Lowe podcast, thank you for joining us today. My name is Jared in the host this podcast, hopefully, you’re enjoying your life life is good. Tomorrow is valentine’s day in case you forgot. If you got a significant other or spouse, maybe someone anybody else that could deserve a valentine. I usually jump on that. Otherwise, it might be held and said that I’m just saying: don’t let that be you I, don’t want to be me I’m, so don’t let it be you. My name again is Jared on the hostess podcast I found my beautiful wife, Jennifer Johnson, as some people just go ahead and call us pest control Tulsa because we provide pest, solutions and turf solutions, those in the greater Tulsa area who want to make sure people state bug-free pest free.

We don’t want them to get any pest, we want to leave them with a perfect lawn and their past gone. So if I, if you looking for service, you can give us a call, you can always contact us at 918-3760357, Oregon regions online at platinum, pest & lawn. Comin in the Tulsa area, Cushing Oklahoma, spiders to an aunt I’m, scorpions, silverfish to wood bees, carpenter, bees, mosquitoes are bad. The scorpions I think he said that mice, rats, silverfish, moles gophers, am I getting warm bed bugs termites roaches in the evening. We have it all in the Tulsa area. Weeds are everywhere.

So if you don’t have your yard treated for weeds with her besides then you’re going to get weed, that’s just the way it is I didn’t make it up. Now, that’s just the way God designed things and then so if you would like your home treated or your lawn treated it’s time to take action, what you want to do and what you need to do. Are you actually need to grab any flyer that says Pest Control Tulsa I need to grab that you need to take a magnet, a good, strong man. You don’t want any weak magnet. You want a big, healthy, stronghold that flyer up on the refrigerator right. Good magnetic power, where it really sucks and hold that sucker on right next to you want to get it just put it on the freezer put on the refrigerator where you can see that way. Whenever you do need our services, you can you’ll.

Have it right there ready to go right and I am so that’s what we can do for you now you’re, not going to remember everything that we talked about today, cuz, there’s just so much right. There’s a lot of information on the room that gives you a lot of information. Come at you fast and strong. That’s just the way! It is right, and so that’s going to happen. There is a lot of information, but you’re not going to record it at all. It’s just going to be in your cranium, but we want to do is not necessarily be over with, as you want you to be able to know I get in contact with us to the majority of our customers, actually find it on google or the internet online.

Somehow that’s what they do is actually just go to bing some people go to bing people actually go to google. Look this what we have some but good, your favorite search engine, whatever it is, and in that search engine in the search bar, I want you to type in three keywords. Does three keywords? Our pest control Tulsa after you do that you can press enter and that will lead you to all of our information that will lead you to us right and so go ahead, and do that and that somehow about today we’re going to talk about pre-emergent applications.

What is a merging in that is, so why are we do a pre many before immersion application? Well, what happens is the wheat will emerge from the ground? They will emerge for the soil because there are see, there’s a lot of sleep and all that so oil that you just don’t realize they’re just waiting for the right time and when the temperature is right on your yard as the purpose of an application to do a blanket treatment on your yard will have that watered in and what that’s going to do. That’s going to prevent the wheat from Dustin prevent them from emerging from the soil. Okay, that’s the pre-emergent that application and answer those are important to get done on your home. If you don’t you haven’t had one time to get one and so I’m going to send you a text that says make sure you answer that text, because that you will have our information will come out.

Pest Control Tulsa there will get everything situated everything taken care of for you when it comes to pre-emergent applications, in fact, a lot of your neighbors I’m. So if you drive by a yard in the neighborhood right now-and they has books or looks like that’s good-shows it-that your husband has had a pre-emergent application on it and really that that color is just to let you know where I’m, sorry that color, so we can track it to see where we treated how much everything else right and I am so we can do that for you also, but you need to be proactive about it.

It’s much easier to prevent a problem in this that’s why we recommend having the pre-emergent application. So, if you’d like a pre-emergent application, supporting your need to have all that information when trying to contact us to schedule that to schedule a service and took get that done, get that taken care of that pre-emerge applications. Now you might ask yourself how many Pest Control Tulsa pre-emergent applications do I need. Will the answer is 3 throughout the course of the year? There’s one that says right now in February or January or February, is when the first ones did, sick ones down in March and April.

Okay, Pest Control Tulsa so to pre, emerge applications down the springtime and, then one spot-free, merch application did the fall, broadleaf weeds, like dandelions and crabgrass in Dallas grass and nutgrass. We will fertilize, your yard will put some Bermuda on there. Will fertilize, Bermuda and fescue overseeding fescue also do lawn aeration as well. We’ll get will get you covered will get you ever been on that side of things as well, so we’ll treat for bed bugs. We do bed bug treatments, we do termite treatments, we also treat for spiders and ants. I will shoot for mosquitoes or mosquitos yellow jackets fly as well.

We do mice and rats and moles and gophers when doing crickets and silverfish and scorpions with you Beatles. Pest Control Tulsa what do roaches during brown roaches as well as oriental cockroaches I mean we really handle it all literally handle it all. But you got to give this call just google, Pest Control Tulsa and give us call you reached at 918-376-0857 and also read online platinum pest & lawn. remembering she’s played the pistol on your first service is only $1


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