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All right welcome back. So welcome back. Pastor welcome back. The world we’re ever you’re listening from.
Welcome. We are platinum pest and lawn. I am your host. Jared Johnson co-founder platinum Peston along with my wonderful wife of nine years as of yesterday. Jennifer Johnson is formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord my lovely sweet wife has given us three children. So a mother of three children that are a joy in our lives that can be difficult but we are happy to have them around. And so that is who we are we are family owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area.
Take care of the past needs in the Tulsa area. Also, Lauren also takes care of her.
So so we’re doing pre-merge applications post-merge applications. We are doing broadleaf. We control Grassie we control like crabgrass Dallas grass and grass jouncing grass. I’m either grassy ways that you’re seeing we can take care of we also fertilize and do every show in the yard. So with Puttnam Peston alone, we can leave you with the perfect one and your pets gone. But not only do we do that we take care of a whole array of passage bed bugs. Right. Mosquitoes termites spiders ants fly moths you know moles crickets wasps. You know we take care of it all right. So if you’re doing with the pest issue rest assured that platinum pest and lawn can get taken care of for you. We are pest control Tulsa In fact you can find this online at Platinum Peston or you can always give us a phone call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 5 7. OK. Well if you can tune in to the podcast you know we are no stranger to some strong fast trivia coming at you hard right. We ask questions such as how long can a roach live with its head come off. We’ve asked how long a rock can stay alive in the water swimming. And that is three days you know for Droughns. We have asked. OK if you were fully OK now think about it. When you look in the mirror you can imagine yourself as a flea. How high could you jump? The answer is you could jump over skyscrapers. Right. You had that type of those type of hops.
And so and so we ask all sorts of crazy questions but true questions true answers. And even asked the dust mites and all sorts of other things as well a whole array of insects we have talked about and we have discussed.
And so today we’re going to talk about bedbugs and you know we talked about bedbugs last for podcasts. Well, guess what we’re talking about bedbugs again today. They had been such a big issue a bad issue. Nobody likes them. And so. So what did you all sorts of fun facts about bedbugs but really what you do need to know is that if you think you have bedbugs you suspect you have bugs or if you suspect different has bedbugs give more information just have them go to platinum pest and or they can Google pest control Tulsa you’ll see us number one on that page just click on it will come out and get that taken care for you? Your first service is going to be one dollar. OK. So just recap. We talked about bedbugs how they’re transported into the home. Most of the time it’s not from the outside. They’re walking and most of the time it is because they were brought in whether it at a hospital that had. A bank. You know we have people call us on these public locations that deal with bedbugs because people bring them in. Anytime time you have a location that deals with a lot of people going in and out in and out. And now you’ve got a likely chance to find bedbugs. Right. In fact, hotels act as hubs for bedbugs. Oftentimes people find them in hotels and they don’t realize it. But when they go in they stay in a hotel and then they come back that they brought the bedbugs back with them.
They didn’t know they were dealing with them but they could be prevented. Right. There are bedbugs over in the Tulsa area in hotels. But if let’s say those hotels Google pest control Tulsa and if they clicked on our link you know we’d come out there we’d read Kate and so that way their tenants don’t have to work don’t have to worry about taking home bedbugs with them. Right. And so so bedbugs are usually transported into the home on their flat.
They’re round there. They’re kind of a rusty brown or reddish dark reddish color and they’re flat. They like to hang out in the cracks and crevices you know the seams to match this.
And so it’s important that OK we’re here to do some prevention tips here Tulsa. All right. We’re giving you some prevention tips so. All right. Number one don’t take any furniture that’s been left on the street people. OK. If he will put down the curve it’s probably for a reason. Don’t grab it like leaves and fuss with bedbugs. OK. Leave it where it’s at. Right. And you want to check your mattresses especially at hotels if you’re seeing the hotel take a good flashlight with you pull back the sheets do a little inspection look for you know to look for blood deposits right into the fecal matter from the bed bugs. Look see the sea bed bugs. Look for all this right. If you have any questions when you do sit in a hotel and if you’re seeing the Tulsa area just Google pest control Tulsa call us. We’ll come out there we’ll go take a look there for you. OK. True story true story. It happened to me. There was a pest control seminar happening over and still water over there. Oh, issue. We went oh issue and we checked into the hotel to spend the night. And in that way, we just stay in still waters. So we go to the center of the next day. The first thing I do is inspected for bedbugs. OK. I know about bedbugs and how people get them so inspect for bedbugs and guess what I found in my hotel room. You got it. I found a bed bug right. Checked out. Pest Control Tulsa
Drove all the way back to Tulsa. Slept for the night and went back to work the next day so you never be too careful. You know if you brought it to the hotel you bring him back. Home with you. It is. It’s not going to like you. Right. Typically people are upset once they do that. But anyway if that happens you might be driving home we might see that the board says pest control Tulsa pull over get the information call us because that’s when your billboard will come out there make sure that you do not deal with the bedbugs OK. So when you travel may you bring a flashlight and they do an inspection. I’m with you. Another good thing to do is to keep your suitcase off the floor and not only that put it in a garbage bag. Right. Like one of those big garbage bags just cover your suitcase in it and they keep it up off the floor. Right. That will help prevent bedbugs from getting in your suitcase and now help prevent you from bringing them back home from and other locations. Right. And also when we get home from a trip what you want to do is even the clothes that you haven’t even worn. You want to go and wash them in hot water do it immediately drain on high heat that way you want to make sure you do that before you actually start putting it away and putting back your drawers in your closet.
You don’t want to spread them because you could be out of town in a hotel while you’re gone away your suitcase is still there. Guess what. Bedbugs will crawl into your suitcase. You’ll bring them back. So they’re hard to see. Right. They don’t exactly stand out like a sore thumb. And so you want to inspect but if you think that you might have bedbugs again go in Google pest control Tulsa you’re going to call the best pest control company in the Tulsa area just in the platinum pest alone will come out we’ll inspect for you. We’ll make sure that you’re not dealing with them.
Not only do we take care of bedbugs but we take care of fleas and ticks to take care of spider’s brown spider’s black spiders take care of ants carpenter ants odor and black cat piss ants you name it we’re going to take care of it here in the Tulsa area. Again take care wasp and take your flies here and take care of moths. I’m going to take care of termites or big one’s subterranean termites. Too many swimmers. People usually see those.
We’re going to take care of termites and we’ll all treat your home for termites that way you don’t have to mess with it that way you don’t deal with having those guys eating down your walls. You know what your role is the way the structure of your home will take care of it all webworms, armyworms, bagworms, you will treat your yard for weeds with your pre-merge applications. Shoot for broadleaf weeds with the tree for grassy weeds such as crabgrass Dahlia’s grass planted grass Johnson Grass. We’re going to take care of him we’re in the tree for it. Going to fertilize your yard. We also do every is overseeing. Just remember that platinum pest and long we’re going to leave you at the perfect lawn and your pests are gone so we’ll get you taken care of. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ll be out there and we’ll get you all squared away. That’s what we’re going to do here for you. And so. So if you suspect you have bedbugs or any other bugs. Leave it to the professionals just call us you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 you can also reach us online at Platinum Pass and But remember when you choose sudden and test line and call us and we’re in it right away to get taken care of but we’ll leave you with the perfect line and your pen gone. But you’ll find when you call her office and you talk to Mr. Price and you find that your first service is only one dollar. That’s correct.
Your first service is one dollar platinum pest and lawn. Give us a call.
Look for did take care of all your past needs. Tulsa. Pest Control Tulsa


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