Pest Control Tulsa hat is happening at podcasters? We are happy that you’re with us today, hopefully, you’re saying dry. Hopefully you are in a house or maybe you’re on a boat or maybe you’re somewhere, where it’s not raining, but if you’re in the Tulsa area anywhere near the Tulsa area, you’re getting dumped on right now, so you could be in texas joint sunshine. My dad said yesterday it was 80°. We’re here was 42 and rainey and Rainey is just dumped on us today and yesterday in this week, then.

That’s going to happen in the world right I mean it rains, it does. Rain weather patterns do happen to do a fake bug and do a fake bug movement. But my name is Jared I’m your host, this podcast somebody got called pest control tulsa. Now they do know that I do pest control in the tulsa area and that we are premier pest control company solutions to everyone in the sound of my voice. That needs those services. While you might ask yourself who needs a services well, the answer is that really everybody everybody in Oklahoma city Oklahoma, going to get weed if there is, if you don’t treat it right, if it isn’t taken.

then they are going to deal with those issues at some point right, and so you don’t want to deal with those that you’re listening to the right station, you’re listening right channel because we will handle that for you, wheelie want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone of an order. For that to happen, you need you to call you reached at 918-376-0857 and also regions, online and platinum. Pest & lawn. Com get in contact with us, you can do is the ways that I mentioned before or another way that you can do it is you next to just google pest control tulsa. Some people do it on being some people you know on yahoo but I’m sure those are those how far between play.

That many people do it on those search engines. I’m, not you work for Microsoft minor saying is you’re not allowed to use google and that’s because they have binged. I don’t work tomorrow or something we can use google and do it freely. But if not I mean. And, that way you can. Have long employment of yarrow bay. The rules, then there are no guarantees with that.

I’m overdoing today is we are talking about bugs weather and all sorts of different type of subject, so we’re coming up with today that is of interest to you and intercepts, but we’re seeing that you are going to be able to recall everything that we say today and to recruit you to take notes that mean they say the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory. If that makes sense, so so write it down. That is important to write it down. So you can do that if you are dealing with bugs, are we dealing with past or if you just have questions or any concerns to do, have to jot them down that way we can check with us and is fairly simple, to get in contact with us. What I mean fairly simple. All you have to do is the next time. You see that billboard that says, pest control tulsa just pull over obey all traffic laws.

The pullover is nice about it because the collective pulls over and died in that number. If you want to save in your phone that way when the time comes, that you’re dealing with the pastor, we were just one dollar way one by the way, and so do that we highly suggest that country was it. Who wrote that song that says, I’m, only, happy, when it rains, is that the cranberries I don’t think it’s the cranberries but anyways? Hopefully you are happy all the time, but hopefully, you’re also happy when it does rain. So I can tell you the bugs that typically bugs are not happy because they’re wet and dry if they come up to dry areas. So if you want Pest Control Tulsa those, if you want the dry area to not be your house while I didn’t sound right, we don’t want to flood your house and me.

We just don’t want bugs coming to your home after rain. Then it’s best if you just contact us as we have a lot of flyers around town. So if you see any of the pest control, Tulsa flyers grab those flyers give us a call. Okay, cuz. Those are going to give you all of our information to do it. Don’t waste time, don’t worry about it just go ahead and do that right just want to jump on it, don’t think about it. Just do it right! So so so do that also now I went outside and then we have had a lot of rain.

So there’s a lot of puddles on the flooding, the other some dry spots, but just to illustrate the point that bugs want to be where is fried and I want to be in the water so outside so today is. It was like 40 degrees outside this morning. Whenever I go out in the vehicle to go on, the will. There was, are all the tire there’s a big wolf spider. So what he had done is he wanted to stay dry, and so you climbed up from the grass and got it on the tire at your bus, will do that test will do that. But what you don’t want to have happened. Are you don’t want that to be your house where the happens to your home? You don’t want that. That is bad. That is a bad deal. Don’t let that happen to you? If you don’t want that to happen, you just next time you see our vehicle and you are trucks or cars. Pest Control Tulsa

It’s pest control, Tulsa, just pull over and most likely I’ll be servicing a home. It might be. Your Pest Control Tulsa neighbor’s home could be a friend’s home looking to be anybody’s home, but if they are servicing your home there, then I can pull over or deserves your neighbor home and it just gets all all all of our information, but we’ll just take care of pests such as spiders and ants, and spiders and brown recluse spiders black widow spiders. To do that, but that’s not all that we do this. All that transpires with us how many termites are big. Mosquitoes watch, yellow Jackson man, we do great mosquitoes services, our customers, love them as well, will treat your phone in pre-emergent application to prevent weeds from coming up in and people charge, so we’ll do that.

I’m also done I also treat for grassy weeds, likewise, allis grass crabgrass me the grassy weeds, clover headband as well get that handled. So we strongly encourage you to do that, especially as we’re getting on the train now and we can get some warm temperatures coming to head of us with those warm temperatures and all this rain. We are going to be everywhere right, so don’t let those weeds be all over your yard. Right, but, you weren’t, perfect lawn, your past is gone just search for us just google, pest, control Tulsa, that’s actually to test. We will have you take care of that, for you also give us a call at 918-360-8573, so my salon., memory and she’s putting up your first service is only $1 will leave you at the perfect lawn and your best khan Pest Control Tulsa


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