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It will come back podcasters. Welcome back Tulsa. Welcome back.
The World. I am a chair, Johnson. I am the host of this podcast series. I’m also co-founder of platinum pest and along with my lovely wife Jennifer Johnson formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord no relationship to Gaylord Hotels and so we founded platinum Peston lawn and we are a family-owned and operated company here in Tulsa area. In fact, we are pest control Tulsa. We take care of all sorts of pests from bed bugs going to be what we’re talking about today. Bed bugs mosquitoes ticks fleas grub worms webworms, armyworms mice brown recluse spiders black widow spiders ants you name it we’re going to take care of moles grubs. We see your pre-merge applications. Post-merge applications for weak control. Also fertilized. Would you overseeing would you every shin. We just knew we just get it taken care of. I’m a platinum pest and we’re going to leave you with the perfect length and you’re gone that’s who we are you can always reach that platinum pest and lawn dot com where you can give us a call and 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. All right. Tulsa today. First of all good morning. It’s a beautiful morning. Why is it beautiful it’s still dark and peaceful and lovely outside had a little cool front blow through. It does not feel like to go. August weather. Nice and cool. Feels like fall is on its way and I would not mind if it came here today. How about that little rhyme for you Tulsa I know you’re loving it.
Well, today we’re going to be talking about bed bugs right. We’re going to talk about how bedbugs lay eggs. How bad a bedbug infestation can get. We’re and talk all sorts about bedbugs today.
Id probably retired real bed bugs.
Most likely for the next few podcasts as well. But to start off of course we get all sorts of trivia. We ask all sorts of trivia is our middle name. It’s like platinum test trivia in mind. Not quite but we do tons of trivia here tons of interesting facts fun facts like how long can rats swim in the water four downs I think that was like three days.
If you were. Right. If you insert your name here mirthfully How could you jump? And the answer is you’d be jumping over skyscrapers. Fleas or amazing jumpers right. We’ve asked our mosquitoes you know to do both male and female mosquitoes mosquito by. Why. Why the why they feed on blood a whole array of questions we have asked. But we’re going to go into bed bugs and talk a little bedbug facts ask a few questions and then we’ll go from there. OK. So why do you think bedbugs get their name or how did bedbugs get their name. Well first of all this is the first thing if you’re looking for the best pest control Tulsa look no farther. Right. So whether you’re dealing with bed bugs or any of those other issues that have to do with pest. Look no further. Give us a call we’ll come out and we’ll do an inspection for you will make sure everything looks good and we will take care of those bed bugs for you if you do. Pest Control Tulsa
If your bed does appear to have more room does it appear to have more from your home? Does appear to have dogs. Right now bedbugs actually get their name because they’re most commonly actually found in beds.
But the reason why that is is that they need to be around a host of that need be around their food source. They like to live rather a food source. And so that’s why they get the name bedbugs because they’re found in beds a lot. Right. But they’re also found in other places where people spend a lot of time. In fact, hotels are big hubs for bed bugs so hotels are going to be a big one. And. Where. Or.
Where people pick up their bags. So hotels number one also air food.
Most of them will pick a bed bug over an airport. That’s a big area also. You know we talked about hotel motels airport couches. You sit down on a couch. You don’t realize it but you know bedbug crawls on you and then you go somewhere else right. So if you go to a friend’s house or relative’s home we see this all the time. You know someone with bugs when you go over to their home you sit on their couch you come back next to the No you’re infested with bed bugs taken over. It’s become a bad situation bad scenario and we don’t want that to happen to you.
Right. You do not want that to happen to yourself. Pest Control Tulsa
So if you do suspect that you do have that bugs or just think that you might have bad bugs or you don’t want to get bugs right maybe you’re just paranoid about them. That’s ok to be paranoid about bugs. The best thing to do is go ahead and google pest control Tulsa will come out number one on that. Go and click on the link will come out. We will get things taken care of you. And that’s what’s going to happen. Also, other places where people pick up the bugs. Now we see this all the time. People buy furniture used furniture. Or. They buy.
People like furniture or you know maybe they Mumbai maybe they take that up on the side of the room. That’s a big area where people will get bugs. Maybe there are more people put it down is because there were bedbugs there. But bring things back into the home is another big area or another big way that people do get bedbugs right. And so that’s very common. Another common way that people get bugs is by going over to people’s homes or I’m sorry by having other people visit them that had bed bugs so if you have kids if you have sleepovers sometimes he will bring the bugs that way. Or even if you have relatives that come over and they sit on your couch next thing knows your home can be the one that’s infested. So go ahead and if you’re at if you think you have bedbugs you want to have the best pest control Tulsa and that’s going to be. So call us we’ll come by and give you an inspection to let you know what you’re getting with one to make sure that your bedbug free and that way you don’t have to deal with the bedbugs you deal with those issues. You multiply extremely fast right. And we get this all the time. People will call and they’re distraught. Because of that because of bedbugs that they’re distraught because they’re getting these bites they don’t know where they’re coming from.
And the messes with people’s minds you can’t get a good sleep because they’re constantly thinking about the bed so that you don’t hesitate you’re going to want to have pest control Tulsa. So call us and we’ll come out there will we’ll eradicate the situation. We’ll get it where you can sleep peacefully. No there’s nothing worse than getting a good night’s sleep because your fear of these little tiny bugs is in your home in your bed body you can’t get a good rest OK. But do not let that happen to you. Right. So and So there are good ways to prevent bedbugs. We’ll talk about that in the next podcast. But really what I want to ingrain to you is that if you think you have bedbugs if you suspect you have bedbugs. Call us now you can find us if you google pest control Tulsa. We’re going to come up number one you want to click on that link and we’ll come out here and get you taken care of. And in that way, you can rest assured that the job was done right and the job was done well. They just don’t have any more bed bugs. Right. But we not only deal with bedbugs you know we take care of fleas and ticks in the early policies pill bugs is another name for them. Armyworms, bagworms, webworms. We take it we say please excuse it we do take care of those who take care spiders black water spiders brown recluse spiders wolf spiders scorpions mice rats you name it. We’re going to take care of it flies. So if it flies it dies right. Mosquitoes we can handle all those issues and we do it on a regular basis.
We also do pre-merge applications post-merge applications when you broadleaf weed applications. We do Grassi with applications such as crabgrass Dal’s grass planted grass and we do all sorts of lawn applications we fertilize you do erudition wanna make sure everything looks good for you. So that does what we do. So here platinum person and we’re going to leave you with the perfect lawn. In the past gone you reach the non-winning 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also find us online at Platinum pest where your first service is only one dollar.


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