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Hello podcasters: are you enjoying your day today, I sure, as heck hope? You are enjoying your day today because today is a fantastic day that God has given to you and ask you to have a new star to be able to help out others about yourself and really draw closer to him. I mean really enjoy this journey. We call life. Okay, welcome, podcasters, hope, you’re, happy, I, hope you’re having the endorphins flowing out from the blood is flowing. Hopefully, you’re feeling it today, I’m considered a is a great day and we had lots and lots of rain. This morning, the rain was coming down in buckets. You think. I even saw a few cats and dogs falling down on the way of getting up. Windshield wipers I got those cats and dogs right off my windshield very easy Manner: I always invest in premium windshield wipers they will really really help, and so from that why from that woman is the day we were pouring rain on us. Now we got a bright sunshiny day. Things are looking up and up things, looking beautiful as just gorged out, and so we we’ve had them with that we need now we’re going to sunshine. Also so just give us a call. Actually, you know what my name is Jared and lots of people just call me pest control Tulsa, because we provide pest solutions, does the greater Tulsa area where joseph premier pest control, company servicing the greater Tulsa area so that you say bug-free and that you say weed for you. If you want to leave you at the perfect lawn and your past gone. That is our goal. That is our aim to please. So that’s when we are making happening for you, today strolling run a little stroll sunshine shining beautiful day on the water of life is happening today, and so does he know what the water of life well guess what that makes that makes that conditions conducive for bug reproduction and for breeding with bugs, and so you don’t want that to happen. So what I would suggest you do is the next time you see our truck. You know what truck I’m talking about the one that says: pest control Tulsa on it just shut down that information because there’s lots of it. There save it in your phone right that way, you can get in contact with us when you need to get in contact with us right, and so what happens when we get a lot of rain in the sunshine there’s a lot of temperatures. Weeds are going to be popping everybody’s yours, except for those that have already had pretreatment done in their yard right or on their yard and see. What happens, though, is that rainy season that encourages a lot of good vegetation, a lot of good growth with the vegetation that was a lot of good vegetation growth, but I also encourage a insects in breedings with Ian, and that type of thing so I usually have a lot of rain or rainy season in time, Opelousas a bad bug season and certain bugs thrive in different weather conditions in so it’s something just keep in mind that you’re always been having issues to deal with here in Oklahoma. So if you’re the person that’s fine, you are normal and so call us. We have a lot of ways to do next to my reaches, but you can call her. She can’t get ahold of you. We can make this happen for you. So anyway have a lot of signs around Tulsa. So any of the signage that says pest, control Tulsa, you know that signage comes from us. That’s the size you want it that sounds really is what’s going to be, it is really what’s going to help you outright, going to help you out without a doubt, a little rhyme. There help you out with all right. Let’s make this happen today, guys, let’s and let’s talk about that, the rain in the bug passed everything that happens with the rain, so we got drenched today. Okay, lots of rain lots of petals in people’s yards. You bring water accumulating just going everywhere and that that is typically what happens when you get a big downpour too. Let me ask you this: do you want to be outside when it’s raining the answers? No, you most likely be searching for shelter and then get our new foliage? Will get her to need some logs and bark and that damn thing, but right where you want to be as well so if the best induce have a preventative treatment done on the home form of your home, so give us a call. If you can get a hold of us. You know the main one with the most. You can get ahold of us as early as simple. They had that skill. So now the skills I’m talking I’m, not typing them check and skills, are skills or staff skills, weren’t up skills. Napoleon dynamite has I’m talking about some good skills and computer skills. Maybe they had to turn on the computer. They need or smartphone or tablet did he go. Their favorite search engine could be yahoo to be being to go google or that the google you weren’t talking about most will, choose the google and go to the google and you going to type in three keywords: those keywords you’re going to type in or pest control, Tulsa, okay, cool and super simple search. Why should we do to a super awesome company called platinum pest & lawn and outside the shop we’re getting tons of rain wood? What are I’m? Sorry puddles were probably gone out there in the yard and then so I go to go in our chevy sonic gas, saving, automobile and how’s it going to get inside that that that people I know she-wolf, spider on the tire and wheel spider sitting on the tire spot where we hang out, and so the reason why was it? There was a lot of rain lot of holes hereby, but the tire was a nice dry spot as he climbed up on the tire. Pest Control Tulsa

So you can stay dry that way he wouldn’t have to worry about getting wet in drowning in the puddles, and so that’s what they do. They go for a hike Randolph time to buy ground is your home. So if you don’t want that to happen, you are normal. Give us a call right, just search I, don’t know you just pull up our billboard or are you just look at that pest control Tulsa education, which creates a barrier to prevent weeds from germinating bust that barrier, so you do not want to have weeds, come through your barrier, that barrier wheels do I, fertilize, Asian, services, and spot we control as well for like dallisgrass, crabgrass, nutgrass, hop, Atlanta and we’ll see broadleaf weeds like clover in bed any lion it will make it happen to give me the Indian neighborhood. You will have the perfect one in your pets gone like spiders and termites bed bugs scorpion, silverfish, moles, gophers mice, rats, please text! Roaches are bad bed bugs are bad termites bad! Here we handle all we can do. Mosquito treatment is called just search: pest control Tulsa there for you for service, only $1, 918-376-0857 and also reached online.Com. Whatever we want to leave you, the perfect, lawn and you’re gone Pest Control Tulsa


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