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Gassers Welcome back to another edition. Welcome to another podcast. Welcome, Tulsa. I am Jared Johnson. I am your host and I am also co-founder of platinum passed along with my beautiful wife and mother of our three little children. Jennifer Johnson, We met at school at BYU Hawaii. We got married we came back to Oklahoma and started up our lives started our business here. We love it here in Oklahoma. My wife Jennifer is an A Wasow native and so she is from LA so I grew up in the Houston area. My wife majored in accounting. So she got her degree in accounting. We make a great team.
She is a fantastic job on the books making sure that everything is stand up to par and up to order here at a platinum pass.
So anyway that’s who we are we are. Pest Control Tulsa we are Tulsa’s premier pest control company and so we take care of the past. That way you don’t have to mess with it right. And oftentimes get really getting rid of past and limine the issue takes professional know-how and takes professional equipment. And so that’s where we’re going to provide him. Today we’re going to talk about past ROOM talk about facts or talk about know how to prevent them. But at the same time, it’s important to know that if you do have them that there’s no shame in calling a professional to have him come out there and get that taken care of for you. So we are a family-owned and operated company you can reach us and 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can find this on the web at Platinum pest in law pop. All right.
Rolf Augustus’s if you’ve tootling recently if you’ve been following along you know we have talked a lot about bedbugs. We’ve talked a lot about all sorts of different types of bugs. Today we’re continuing the topic of bugs few bugs are feared and more than bedbugs. I believe in the Tulsa area. They are prevalent they are a problem. Oftentimes you don’t know into another Chiam to them physicians got kind of bad. So it’s important. That you get a professional company a call that way they can. They didn’t come out there and take the situation. We are one of those professional companies. So look no farther. In fact, you can actually Google pest control Tulsa and you’ll see all of our five-star reviews. Our customers have given us an average of five-star ratings on Google. Napoli, we have 43 Google reviews all five stars. And so we work hard to make sure that that that our customers are happy to make sure all past situations are eliminated.
I’m just simply so. So you don’t have to mess with them. Pest Control Tulsa
You got to deal with the problem. OK. So we’ll go over some facts with bedbugs tages bug bugs gulay a female bedbug can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime. And those newly hatched bed bugs. Once they reach sexual maturity there is going to start reproducing so grows an exponential rate. Right. And so exponential rate is great when you are collecting interest. It is horrible. Right. When you are when you’re dealing with bedbugs and they’re grown and grown on your mattress. So if you don’t want that to happen let’s say you think you have them or you might have seen one on your bed and you weren’t identified. Go and look us up. Look up pest control so you’ll see us there. So we’ll come out there well we’ll get it taken care of for you.
That way you don’t have to mess with it. That way you don’t have to have to deal with the bed bugs or any of the bugs that you might be dealing with at the time. OK. And so here are some fun facts. Bedbugs can live absolutely anywhere. Most time people think of bed bugs. Think of them in their house on their bed. That type of thing. Yes. Oftentimes they are in homes. That is absolutely correct because of the majority of the places that we find in this simply because that’s where people are living. Right and there’s been the most time is in their home beds are big area couches sofa love seats. Man those are other areas that usually get hammered by bed bugs. The thing is when they’re on the couches the sofas low seats those are harder to get the third treatment. There are so many areas where were they high. There’s so many laps and folds in those couches so many cracks and crevices where they can hide and thrive. And so it’s important that you use not the only professional company that use the right Peskin or the right professional pest control company. And so here’s the thing you have to worry about it about picking the company if you know that you have them go ahead and look up pest control. Also clicking on the link we are platinum pass on you can see that our customers have given us an average five-star rating so it’s going to eliminate your risk in choosing the right pest control company.
In fact, most nationals are the national average as far as a number of treatments it takes before you totally eliminate pest control or absorptive bed bug you say. Dr. Ro averages between four to six were usually able to get it done in one to two because we are extremely thorough with our treatments. OK. And so but not only are they found in homes you know condos apartments usually. Now most of the time bedbugs aren’t coming into your house from the outside they’re usually carried in or brought in however and condos and apartments they can actually you know travel through the walls. So if your neighbor actually has a bad bedbug infestation they actually come on over and charge the walls and then you can get infested with them. So we want to play today Detective whenever we come out I want to figure out the source. Find out the source that we once we get rid of them you don’t have to deal with them again. OK. But here’s the other thing. Bedbugs. Hotels motels those are like bedbug hubs man. That’s where most of them are picked up. In my opinion. So you take precautions as you go and go and stay in those areas. In fact, if you’re going to trip Gordon look as of next time you drive by that billboard that says pest control Tulsa pull over to get the name or get the number the name is us platinum pest and lawn Cullis will come out or will just give you some helpful tips. You know before you. Before you go on that on that long business trip. All right.
Not only that at college dormitories are a big area you know and in modes of transportation. OK, so different types of modes of transportation so you have cars. We do a number of bedbug treatments in cars. People get them. They pick them up they don’t realize it then they get in their cars or sit down a car bed bugs or arthritis in their car when you sit down to drive. Guess what’s crawling on you. Yes, that is correct. The bedbugs. Right. And so we want to make sure that we eliminate. So if you suspect that you had bedbugs in your vehicle or bedbugs anywhere else look up pest control Tulsa. Go click on that top link that’s going to be ours will come out and we’ll meet the problem that we just don’t have to mess with it that you will just don’t have to do it right. So that’s what we do. Not only that here’s a big one OK. You’re going to see I ruined it I ruined everything. Movie theaters OK movie theaters are a big place for bedbugs. OK they’re bad they’re movie or they can be back right because it is so if you think about it you have lots of different people going to movie theaters. Right. And so when people go to the movie theaters they go in they sit down. They can carry their bed bugs with them to the movie theaters. There are bedbugs crawl off of them and onto the seats and they’re just waiting there for the next person so light or dark is dark.
Movie theater often people don’t realize that they don’t realize they haven’t them and they can be carried quite easily back to their home. Right. And so that’s what happens. You know that that can happen to you. So movie theaters can be very careful there as well.
So Jared you just ruined it. No, I can’t go to a movie theater again. Pest Control Tulsa
Yes, you can just know that that is a source for bedbugs. Is that movie theaters. And so if you have any questions you think you might pick them up or you just want to pick our brains. Google pest control Tulsa we are Tulsa’s premier pest control company. The premier I’m exterminator here in the Tulsa area call us we’ll leave you. We’ll get you the premium price we’ll treat your home with premium products. But the good thing about us is we’re not going to pay the premium price. But I mean we take care of bedbugs not only bedbugs. We do fleas ticks we do flies.
We do grub’s we naturally drink flies with crickets and when you mice we do rats spiders brown recluse spiders black widow spiders. We take care of all sorts of different critters that you might be dealing with around her home and take care of roaches. Jerry Brown cockroaches. We also get rid of those guys a lot faster than most companies which will save you some Skrillex save you some money sometimes some energy there. We take care termites take scorpions. You name it. We’re going take care of it we do broadleaf weed control Grassi we control like crabgrass dals grass Johnson Grass poaching grass. We do pre-merge applications post-merge applications and we also fertilize the yard. Right. So we’ll. So that’s the thing. If you give us a call we’re going leave you with a perfect lawn and your past gone. Yeah, and there are also discounts available for those that they do both pest and lawn. And so that’s what we’ll do for you. Just call us we’ll come out there we’ll get just float away. Pest Control Tulsa
Just remember you can reach that 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 but I plan to pass along your first service is just one dollar.
Yes, you heard it correctly platinum Pessin on your first service is just one dollar. Give us a call.


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