Welcome back podcasters welcome back to another Edition. I am so glad and happy and grateful that you’re joining us today. Today’S a week at Thanksgiving, hopefully, you’re expressing gratitude, we try to keep a Gretchen our hearts at all times, but we are grateful for you guys. Hopefully, you had some great Thanksgiving plans, hopefully, you’re, going to your carve a little turkey here, maybe a big turkey and hopefully you lots of Pilots of pumpkin pies kind of a staple. It comes to Thanksgiving time.

You know what I’ll eat pumpkin pie that I like. I guess, but you know I prefer, as a Dutch apple pie, all this deliciousness there, I’m a wife really prefers that pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie. I want a lot of whipped cream on there. Is that just ask the deliciousness of the flavor that pumpkin pie, but I’m either way? Hopefully you got some great plans for Thanksgiving, but either way, we are grateful and thrilled that you’re joining with us on this podcast day. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host of this podcast series, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest.

Pest Control Tulsa I am your host today and a weird we talked about. All sorts of different types of bugs are giving a little bit. Hopefully, you got a little gratitude in your heart. Hopefully got a lot of gratitude hard. We got a lot of gratitude that you’re with doesn’t you’re joining with us if you list just before, obviously, we’re doing something right, I’m more! You just can’t stand to see. What we’re going to say is that it’s just growing. I’m here with the here, hopefully not, would not with a bit the bugs at your house, but I am Jared Johnson. I’m your host, this podcast series, I’m co-founder Platinum, pest. If you keep joining in with us at that’s a good thing, it must be we’re doing something right, don’t know what it is, but whatever it is. The first time thank you for joining.

We are happy that you’re with us now this the beauty, Beauty about technology, you be on the beach somewhere in a motor up on a Mountaintop at you being a last get so cold right now in Alaska. I guess you can be in Santa Claus at the North Pole, I’m helping those elves build of toys or whatever it is. That makes you happy. Pest Control Tulsa You can listen to this podcast and back. We don’t even have to be to do to make these podcasts anymore Amanda Coopersville. Just did termite inspection out there talking about spiders lime Jared Johnson, the hostess podcast also referred to, as referred to as as as a pest control Tulsa that simply because we provide Pest Solutions in Turks Lucius, those in the greater Tulsa area. If a premier pest control company how she got she has roots here, I grew up in the Houston area, but I came here as best. I could just absolutely love it here in the Tulsa area.

Pest Control Tulsa Have a goal to really provide the best pest control service, I’m in the Tulsa area that and I had some on her way of accomplishing this, but we need more as if you want to be a part of this, we would welcome that tremendously and is fairly simple, all you have to do I’m to get in contact with this, as you can just call us at 918-376-0857regions online at Platinum, pest. Tulsa or Oklahoma City, or Kansas or Texas, or Australia or Canada or South Pacific, wherever you’re at. Thank you for joining this podcast.

We welcome you, and this could be the first podcast that you listen to or could be your 200 podcasts. You listen to either well either way. We are ecstatic and elated that you’re with us today. We are grateful that you decided to join us. I’m not just saying that, because last week was Thanksgiving, although it was hoping you had a good time with friends or family.

Pest Control Tulsa Whatever it is that you decide to spend your time with this your time, those relationships – hopefully, you enjoy it. Hopefully, you had lots of turkey jerky. If you don’t like turkey, hopefully you had ham or venison or some other type of food that you, like some other Feast, hopefully, you’re able to really feast and get nice and full and stopped on pumpkin pie or whatever differences pie on that you like or make You smile why I’m Jared I’m your host, this podcast applied, the pest.

We are thrilled, ecstatic and elated that you’re joining with us today on this on this side, another podcast – we are a few days after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you got. Hopefully, you ate a bunch of Turkey Lurkey, maybe a few pies and mashed potatoes and some yams some candied yams whatever it is that that you have traditionally I drain Thanksgiving. That makes you happy. I might be some stuffing the other, some good stuffing out there, Pest Control Tulsa there’s some not-so-great stuffing out there, my turkey, my mashed potatoes, I’m not a super-duper gravy fan, but I bet all you with my stuff. I used to be more of a baby pant.

I sure am a gravy family that comes like chicken like fried chicken. I sure do like some of that on my head on my fried chicken, I’m in also my mashed potatoes, but either way, I’m Jared Johnson, your Hostess podcast series. I am co-founder Platinum, pest. I’m listening to us. I know you are, I’m sure, there are other things you could be doing, but you chose to better your education and we have to provide education for you in a little bit. What kind of Pies did you have all my favors? Probably the apple pie. I think I had about five different types of Pies on Thanksgiving day, but I was overly stuff and felt very sick. I’m surprised it did not vomit.

However, if I would have it would have made more room, so I can get more food and stuff myself. Pest Control Tulsa Even more so, hopefully, you had a good turkey day, a good Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you got a lot of gratitude in your heart. I’m you’re able to express gratitude to those that are around you knows that you love thank you for doing that, and but I am Jared Johnson, your Hostess podcast, also co-founder Platinum, pest


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