Also back to the best pest control podcast show on your computer because that’s probably how you’re listening to it. Probably not on your radio. You’re probably listening to it on the computer. Or you’re reading it. And so either way however you get the information into your cranium. However that happens is OK just as long as you actually get that knowledge inside your head. And that’s what we’re bringing to you today. Right. And Jerry Johnson co-founder of platinum Peston long my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson mother of our three children beautiful children. And speaking of beauty it is a beautiful morning.

Happening right now the sun is coming up. I guess this alarm clock has gone off and it started to come up over the horizon. The kiddos are starting to wake up in the Johnson clay in the Johnson household. So far we have Cooper who’s awake and in little Nicholas has just woken up got his morning breakfast with the bottle and has now come downstairs so that’s what’s happening over here right now. Hopefully your home is waking up as well and hopefully, hopefully you have a great day planned. That’s going to bring you joy. So again we are platinum pest and lawn we or pest control tools. We are family-owned and operated companies servicing the pest control needs in the greater Tulsa area. You can also reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 5 7 to reach us on the web on the Internet at Platinum pest and lawn dot com.

All right if you’ve been tuning into these podcasts you know we are no stranger to trivia here platinum passed along. You know we ask all sorts of different trivia questions just some fun facts to get us to get our craniums thinking to get the blood going in the morning. And so what we have been talking about bed bugs but we’ve also done all sorts of other trivia such as dust mites ants spiders Brown Recluse spiders black widows moles mosquitoes ants fleas ticks you name it we’ve talked about it and we’ve gone over some information about it. Right. And so again today we’re talking about bedbugs your type of bedbugs last podcast.

We’re going to continue on with the bedbugs a lot of information on bedbugs. Pest Control Tulsa
We’ll talk about bedbugs on this podcast and also on another podcast as well. Probably five podcasts to the bedbug issue but really what you know tells a wedding of you a lot of fun facts a lot of a lot of information but really what you need to know is that if you are dealing with bugs or you know someone is dealing with bugs go google pest control Tulsa you’ll see us on the top of that give us a call we’ll come out and we’ll inspect make sure you’re not dealing with bed bugs or if you are we’ll make sure we eradicate them for you. OK. Now we’ve talked about. Bed bugs and how they come into the home. They’re not traveling from the outside into your house usually carried in or transported in. Often times that comes when people are staying at hotels or if they have friends come over the bugs or they go over someone else’s house that has bedbugs sit the couch that bugs crawl on you. Next thing you know Bed bugs are in your house OK. It is happening to you. But don’t try not trying to wig out. Go in Google pest control Tulsa you’ll find us on top. Just click on that link.

It will come out there and we will get you taken care of will get you all squared away with that.
OK. So bedbugs we talk about the color and their size and shape and so forth. And now bedbugs what they do is what their diet consists of is blood. OK. Bedbugs eat blood. OK. Put that in your cranium and digest that for a little bit. Bedbugs eat blood. And so the way they do that is they can feed on the warm-blooded animals. Right. So that’s a possum a raccoon or a dog or a cat or a pig. Here are a fun fact fun trivia. Coming at you strong. Tulsa Did you know that way back when back in the day in medieval times. This is a rumor that I heard people would actually sleep with pigs in their beds or the bed bugs would bite the pigs and not the humans. Let’s think about that that actually have a smelly nasty pig in bed with them they’d sleep with them in bed with them so that bedbugs would actually bite the pigs and not them.
Now I suppose little they serve the dual purpose may be in the wintertime will help keep him warm that extra body temperature possibly will keep him warm but you don’t get.

You know it’s a shame that backs then they didn’t have Google. They didn’t know about pest control tools because if they did we could have come up there and taken care of and make sure they didn’t have that bugs make sure they didn’t have to sleep with the pigs in the bed. The bed bugs bite. Bite the pigs instead of them. Right. And so. So I mean Bedbugs have been messing with people’s heads for a long time now. But so they’ll eat the blood of the animal. But they’re most targeted. And they really targeted humans the most. That’s because we don’t have as much hair we have more exposed skin. And so that’s.

And so unlike some lot for we just have skin so they’ll actually prefer to get on the skin and bite. Yes. Right. And so that’s why we’re actually a preferred food source over other animals. But if you do not want to you prefer your preferred food source that bugs. I don’t blame you. That’s probably a good logical thought to have. But if you do not want to be for the preferred food source of bedbugs. Next time Petit is that pest control Tulsa I’m pulled over just in the information call us. We’ll come out there and we’ll get that taken care of for you that we do not have to have to deal with that. But they are no fun to deal with. Right. Pest Control Tulsa And so we talked before about where bedbugs are found ofttimes kind of beds. But when you do a bedbug inspection you want to take a flashlight a good source of light and you want to look for all the cracks all the crevices. You know oftentimes in the mattress seams you want to look in where were these bed bugs and how now they prefer cracks and crevices because they’re flat. They can hide in those cracks and crevices right.

And so oftentimes that’s where they’re going to be so the seams in the mattresses are the big-time area where the bugs like to hide and so. So when you pull back the sheets back to the mattress and look all the seams take a good flashlight to look all the seams if you have a mattress cover on your mattress just going smooth out that mattress cover because these mattress covers are going to create matter little fold shallow areas for those bedbugs to hide. Or if you just don’t want to mess with that at all. Google pest control also us a call will come out then we’ll get that taken care of for you and we will do it right. Well, that way you don’t have to mess with it. So but it’s important that you do look for them. And now and so with those bedbugs, they hide in those little cracks and crevices. Also, another thing to look for and looks like little spots like my ballpoint pen right. So we’re in debt. On the on the mattress.

Those are actually bedbug droppings as are blood deposits from the bed bugs when you are feeding on your family and then afterward going in and deposit that so you’ll find them Ofttimes in clusters as they’ll go in the night. Usually when you’re asleep your family’s asleep and they’ll crawl back to those areas around the seams and they’re there they’ll spend their time for the rest of the day until it’s time for them to eat again. So when they do that they’re there they’re having their feces right they’re dedicating And so that’s what you’re going to see and see evidence of their death fixation there on the mattress. I know it sounds gross and that’s because it is gross but if you don’t want to deal with the grosses or they’re just messing with your head go to Google pest control Tulsa give us a call we’ll come out we’ll get you taken care of that way.
You’ll have to have bedbugs mess with your head but not only do we take care of bedbugs what other services do we do. Where the big city here.
That’s right you can get any type of bag down there.

That’s right. And so Cooper has a pad called Mr. Green head. Pest Control Tulsa
And so he’ll make you know he’ll take those bugs so we’ll take care of bedbugs you take care of Woss will take care of fleas take care of ticks. Will Take Care spiders will take care of ants brown recluse spiders black spiders odorous ants house seeds piss ants black ants little black hands you name will take care of it we take care of termites we take care of moles and grubs and webworms and armyworms. Take care of the flies. Take care of it all right. So if you’re dealing with any pest issues whatsoever like Mossimo moms we’re going to take care of it.
Well, else we control Suweidi pre-merge implications of post-merge applications. Broadleaf we control Grassie we control like crabgrass Stellas grass put into grass Johnson grass and hammering right. And the thing is in person on we’re going to leave you with a perfect lawn and your pest gone. So give us a call. He reaches the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 features on the web that platinum pest and lawn Comba remember with a platinum pass along we’re going to leave you at the perfect lawn in your past gone. And over here platinum passed along your first service is only one dollar. Pest Control Tulsa


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