Good morning podcasters this is Jacqueline, Buell injures at Platinum, pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma, I’m also called Jackie here at the office. I am the administrative assistant here at platinum and I am so happy to be here hosting this podcast this morning with you. I had to let you know who we are, what we are about and what we do here. I am also working under the founders and the owners of platinum, pest & Lawn Jennifer and Jared Johnson and. I am the goal is well, we are a pest control Tulsa and we serve the greater Tulsa area and provide lawn care and pest control for our customers in the greater Tulsa area, and we want to make sure that we are at the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer, and we want to make sure that whenever we leave your home, that you are satisfied with our service and that you are secure and safe in your home from those pests and have a wonderful lawn to go along with it now.

The contact information for our office is our phone number 918-376-0857, and thank you so much for listening. You can also give us a quick Google search online or use your Online skills to find a search engine that works best for you and just search Pest Control, Tulsa or www. Platinum, pest & Lawn., Calm and just see what services we offer to get a better feel for our business now today I will be discussing the angel nuisance pest in the most damaging pest that we have here in Oklahoma and that is going to be at the termite.

Yes, the termite has been around pretty much as long as I can remember here. It’S found in Mexico in the United States and some parts of Canada. It is numerous and causes incredible amounts of damage on homes and businesses, Pest Control Tulsa and I think that there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to termites. I think that a lot of people don’t have as much knowledge as they need in order to fully assess whether they have termites soI’m just going to give you some basic information on identifying them, or you know, if you’re still not sure after trying to identify them On your own, we do for your eye, termite inspections here at platinum, and we also offer you termite treatment as well, whether you want to spot treatment or full termite treatment on your home is completely up to you, but we do offer quotes after those inspections, and We do issue OTF one reports and owed up two reports here for those alright. So as far as termites are concerned, they do have a special adaptation that does allow them to eat wood and Wood Products.

So what is not the only thing that they eat? They can eat wallpaper and Plastics and a fabric made of plant fibers, so a lot of Organic involved in their diet in a lot of August attraction to that now they have a hard Sawtooth draw and that allows them to. You know, eat these products and eat these things that that we’re finding damaged in our homes, I’m. So if you can imagine just having saw teeth as teeth, that’s what a termite would have in their mouth and that’s not very pleasant, but it does come in handy for them. They are the most numerous cause. Would it damage? There are carpenter ants, but they don’t usually do as much damage as the termite does now.

I’m the worker termites are the small creamy-white insects that you see a lot of people mistake, those for larvae or baby termites, Pest Control Tulsa but they’re. Actually, the ones that caused all of the termite damage in your home ever want to do most of the eating and it’s important to notice. Sometimes they can fall out of your wall or you can notice them. You also have the termites that have wings and excuse me just getting a sip of water. There feels a lot better and they can enter Building without direct would contact, they can do it with soil or through you know, Nest or a food source. They can find a way into any structure, with small openings that are 1/32 of an inch, which is the size of a pinhead, and that is an entirely terrifying concept.

So, there’s really no way of filling up any holes in your home to prevent them from getting in, but you can have your house treated for them. Wind reproductives are termites that leave in the colony to mate, reproduce and start a new Colony. So those are the wind termites and sometimes people mistake them for gnats or four ants, but know if there are enough of them. They are colonizing or colonizers and they fly around and they fly off away to mate and to make other colonies of termites. And we like to get rid of those as well just to make sure that they can’t start any new ones around the area they are found in Woody plants and in the wild they naturally eat. Pest Control Tulsa Woody plant-like trees for usually eat wood and paper products such as books and cardboard, or boxes, while they’re in human homes, and you can always see that damage but termites are a 24/7 Pest and they will not stop consuming and reproducing, and they can do a lot of damage within just one year of being in a home if it’s a home that has it has been vacant for a while and there’s really.

No, then, there’s really no way of telling that sometimes, if you get a technician, that’s really knowledgeable, they can come out and tell you what the best plan of action would be for that home. I know here we have Scott, he is most wonderful technicians and he’s been doing termite treatments and termite inspections for quite a while now and he can answer most questions. Pest Control Tulsa Anyone has regarding them and he’s pretty wonderful.

I would recommend him to everyone and dumb. You know you can also lookup more information on at termites, just by typing, in Pest Control, Tulsa and looking us up online or if you happen to be driving around and thinking I may have termites. All you have to do is find one of our Billboards or Flyers if you’re not much of an Internet person or don’t have a computer or anything in front of you just jot down more information, office, number 918-376-0857 or drive down our website. Www. Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com. Again, you can always find us at Pest Control Tulsa and that’s where we want to be on your list. We want to be at the pest control in Tulsa said that you go to, and I’m not only do we service for termites. Are we service for any wood, destroying insects that you might be having such as carpenter, ants or armyworms?

Again, we also service for centipedes millipedes pill bugs and spiders are. We do earwig removal and we also do a springtail removal as well – that’s always nice, but any general pest or any pests that you seem to be having a problem with we can handle for you. But we even come in and service for small snakes, anything over the size of a snake, a mole or gopher typically isn’t in our area, and Animal Control would have to be called and such as know. If you were having a problem with a raccoon or opossum, or anything, I’m probably best to call animal control on that, but anything smaller than that we have got your back and again, you can give us a call at 918-376-0857, and I will be here in the Office to answer that call for you and we will, Pest Control Tulsa but you taking care of also what should be noted is, if you book with us our new customers for their first service there, going to be charged $ 1 for that service just $ 1. Now a lot of people get surprised by what they think.

Oh, no! No! No! No, there’s no way that anybody is charging $ 1 for a service, but no we happen to be charging $ 1 for our first service for new customers. We want to make sure that that is a memorable service for you. We want to make sure that we get it right the first time and that you, you are feeling safe in your home, secure and feeling a little cleaner after we leave. And you know, if you have any questions concerning products or things like that again feel free to just give us a call or research US Pest Control, Tulsa online, and that will do it. Thank you so much for your time today. I hope that I have been helpful. I hope that I’ve been known for those of you that are listening, and I hope that you have a wonderful evening, put up some Christmas lights and do some baking things like that for the holiday season and y’all have a wonderful wonderful day. Thank you.


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