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All right. Welcome back. Also Welcome back to another edition of the podcast. This is Gier Jones coverage is strong. I am your host and we are singing along the song of Rodney King past. We have been singing the song of bed bugs for a while now. As you can follow along with these podcasts you know that that is what we have been focusing primarily on is bed bugs. There are a lot of them out there. They cause a lot of problems and mess with people’s heads. It probably caused divorces. I would not put it back. Paso’s sneaky bedbugs they caused the. Now one of the reasons why. OK, we’re just getting into it later on into the podcast. I’m jumping in. You know I’m going head first. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jared Johnson. I am a co-founder platinum person along with my wonderful wife Jennifer Johnson. We currently reside in a Wasow. We treat the greater Tulsa area when it comes to Pest needs their pet solutions in their grease solutions to their turf solutions. We are the company they call we are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area. We are pest control Tulsa and we take care of the job so you guys don’t have to. You can spend time playing with your kids and spend time with your family. But we are family owned and operated company owned so we use those all your dollars stay here in the community.
Right now like we use a big corporation where their headquarters are somewhere else your dollars and us right here. That’s the way we want to keep it so you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can visit us online. Platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right now we’re talking about bedbugs. We’ve done a lot of podcasts on bedbugs that are not slowing down and probably have at least two more after this one that we’re going to discuss bed bugs and kind of their craftiness. And what to do if you suspect that you have bugs. Ok, I’m with that one out there right now. If you suspect that you have bedbugs. Go ahead and google pest control Tulsa right. You’ll see us on the top just go and click on her link and we’ll come out there and we’ll eradicate the situation we’ll take care of it. So you don’t have to use it. You don’t want to deal with it. You can actually sleep peacefully at night. OK. Now back to my rant. Before you know we were speaking at least I was speaking a little bit about bedbugs possibly causing divorce.
Now the reason why I say that is because of bedbugs completely Jack with your mind. OK. Did you hear that? They’re both completely Jack with your mind. Now, if you’re sitting at home and if you’re thinking oh my gosh I had bedbugs then you’re thinking man that Jared Johnson is right on. They mess with your brain they mess with your mind. Mess with your sleep. It just affects your whole entire life. Pest Control Tulsa
Now the reason that I say that that bed bugs and mess with your mind is because when you go to sleep. Right. It’s a little hard to get peaceful sleep when you know that there could be 100 little vampires you know within three feet from you. Ready to come and suck your blood as soon as you go to sleep. So it messes with your right. You wake up you know you get that deep restful sleep you wake up you’ll just feel something you wake up you will freak out thinking these bedbugs were could have been nothing good in the sheets that that worship brush up against you or better books already fed and left and so they will mess with him. So what happens when you don’t get good sleep. Well, I’ll tell you what happens when we don’t get good sleep. We get grumpy We irritable. Right. And it snowballed from there. So don’t let that happen. You don’t want that happen to your family if they are dealing with bedbugs.
Look up pest control Tulsa you’ll see us as I mentioned before we’re also premier pest control company we are experts in the bedbug removal process and we will get it taken care of. OK. That way you can rest assured that you can save your marriage don’t have to worry about these nasty little guys messing with you. OK. Now we’ve talked about bed bugs where they come from how they get you home. They don’t just magically appear. You don’t just wave a little magic wand. The next thing you know bedbugs are here. This is not really the way it works. Most
of the time they’re not coming from the outside and meaning from the front yard and then walking into your home. That’s usually not the way it works. Most of the time. Bedbugs are actually transported in the home unknowingly. OK unknowingly Now that could be because you went to a relative’s house and you sat on their couch and they had bedbugs and those little guys had hitched a ride. Right. It could be that someone came over to stay at your place. Right. And they had bed bugs. The next thing you know. You have bed bugs. It could be you went to a hotel you had a business trip or maybe a fun vacation. You went there and you came back and now you have that but in fact, that’s probably the most common.
But they actually all the bedbugs are on all 50 states throughout the entire country. Pest Control Tulsa
Now they are in higher numbers in large urban development areas that’s simply because there are more people. Catch a ride on a spread the bedbug infestation so that’s very common. There will be a bigger infestation in more urban city areas. OK. So if you live in one of those areas or even if you just live around the country you suspect you might have bedbugs growing. Goober pest control Tulsa makes sure that we treat your area just like we do as long as you’re in the greater Tulsa area. Give us a call we’ll come out and we’ll take the bed bugs you want to deal with it. You want to mess with it. It will all be good. OK. And so they catch a ride into your house. All right. We talked to her also about how they’re hardy animals or animals that insects get six legs they’re an insect. They aren’t either. Oh if you had that that bugs you’re missing like you I’ve had bedbugs before and when you squash them or kill they actually have the smell to them they’re discussing they smell very bad. And so and so you don’t want to deal with that. And so we’ll come out there will kill we’ll take care of them but you know the real Hardy and they’re also very smart. Right. And so they hide during the day they hide in these cracks and crevices in these places where you’re just not going to see them and they come out at night. Right. This is the carbon dioxide that you meant when you exhale.
And then entice them to come out there get themselves a little blood. Right. So that’s what. We’ve had lots of people you know go google pest control Tulsa. They found us and we put them out there and eliminate that bedbug issue. Make a little bit easier for them. OK, that’s not out of the norm for sure. Right now we talked about how palatable bedbugs are usually for about five minutes and that the low fee usually on bearskin areas. Now get this. Here’s a fun fact maybe not a fun fact but just a fact. Coming at you. So and so people wonder because they hate the Bible. So like you know I never felt like I was getting big. I never felt the bites I just woke up and there then these bites on me. Well, first of all, that’s happened to you if you have if you wake up injured by something. You’re finding the gym bites you might think you know one of my triggers might be mosquitoes. Well, either way, we take care of chiggers we take care of mosquitoes we take care of bedbugs. But you want to find out what it is. So the best thing to do if you get bit. I mean you might just pass that board all the time high with as pest control Tulsa. That’s our billboard just pull over. Get that phone number on there. Give us a call so we will be able to eliminate the issue whatever it is with us mosquitoes chiggers or are bedbugs right. Pest Control Tulsa
But what happens is people that usually don’t wake up whenever they answer and that’s because when they bite Chia they in their saliva wordlessly actually acts as an anesthetic. Right. So you can’t feel it kind of numbs it and also increases blood flow to make quicker. Beatings. And so that’s what they do actually after they feel though go to hide for about a week. You know a little less and a little more but they’ll go and digest digested all the plagues. Right. And so here’s the thing is if you think you have bed bugs don’t. I mean you try to do it yourself. It is virtually impossible to do it yourself. You really need to know how professional how the professional equipment professional products are as a profession that needs to be done in order to take care of them right. So
if you need that done OK just do a lot of other people have done just look up pest control Tulsa Tulsa’s premier pest control company in the Tulsa area.
We take care of bedbugs. Not only do we take care of bedbugs we take care of mosquitoes we take care of fleas who take care of ticks we take care of spiders we take ants. Carpenter ants termites flying termites swarming termites black termites ants with wings scorpions mosquitoes rodents mice rats and worms bagworms, webworms.
Grubs you know mortals take a whole host of different critters.
And so that’s what we’re doing. And that’s what we’ll do for you. OK.
But also we not only did that we do we control the pre-merge applications post-merge applications will treat broadleaf weeds like dandelions we do grassroots like Dallas grass crabgrass all sorts of different grassy weed will fertilize your yard as we’ll make sure gets good green good thick help took out the weeds and die and so do we treat first humans we treat communal ones we’ll do fall overseeding with and we’ll do here shin meaning we’ll take care of it. But remember that platinum pest and leave you with a perfect lawn and your past is gone I give us a call your first verse. It’s only one dollar platinum pests in London com 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 pipes.


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