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All right. Welcome back. Also, a look back podcasters Welcome back to another podcast.
If you’ve been to any you know we’ve been talking a lot about all sorts of different past happening all over the place. You know we’ve talked about roaches here we’ve talked about ants bed bugs spiders you name it but we’ve been recently we’ve done the podcast on bedbugs. But I’m Jerry Johnson co-founder platinum Peston along with my lovely wife beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson mother of our three lovely children. At this point, we’ll see how many the future holds for us but we are pest control so we are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area providing you with pest treatment with long treatment. Pest Control Tulsa
I’m really leaving you with the perfect length and your past gone. But you can always reach us on the web at Platinum pest and mon dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. OK. In Tulsa, we are speaking.
We’re continuing our conversation about bugs about pets. Today we’re actually going to talk about a pest that we get a lot of calls on and actually caused a lot of diseases in a lot of health issues that people aren’t aware of and that’s going to be roaches. OK. We’re talking a lot about roaches today and roaches are or a problem here in the Tulsa area. So first and foremost if you are dealing with roaches don’t worry about it anymore or at least you don’t have to worry about it. The best thing for you to do is go ahead and google pest control Tulsa. There you will find our Web site going click on us we should be number one there on Google. You’ll see our information where you can get in contact with us or we’ll come out there and take care of your Roj issues and that way you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about it. OK. And so again we are talking about roaches So let’s go over a little bit of trivia. You know we’ve talked a lot about trivia before in the past and you know we talked about ants roaches fleas. For instance, if you were a flea if a human was a flea if you would be able to or we would be able to actually jump over skyscraper buildings if we were fleas. OK. And this what type of jumping in the fleas actually have. And so that’s one thing that that if you were flea you’d be able to do.
We talked about mice and rats how long they can swim and how long they can they could swim before they would die before they were drowned or how long they digne actually hold their breath. Right. And so we’ve gone over questions about those. But today we’re talking about roaches. So we’re going to have some fun trivia for you also when it comes to the roaches and rogue situations. OK. Well here’s a question for you Tulsa How long can you live without a hat. Right. So let’s say there was a roach in your house and in this roach that you saw in your house actually had a head until you cut off its head. Pest Control Tulsa
How long can that roach live with no head?
Well, the answer is it can actually a week.
OK, we’re just going with up to it with their head cut off. Right.
And so they are very adaptable critters very adaptable pests and people deal with them they are tough they can be tough to control if you don’t have the professional talent and also the equipment to do so. So if you are dealing with roaches or if your friend is dealing with roaches they don’t have to suffer any more you don’t have to suffer any more about those. Next thing driving down the freeway and you see that billboard that says pest control Tulsa just pull over and shut down the number and that number is going to be our number you can call us and we’ll come out there and take a look at the situation we can eradicate those works for you so you don’t have to do that. OK. So this is what we would do there for you to take some fun facts about cockroaches can run up to three miles an hour. OK. That is moving. For such a small little animal right small little bug. And so they grow up to three miles an hour but hopefully should be about running them. But the problem is is that usually when they’re running they’re scurrying to cover that covers very close by and they’re able to make it to safety. Now females with the American cockroach females can actually hatch up to 150 offspring per year. So think about what they can catch up to 150 offspring per year. And guess what those offspring are going to do. Yes, those offspring can reproduce and they are also going to have offspring which can then reproduce.
And before you know it the problem just gets out of control and out of hand. Don’t want that to happen to you. So if you are dealing with roaches or if you know someone who is dealing with roaches. That doesn’t deal with them anymore go ahead and give us a call Google pest control Tulsa and we will be number one on that Google page and click on the link and we’ll come out there and administer death to those cockroaches that are living in your house and your dwelling. OK. And so here’s the thing with vs. I mean we have been in a number of homes where the roaches are really bad.
Jerry Brown cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches are probably the two most common cockroaches that we do deal with in the Tulsa area. Both are very dirty cockroaches. Bolton was responsible for spreading diseases and making people sick. Now the Oriental cockroach is actually to be an easier Hawkhurst treat to eliminate it and take care of us simply because unlike the germ Browns. Well, let’s just say this to General Brown cockroaches. They get in little cracks little crevices they like to fly themselves out and hide in areas that you just can’t reach and ofttimes that are out of sight.
Right until nighttime comes once nighttime. They feel like they have a little freak from all. Pest Control Tulsa
Happening. And so that happens a lot with cockroaches So they’re back in the areas that are hard to reach. Hard to see in hardened. Not only that they are prolific breeders. OK, they reproduce so fast as well. So what the journey Browns is they go back behind the walls of that nest that can reproduce there. And so the access areas to hit them are tough to do. But if you’re dealing with those or if you know someone who’s dealing with roaches go google pest control Tulsa you’ll see us will be number one click on that link. Call us we will come out and we’ll analyze the situation with the roaches and we’ll go and take care of them and eliminate them that way you don’t have to mess with it that way you don’t deal with it there. OK. Now again roaches are. Are known for spreading all sorts of different diseases. In fact a lot of times when you go to a restaurant. Right. Or let’s say someone out here about at a restaurant how people get food poisoning. Oftentimes we think that’s because the meat or the food wasn’t properly wasn’t prepared properly wasn’t cooked probably and therefore you got food poisoning that may or may not be the case but here’s the thing. The fact is the majority of the time that people get food poisoning from a restaurant it has nothing to do with the food being prepared improperly. But it has everything to do with the roaches that infest the restaurant. OK. And the diseases those roaches bring.
And it would really surprise you told to go to some of these restaurants here in the Tulsa area and clearly see the issues that they are dealing with with the roaches and how bad they are in kind of the conditions that are happening there. So I don’t want to scare anybody away. There’s definitely a lot of roaches in restaurants. We do deal with them that we know that they have called us and so we have come out there to rescue them but there also lots of restaurants that are looking very good aren’t dealing with the roaches right because they keep up on the keep themselves clean they have great systems in place to make sure that they prepare the food properly and that roaches aren’t in their establishment and so they can’t bring the roaches into the restaurant so. But if you do either a restaurant and you think it might be infested with German browns or with any other type roaches or if you see a roach in a restaurant. Gordon Cullis give us that lead going. Google pest control Tulsa What do you tell the restaurant to look for the best pest control company in the Tulsa area. Because that’s going to be us. And just heaven calls will come out and eliminate the situation for four then that way they don’t have to worry about it right.
That way it doesn’t drive away customers but we don’t just take care of roaches we take care spiders from include spiders black widow spiders ants over Sands Carper ants pharaoh ants. We take care of. Of termites subterranean termites. Termites. We take care of mosquitoes. We take care of mice rats moles wise armyworms, webworms, bagworms, germ Brown cockroaches. You name it we take care of silverfish. Here’s another one. Scorpions are but we take care of the past. We get pre-merge applications and the alarm in the lawns to take care of. The grass he weeds hedges crabgrass and Dallas grass and pulling grass. Also broadleaf weeds like bit and all sorts of different types of weeds as well we also fertilize your yard to make it look good. So platinum Peston long we’ll leave you with the perfect one in your past. Can you give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 3 5 7 or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com remember platinum pest and lawn lady with the perfect lawn and your pesto on and your first service is just one dollar.


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