Welcome back to another podcast another edition with me I am your host Jared JOHNSON I am co-founder platinum passed him along with my lovely wife in companion Jennifer Johnson formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord. All right. Today also we’re coming in fast and strong with more facts about pests. You know that the that you’re seeing here in the Oklahoma area in the Tulsa area the person that matters the person bothers you and your family pets that you see around your house and around your yard and the Pens to keep away from your family and your pets as well. These are the pest that dad that we’re talking about today. Right.
If you tune in in the past you know we have talked about all sorts of bugs like dust mites fleas ticks we’ve talked about cockroaches and bed bugs. We have we’ve talked about termites and spiders and brown recluse spiders and black widows you talk about Nance over seasons carpenter ants Argentine ants. I mean the list really goes on and on and on and on. When it comes to dealing with the past so we’ve talked about it. Our purpose is to educate you Tulsa. Our purpose is to give you know how to know what you’re dealing with to know how to prevent pests from entering your house and how to prevent past from really bothering you and your family and harming them. And so we can give you that know how right we’re getting the knowledge of when it’s time to actually call a professional when it’s time to have us come in.
Everybody’s different area everybody has different thresholds as far as pests and different tolerances as far as Pascal. But we are platinum pest and lawn and we are pest control Tulsa. You know I mean if you google us you’ll see we are the premier pest control company here in the Tulsa area. We are family-owned and operated the company and. And you can always just add platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can give us a call. At 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. OK. Also, you know we’re always full of facts you know.
You know if you tune into this in the past you recently got to talking about cockroaches and some fun facts from cockroaches. Cockroaches can hold the breath for up to 40 minutes underwater. That’s no don’t even need.
I need all the scuba gear because if I can hold my breath for 40 minutes I can hold my breath for four minutes. Pest Control Tulsa
I like to get down and cover around there and under the water and come up with plenty of time for it to give me some air. So no live breath for 40 minutes they can also live with their head cut off without ahead.
They can live without a head for about a week. Yes, that’s right. They can live without ahead for a week. They go without food for a month and go without water for two weeks. And so they are truly adaptable. An insect has been around since the dinosaur ages but today we’re talking about fleas right. We are talking of fleas. So what we need to know and the most important thing that you can get from this podcast is going to be getting in contact with us because if you deal with fleas you don’t have to know all the facts are related to them.
All you have to do all you have to know is how to get to the computer and a new one. Pest Control Tulsa. It’s just that simple. When you Google those words you’re going to find the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area. That’s when we are platinum passed on. Just click on the link you’ll have over contact information you can call us any questions that you have.
We’re happy to answer. We’re happy to educate them and to teach you that way you can prevent them.
Prevent those pest problems in the future. Now I have to deal with them in the future. Right. And so and so that’s what you need to do. That’s the least of which you’ve got to know how to do. That’s the know-how that that that you need. Right. And so we talked about flea’s how they can jump a hundred fifty times their body height. So that’s equivalent to you a human being jumping over skyscrapers.
I’m glad we don’t have the legs of the flu. I’m glad that that that we can’t actually do that. It may. Pest Control Tulsa
You know what you said we did we would eliminate the need for elevators. I guess that could be a good thing. But here’s the fun facts for you. So some people think that OK if they have please let’s say these on their betting.
Right. So they might think you know a good way to kill the fleas is to put that bedding in the freezer. All right what do you think?
Tulsa yay or nay putting bedding in the freezer will kill you. OK. Well here’s your answer. These two were made for who’s in for a year and survive. OK. So what that means is that if you were to put your bedding Let’s see your bed and have fleas on him.
And if you were to put that bedding in the freezer and nearly come in the freezer a year later and guess what those fleas could still survive.
Just absolutely incredible. Remarkable Creatures right to be able to do that.
So here’s what you do if you do have fleas on your bedding or you suspect you might have fleas on your bedding. You’re going to need to look up pest control Tulsa and you’re going to have to give us a call.
We will let you know exactly what you do and what type of treatments are best for you in your home to make sure that all the fleas are ready so that they’re not jumping on you and they aren’t bothering you and they aren’t bothering your family. OK. That’s important that’s that is. The number one there. OK. Pest Control Tulsa
Now the thing with fleas is the way they move the way they transporter or move from one place to another. They actually are the world’s best hitchhikers. OK. Because what they do is they jump on rodents and they jump on mammals and they jump on other world body creatures and they catch rides on the right.
Those become their hosts now. They’ll usually stay on that host basically for all time. Right. You know why to move. Why move.
You’ve got to get things going. If you have all your food or shelter and everything right there why goes anywhere else. Well, that’s how the police feel also so they’re not going to go anywhere else as long as they are on a hose that feeds them and protects them.
And so for so if you let’s say you take your dog out for a walk come back to find that your dog has fleas and they’re sitting on your couch. It’s an inside dog. Don’t wait. You can give us a call You’ve probably seen a number when you drive by that billboard that says pest control Tulsa because that’s a billboard that’s or adults or space right.
And so just down that number and call us they will come out there and eradicate issues and we’ll take care of that for you.
OK, that’s what we’ll do.
You went in these are just prevalent. You know if left in the home and treated the little spread and they’ll jump on you whenever you go into those homes their remaining homes. We walked into not knowing that they have fleas, for instance, like on an inspection. And as we go on we walk through the house all of a sudden we look and our legs are going to be covered with fleas right. That’s because those fleas are looking for a host to jump on they’re looking for a host of feed.
And so I don’t know about you but I do not want to be that host right.
So if you do not want to be that host that feed on you will pest control Tulsa you’ll see over our information call us and then we can come out and eradicate the problems that you don’t have to deal with it and you don’t have to mess with it. Right. So so do not be that host if you’re the host. That’s not a good thing. Call us right we’ll get it. We’ll get it all taken care of. Yeah. And so they’ll jump on the hose they’ll hit you right on the host. They’ll feed on the host. So the kind of homes getting the shaft. This
whole deal right. So the host. The good the bad the bad. Stick with that. So again just call us.
You know we don’t just take care of fleas we take care of ticks. We take care of spiders like brown recluse spiders black spiders. We take care of house spiders cellar spiders ants Argentinean’s ogres and little black ants pissing ants. You know we take care of carpenter ants. Take care termites who take care of subterranean termites.
Black termites swarming termites. Mosquitoes are a big one that we take care of. We take care of Wasfi we take care of roaches. German Brown cockroaches Oriental cockroaches. We take care of mice and rats you name. The list goes on and on. Not only do we deal with pests we also deal with what we control. We treat for broadleaf weeds we treat for Grassie we eat such as Dallas grass and crabgrass and plant grass will treat the broadleaf such as dandelion and him meant will fertilize the yard. I make sure it’s nice and green and lush Wasow also oversee fest. You can do liquidy creation. And so we have a whole range of. Trees such as pre-merge application what you know are that if you choose the plot of pest the Lord will leave you with the perfect lawn and your past God. Give us a call at 9 1 8. 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Reach us online at Platinum past in London. Now, remember when you use us we’ll leave you with the perfect one and your past gone and your first service is just one. Pest Control Tulsa


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