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Alright, Tulsa welcomes back. We are so happy and so thrilled that you are with us today. I let you want to learn more about past that you want to learn more about bugs that you want to learn how to keep pests and bugs and weeds off your lawn and off your property and out of your house, and so you have to tune in To the right podcast today, that’s going to teach you how to do that! That’S going to give you all the know-how everything that you need to know, I’m to make sure that you don’t have passed on your property and make sure the weeds say off of your lawn right. And so, if this is your first time tune in congratulations, you want to thank you for tuning in it. We are thrilled to have you today, most of our listeners overturn this there’s a repeat list for so we are happy that you’re with us today also so I just want to introduce myself. My name is Jared Johnson.
I am your host in this podcast series. I am co-founder of platinum, pest & Lawn with, my beautiful amazing wife, Jennifer Johnson, I’m we are Pest Control Tulsa, and so we are Tulsa’s Premier pest control company here in the Tulsa area, servicing the greater Tulsa area take care of all their past needs and also their Weed needs on keeping their Turf looking healthy and strong and vibrant, and so that’s what we do. We are a family-owned and operated company. If you’re looking to have any Services performed in your home, you can always give us a call. It gives me 918-370-6857 or you can reach us online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn. Com, all right. If you are no stranger to these podcast, you will occasionally hear some trivia, I’m as weak as we get these podcast. That’S because we’re giving you a lot of facts, but we understand that these facts just aren’t going to stick inside Ukrainian right they’re going to stick theirs inside your brain. So there’s only one thing that stuck inside your brain from listening to this podcast. That would be how to get in contact does it’s in the way that you’re going to get in contact with us is you’re going to have to Google Pest Control Tulsa.
Okay. Now that is going to require some skills on your part right. It’s not going to choir nunchuck skills, I’m all those are pretty cool skills and if you do have those skills, I please just video yourself with those nunchuck skills and send them to us cuz. We do want to see it right. It’S going to take some simple skills, such as turning on a tablet or phone or electronic devices computer and go into Google typing in the toolbar you all you have to do is type Pest Control Tulsa that simple press enters you’ll get all of our information. Okay, and so today we’re talking about ants – we’ve done, I think nine other podcasts on aunt’s here, just real recently on this is probably the last podcast on aunt’s for a little while, I will probably revisit the situation Revisited that the topic because it is a Hot Topic: right no: here’s a fun fact for you now, if you’re turning you’re for the first time, we’re going through a lot of fun facts that you did, you know they were more than 12,000 different species of ants all around the world. Okay, think about that 12000. Different species of ants right hand with the name all those amp how the world will they be able to identify all twelve thousand different species of that’s a lot right in so that they can pose a problem that can be difficult to keep track of ants that She lifts 20 times their own body. The weight we are in and we talked to a hot answer: don’t have lungs and I have ears.
However, they can still hear they can still breathe. Okay, real me that, and it doesn’t have ears and doesn’t have lungs. How can you breathe and here’s the answer? It can actually hear by sensing vibrations from the ground through its feet, right now, actually breathing a bunch of tiny little holes all over his body that actually absorbs oxygen right and carbon dioxide actually leave the soup to those exact same home. So don’t like your mouth, your breathing air, you breathe in oxygen through your mouth right and you exhale carbon dioxide through your right same principle, whatever they got lots of them all over their body. But if you are dealing with the ants inside your home or on your property, you don’t have to know all these facts right. All you have to do is know how to write down Pest Control Tulsa. That’S it just write that down very simple right. That way. You’Ll be able to look this up and – and I will be able to come out and Romanian issues that you have or answer any questions that you have related to Ann’s or pastor of any type right, and so it’s not uncommon that people will get ants inside their Home after droughts, after long periods of time. Rain loss is not they’ll get ants inside their home after we’ve had a long reign as well. That’S because it’s at traits of soil in the answer looking for a dry place to Nest right. So if you see a lot of rain happening in the forecast, it’s best to be proactive, because, it’s easier to prevent a problem than it is to cure the problem, I’m after it happened. So what you have to do is just go to your computer and type in Pest Control Tulsa. That’S it just type in Pest Control Tulsa that simple you’ll see our link. Click on a link call us up will come out there and get that taken care of for you, so I’ll be proactive about it. So if you see a lot of rain happen in the forecast, give us a call right contact us search his head. That way, we can put a preventative barrier, their rent, your home, prevent ants from coming into your home of the come in. I will take care of me. I will kill him right because
that’s what you want. You want your home be safe from any type of pass for the Ritz answer, other types of pass. You don’t want those ants crawling all over the counter if you want them contaminating your food or so forth, but here’s the good thing about when you choose Platinum, pest long as we don’t just take care of ants. We take care of a whole array of insects. Right, we take care of spiders brown, recluse spiders black widow, spiders flies drains house flies, drain flies, gnats, wasp, carpenter, bees, wood bees, Hornets mosquitoes bed, bugs Termites Termites with wings, subterranean termites flying ants, grubs, armyworms, webworms, bagworms, scorpions, a silverfish mice, rats and you name it We’Re going to take care of it, we all still weed control out in the yard twin fertilization services, so that means we’ll apply pre-emergent application to your yard to prevent the weeds from coming up in the first place, I’m lost. Do I have to ask you overseed, but we’re sitting here in aerating and fertilize, and get that good starting fertilizer coming up or let the good Fescue coming up? We also take care of grassy weeds. Like the point of grass crabgrass Dallisgrass broadleaf weeds will put fertilizer on the yard. Also thinking that makes you look good. So just remember that’s all you have to do. Is Google Pest Control Tulsa, right and you’ll see where Tulsa’s Premier pest control arm company here in the Tulsa area we have 5 Star reviews. In fact, as of this point, all over all of our reviews are five stars. We have 44 reviews all 5-star reviews. Give us a call, you can reach Platinum. Pest & Lawn. call us at 918-376-0857. Remember when you choose Platinum, pest & Lawn. Your first service is just $ 1 and will leave you with with a perfect one when you’re pissed off


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