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Welcome back Tulsa walking back to another podcast. We are so happy words can’t even describe how happy we are that you are tuning in and joining us with this podcast. Today I am Jared Johnson. I am your host. I am a co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my wonderful wife, beautiful wife. We have been married for 9 years now, wow 9 years now, man, how the time flies: she’s, the mother of our three children or five years old, three-year-old and A3 month old, and then we are just they are just enjoying our lives. And so we are happy, I got his boss is so much but I, but we are Platinum, pest & Lawn. We are a family-owned and operated company operating in the greater Tulsa area, so we are servicing the greater Tulsa area within neither Pest Control needs also in either weed control needs on any of their Turf needs right. That’S what we do. That’S what we take care of. We are Pest Control Tulsa, so if you would like any of the services or if you just want questions answered, we are happening answer those for you, but you got to call us. You can reach us at 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com, okay, welcome podcasters,
hopefully you’re joining us from all over the world. There are bugs everywhere, all over this beautiful world, and so, if you join in, if you’ve been with us before, you know that we’re going to give you a lot of fun facts. I’m recently we’ve been talking about and said. This is probably the last podcast and the series of ants that should be number 15, and then we could go on and on and on and on and on what, when dealing with these hands right, give me some facts that, just when ants fight they fight to The death right that that’s crazy, I’m glad you want like that. So we’re going to be lots of facts, but really what we want to stick with.
You are wondering how to get in contact with us and there are a few different ways for you to get in contact with us. One is if you’re driving down the interstate didn’t. You see that big billboard, the one that says, Pest Control Tulsa call us. We will come out and we will take care of the situation, answer any questions that you are dealing with it at the time right. So we have all sorts of facts in with ants number one ants fight to the death most of the time they fight to the death. I mean they don’t just shove and push or call each other bad names. Man, they’re the real deal. So if an ant battle going on and it’s happening and it will be their last right – will be the losers last would just put it that way. I don’t have to ears and they don’t have lungs. However, they can still here and they can still breathe. So if you see any ants inside your home or on your property that are breathing or maybe they’re at their hearing without years, man – that’s pretty creepy, you don’t want any creepiness on your property. Gordon Google Pest Control Tulsa will come out will eradicate those guys that way, you don’t have any breathing ants or any ants. Listening to your conversations without years.
Man, that’s just weird right. We don’t want any weirdness happening around your home, okay. So, just don’t let that happen. Don’T let that happen to you? Okay, so, what’s up with the answer, there are some more facts. Queen ants have wings with a shed and when they start a new Dash, what happens is his aunt’s Wilson out swarmers? I’m just like termites right, and so they will go and I’ll try to find a new nest in and they’ll drop, their wings and I’ll start a new nest, a new Colony once that happens right into that. That’S their way of starting you now. So that’s so! If you see ants with wings that that’s what it could be, but if you see what the ants with wings and you want to make sure that they are not termites, as you want to call right, I should just go in the Google Pest Control Tulsa click on our link. You can send us a picture of what you’re dealing with. We can identify all over the phone, make sure that they’re not termites or,
even if they are termites, we do take care of it. We also take care of the answer either way. You would need or Services you would need us to come out and ride, to keep the situation which we would be happy to do for you right. Nobody likes having an in-home to be like having ants with wings in their home playing around okay with wings and look for many years and get this. They can have millions of babies right where on baby number three and it is so much work. Can you imagine millions of babies? Will they have the whole call me that helps out there all about their colonies arriving and so each? And so I can live for years and have millions of babies? So if you don’t want millions of babies happening on your property in your home around your loved ones, it’s time to take action now the action for youth, actually pretty simple. All you have to do is go to a computer or tablet or smartphone, and all you have to do is type in Pest Control Tulsa, that’s it just type in those words and then you click on link and you’ll call us and we’ll come out and we’ll Get it taken care of for you, okay, I’m that way you don’t have any living ants with wings or any living ants on your property. Okay, there’s just no Bueno! That is no good. Okay, I’m also, and still have 20 times their own body weight. Okay. So if we were willing to answer, people were ants 11.
Second graders would be able to pick up cars now they’re more than 12,000 different species of ants all over the world. Okay, I parked. Yesterday we just threw some fun facts that you that came at you pretty strong, pretty fast, so ask yourself how many of these facts you can remember.
What can we go over them again and still have lungs? They don’t have ears, but they can still hear and then you still breathe queen ants have wings which they said when they start a new Nest when ants fight, guess why it’s a battle to the death till it’s all over some queen ants can live for years and they can have millions of babies right and ankle it 20 times on body weight and also there’s over 12,000 different species of ants worldwide. Okay. How many of you remember those facts right? That’S just not going to happen! You’Re not going to remember all those! So what we want you to remember is how to contact us. That’S simple: all you have to do is search Pest Control Tulsa. That’S it just search that call us up we’re going to come out we’re going to eradicate whatever Pest Control issues you’re dealing with whether it’s ants carpenter, ants, odorous, ants, spider, vs. brown, recluse, spiders, black widow, spiders mosquitoes fleas, ticks fly. Wasp gnats drain flies, grub, bagworms, armyworms webworms would take care of silverfish and scorpions and mice, and rats and bed bugs carpenter bees, wood bees, termites flying termites, swarming termites, subterranean termites. cockroaches German brown, cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, centipedes millipedes list goes on and on and on and on. If you know what I mean I will still weed control on the yard, so we’ll do Pest and weed. So we will leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your past gone will be to premarket applications. Post, merge applications take care of crabgrass Dallisgrass Pollyanna, I’m Dandy, Lions. I will treat Fescue Lawns. Overseed will be lawn aeration, I so just get you taken care of, but you got to call us just search Pest Control Tulsa clicking on a link, give us a call. You can reach 918-376-0857. You can reach his online at Platinum, pest & Lawn Comber. Remember when you choose Platinum, your first service is just $ 1 and will leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your passport.


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