Pest Control Tulsa Go podcast is welcoming you back to another edition welcome back to the podcast. We are elated and thrilled excited that you’re with us, and you join with us today. Hopefully the other three podcast this morning. Are we done a lot of podcasts? We still will be doing a lot of bad gas, just the nature of the beast and dad and state. This Saturday is the last Saturday in February and I think of a cold front or cold snap for a long time, yeah we might even have to have a spring on the way here. Next Saturday will actually be a march. I’m done a lot of rain coming down. It’s just the way it is and was going to give me by we’ve been dry for so long yeah we’ve been kind of a drought-like you conditions it. So it’s good to get some rain just be nice. Maybe if you don’t even come down all at once, you know if it was just spread out over sometimes, but if you want to talk to weather we’re having talk weather with you just search pest control, Tulsa they’ll give you our phone number and that phone number you can call and we’ll talk weather with you and how weather affects the bugs right. I’m working give us a call at 918-376-0857, Tulsa regions online at platinum pest & lawn., com, okay. So, yes, we are getting a lot of rain in and that’s what’s so great about technology today is that I don’t have to be in the office. I just don’t have to be in the office Pest Control Tulsa right now, I do the podcast I can do the podcast on that on the road. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now! So can you hear a lot of interference? Noise, a lot of background noise that is just from rain, that that is happening and that is coming down. It is pouring down, and so that’s what we’re doing we have that rain coming down. The rain is happening, has come down strong and is coming down. Heavy, we want to make sure that that you are staying dry, hopefully, you’re, listening in your room or in your car or your vehicle, or you owe you nothing. You can do this really anywhere. You kicking me summer, where you’re at may be on the lake. You have to be a beautiful sunny day to be on the slopes, be up in the mountains, who knows where you’re at or other than you you do know where you’re at or at least we help you know where you’re at right now, so we might even pat if you saw the vehicle that says pest control Tulsa on it was going to pest control Tulsa. If you see that vehicle we are doing a live podcast at that vehicle right now, that’s actually pretty cool. If your listing that podcast and also I sing us happened, you know that that is dandy, but we are thrilled, excited and late. Hopefully, you are doing that, hopefully, you’re enjoying badminton that information there for you. If so, what’s happening right now, the rain is coming down we’re going to floodlight conditions. You might ask for what happens to the bug and what happens to weed what happened to jar any type of conditions? Okay. Well, we have an answer for you. What happened to these types of conditions, but a? But you probably know I, can remember I’m your not remember everything that we go over in this podcast. That’s just nature. We don’t have photographic memories. That is just human nature right. So what would you want? You remember you want you to how to get in contact with that, so we have to be drivetime town or some sightings around town and we’re going to keep it there if we’re going to keep there. So that way you could drive by, and you constantly remember it okay to stay by there. Remember it does what you got to do in order to make that happen so, but that billboard to drive by one that says pest control Tulsa on how to get in contact with the husk how to get a hold of us so we’re having to make that happen for you. So right now we’re driving up to grow. It is pouring rain, buckets and buckets and buckets of rain, and so what happens to bugs Pest Control Tulsa whenever it rains? Well, what happens to you when it rains on you, do you like being outside? Maybe if you have an umbrella or maybe a rain suit, or something like that, but what, if you’re naked, huh I’m sure you wouldn’t like being outside, if you would like in the pouring rain right, so what bugs like to do? They like to stay dry and so they’re, going to come up into your home they’re, going to be able to crawl up on your house on your siding, they’re going to krav maga, and do that right? You don’t want that to happen. Okay, I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. I guarantee you that you do not want that to happen to you right, and so the best thing to do is to have your home treated for the past. Okay have treated for pests fairly, simple or you just give us a call. I’ll give you mine, received a flyer that said: pest control, Tulsa information, I thought we would come out there and treaties. Much easier to prevent the problem is that you share it right to preventive. Maintenance is key, please be proven to please do preventive maintenance, okay, that is important. Make sure that happens for you that we can make that happen for you as well: okay to the prevention, prevention, preventive maintenance and I’m. So that’s what we can do and that’s what we will do for you to prevent maintenance, okay, and so we will have that happen, for you give us a call you reached at 918-376-0857 and also reached online at 5 in the past and lawn. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa Com, and so what about weed? Well, we’ve been very dry for a long time and then now we’re getting a lot of rain. Well, yes, we are getting a lot of rain, but guess what’s going to happen next week. Well, that sounds going to come out next week. For that said, it comes out. Those weeds are going to pop in and start going, nuts no actually are everywhere, okay, and so the best thing to do. If I were you, I would have grabbed that pest control Tulsa flyer and gives a call cuz. You don’t want those weeds to come out, and so we recommend having a pre-emergent application. We need that done for you as early as next week. Okay, what you will do a pre-market application for you. Pest Control Tulsa He does squared away get that hammered out there, for you want to make sure you don’t get any type of grass weeds or broadleaf weeds and grass nut sedge nutgrass or tree dallisgrass crabgrass pigweed, Danny, Lyons clover, you name! It will handle it for you when he pretty much had baseball so fertilize your yard as well it’ll make it a lot harder for me to come up. If you have a well fertilize yard, I will do all sorts of other different types of control as well or do broadleaf control will treat the grass for broadleaf weeds I’m with you I over senior fescue will do all sorts of other things as well as call you can reach us if you just google pest control Tulsa. That search will lead you to our website. I’m lost your pest control. She will treat for spiders and ants or treat mosquitoes fleas, ticks wasp, yellow, jackets, mice, rats, mold, crickets, Moultrie, centipedes, millipedes, bed bugs are bad, will treat, I will treat it all right will treat roaches will make sure it happens for you to so really. What we want to do in our aim is to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past is gone, but in order for that to happen, you got to reach out to it. You can reach 918-376-0857. Also. We just have platinum pass salon.Com room, we choose platinum, your first service is only $1 and we want to leave you with the perfect lawn and you passed on Pest Control Tulsa


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