Pest control Tulsa | I think I have termites what do I do?


The structural soundness of your home is very important, so you don’t want any structurally damaging pests to infest your home, especially termites. Something you can’t see and don’t want to find out you have crawled in yours. If you’re worried that you have termites or any other structurally damaging pests bugging you this summer then you need to call platinum pest and lawn and schedule your first best service for just one dollar. Platinum pest and lawn have been around since 2011 and his family-owned and locally operated a dedicated to be the best pest control Tulsa has ever had.

The team of professional technicians at platinum pest and lawn is able to provide custom treatment to your home because no pest infestation is the same as another. Because you wouldn’t want just an average treatment that comes to your home and loved ones are the quality of life that you are important to platinum pest and lawn, they want to treat you like family and give you a picture-perfect yard with no pests. Platinum pest and lawn focuses on honesty and integrity from the beginning of the company operations to the end of the day, platinum pest and lawn want to provide only exceptional standards because that’s what it takes to be the best pest control Tulsa can have.

Protecting your home from termites, rodents, roaches, and other pests can sometimes be a hassle with DIY remedies. Some don’t work and some can be extremely harmful to those in your home. So why take the risk and fight all summer with the pests in your home when you can have the best pest control Tulsa has seen in years provide top-quality work with the most effective and safest treatment around. And that’s a platinum pest and lawn guarantee that they will uphold to prove to you they are serious about being the best. So before you start putting holes in the wall trying to find that termite infestation tries the professionals at platinum lawn and pest and let them prove to you how their treatment inside and out and all-around your home and in every crack and crevice that tests can be found and will be neutralized.

So if you have a specific pest infestation like fleas, termites, rodents, ants and more and can’t figure out why you can get rid of them and you’ve already thought about the solution to hard. Pick up the phone and get rid of all those pests for just one dollar they get a hold of platinum pest and lawn. Whether you’re trying to seed and maintain a new lawn or take care of any unwanted pests then look no further than the top experts in pest control have seen ever.

It’s time to enjoy your summer, your home, and your yard to take charge and get rid of all those pests and get that picture-perfect pest-free lawn guaranteed by getting a hold of platinum pest and lawn at 918.376.0857 by going online to for getting in touch with experts in pest control. Don’t wait until you have invested your summer and doing what you don’t do best fighting pests, leave it to the pros and let them handle those bugs.

Pest control Tulsa | I’ve tried everything now what?

It’s summertime and the bugs are out mercilessly, flies are landing on everything, the mosquitoes won’t stop biting, and that means you can pests in your home. When you have pests in your home there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get rid of them and nothing working. Spending all that money at a hardware store to find the right product to get rid of those bugs in your home is a waste of time. So you can call the leading company in pest control Tulsa has seen since they were founded in 2011, platinum pests and lawn is dedicated to customizing the most effective and in most safe treatment for all your pest problems.

They are so dedicated to providing the best pest control Tulsa seen that they’re offering their first service for just a dollar. There is no need to continue trying everything when the solution is easy, you should have started by getting an expert technician out to your home so platinum pest and lawn can prove just how serious they are about providing a perfect pest-free environment. The team at platinum pest and lawn guarantees satisfaction or you’ll get your money back. There is no other family-owned and locally operated company able to themselves to such high standards, correction there is no other pest and lawn care company that can set themselves to the expectations that platinum pest and has set for themselves.

Platinum pest and lawn focuses on being honest and upholding integrity through every step of the job. The experts at platinum pest and lawn want to treat your home like it’s their own and help protect the structure of your home and your family’s well-being from any pests that can get in the way of having a great summer and enjoying what you love most, not dealing with pests. Quit running around your home trying to get rid of all of the pests, let the experts pinpoint the problem and kill it at the source so you can enjoy a pest-free home in summer.

The team at platinum pest and lawn is focused on providing the best pest control Tulsa has ever had, but they don’t stop there. From residential to commercial, specific pests and tasks the expert technicians at platinum pest and lawn are able to provide top-quality lawn and weed care, fertilization insect control, as well as other lawn care services. Platinum pest and lawn wants to show you what it’s like to have the most dedicated family on the job working for you. That’s why platinum pest and lawn will give you a free quote work you need to be done before you get that quote don’t forget to schedule that one dollar first service.

For just one dollar you could be living stress-free with no pests in yours. It’s time to find an affordable system lawn care company that is dedicated to providing top quality service at affordable prices. So quit fighting the person home and pick up the phone and get in touch with a professional at platinum pest and lawn by calling 918.376.0857 are going to to learn more about how you can start having that amazing, “lawn of the month”you’ve always dreamed about having.


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