So much for listening and we will hear from you and we tune in next time.


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