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Longtime listeners this podcast is for anyone wanting to know more information about bugs about pest control in their area here in the Tulsa area. I am Gier Johnson. I am your host. I am the co-founder of platinum pest in lawn with my beautiful and lovely wife Jennifer Johnson a mother of our three kids and also helps out in the office she is a superwoman. In fact, I think they made a movie about her that just came out recently and shown up. Its called a superwoman.

So if you want to see my wife just go watch that movie now. I’m a bad husband. Although they made a movie about her I still have not seen that movie called superwoman. I bet you it’s awesome. Again it is based on my wife but maybe I’ll make it to the movie theater sometimes so I can help support her in her movie and her show business career. But if you are just tuning in if you don’t know anything about us about Puttnam Peston long we are family owned and operated company I’m servicing the greater Tulsa area. Take care I mean PES needs in any lawn needs and turf needs will take care of it. That way you don’t have to worry you don’t have to mess with it. Often times you just don’t have the know-how or the professional products that are available to you and in order to eradicate any pest, anyone needs in a timely manner. Pest Control Tulsa

Doable mare and so we are pest control Tulsa. There are many companies in the Tulsa area but we are the premier pest control Tolson the premier pest control company servicing the area. That’s going to be us right. We’re the guys in the blue shirts green logo. We looked sharp. Are our guys are technicians going have their shirts tucked in they’re going to look presentable for you and professional with taking care of the past. They’re in your home. Now you can reach us at Platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. OK. Now if you are no stranger to your podcast you know we have given many podcasts before in the past about all sorts of different types of bugs from fleas to ticks to dust mites to bed bugs to spiders to answer to termites you name it we’ve covered it.

Right we’ve covered a lot of it and so hopefully we’re giving you a lot of information a lot of helpful information. I’m going to help you protect your family from dealing with that unwanted past. But overall OK we can give you lots of information but what I want to stick in your brain is that if you are dealing with any type of pest issue what so ever if you think you might be dealing with any pest issue or if you want to prevent yourself from dealing with any type of pest issue what you have got to do is you’ve got to look up pest control Tulsa you’ll see or link top of the page. Just click on it.

We’re going to come out there and take care of an array. Kate any pet situation that you have that we don’t want to mess with it. That you do not have to deal with it so that’s what we do. Right. We’re going to take care of it. You don’t have to get it done right. But we’ve been talking a lot about roaches. We’ve done a lot of trivia not just on the roaches from other bugs such as fleas mice. And travailing dust mites like such as there can be a hundred thousand different dust mites in one square yard of your carpet. You know we talked to our chiggers ticks and the different diseases that tick the brain. I would talk about how Roj can live a whole week without ahead.

So don’t tell me how I’m doing ask me how that works. I’ve no idea. I’ve no idea how they eat and they drink but I guess they don’t have to eat because they can live a whole month without eating and they can live for two weeks without water. And so they’re pretty adaptable little critters pretty duckbill little bugs. In fact, it’s actually been around for millions of years since the time of the dinosaurs. So that tells you a little something about how adaptive they are and take the point that most adapted pest on the entire Earth on the planet Earth. Right.

And so if you were anywhere on planet earth but especially if you’re in the Tulsa area if you are dealing with roaches going look no further the next time you drive down the freeway you pass by that billboard that says pest control Tulsa just pull over and jot down the number. We’re going to come out there we’ll take care of it for you. That way you don’t have to mess with it. You want to deal with it. We have to know how the equipment to get it done right. OK. We’ve talked about how some female cockroaches can only make once. You’ll stay pregnant for the rest of their lives. OK. Now that’s being efficient. If you ask me. Right. We’ve talked about how there are over 4000 different species of roaches on the planet on Earth and about 70 of those different species of roaches live in in the United States right now the ones that we get the most calls on are going to be oriental cockroaches and also brown cockroaches but they’re filthy cockroaches. Both bring a lot of different germs and a lot of different diseases. So if you suspect you might have one or if you know a loved one that has them I’m going to google pest control Tulsa. Give us a call and we’ll be able to come out and identify the type approach and apply the necessary treatments in order to eradicate them.

Different types of approaches require different types of treatments but especially let’s say if your family just starts getting sick your kids to start getting sick they have allergies or asthma. It could be a cause of roaches when they shed their skins. Those kids become airborne so you don’t realize that actually breathing those in. Right. And there’s caused a lot of problems because they have a lot of diseases that come with them. Whenever my wife and I live and live in Hawaii to school there roaches were extremely bad there in Hawaii. And that’s because it’s a warm damp area. Right, it’s the areas that you know it’s kind of the environment that cockroaches thrive in. And so people can look it up there. I mean didn’t type in pest control Tulsa. Probably tempted pest control something else. But if they would have come up and they could give us. In fact, we’ve got calls from Hawaii before people deal with roaches landlords living in Hawaii that are in their teens or dealing with purposes of the Tulsa area. So calicoes that we’ve been up to go out and treat their homes and get them all taken care of and all squared away. Right. We had Professor I had a professor over there in Hawaii and their kids get sick. Their families were sick constantly right on family their landlords did the house they had the house gutted. And once they did that they’re able to eradicate the roaches there and get rid of all that filth right all those skins are getting airborne and get those taken care of. Once that happened they helped drastically improve. Pest Control Tulsa

Got much better. So it’s not just why it’s here in Tulsa we see plenty of cases that are just bad cause lots of respiratory issues. So if that’s happening you are you just don’t want that to happen to you. Look up pest control Tulsa. Click on leave link we’ll come out there we’ll get it all taken care of for you. You don’t have to mess with those issues right. So think about it your health is very important to your children’s health should be very important you don’t. Don’t take any risk don’t take any chances. Call us up. We’ll get it we’ll get it right. But the postage was so bad there in Hawaii. You know we had assigned parking some sign parking was by dumpsters especially the vehicles that had to park by the dumpsters. They would constantly deal with roaches that were in their cars and their vehicle. So definitely don’t leave me behind but you know they’re so bad. I had a professor where were the roaches were actually eating his steering wheel. OK. That’s how bad it was. The roaches were eating his steering. Well, there are different materials on there that they would eat. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. So if they, if you see that happening in your car, don’t hesitate in fact you might be driving down the road and you see a roach in the car right as you pass that billboard that says pest control Tosa. If that happens that’s an ironic situation.

Pullover and jot down our number and call us we’ll come out and make sure that that doesn’t happen to you because that could cause a wreck. That’s a safety issue there not only a health issue but a safety issue. But we don’t just take care of roaches. We take care of caterpillars such as armyworms bagworms webworms. We also take care of mice and mosquitoes. We take care of flying insects such as wasps and hornets. We take care of these antics. We take care of termites subterranean termites. We take care of wine ants. Take care of swarming termites take care of carpenter ants over hands brown spiders Blackwood’s spiders your name. We take care of scorpions silverfish. We’re going to take a pass. Pretty much virtually all pass around Tull’s areas. Chiggers as well we can help eliminate it here for you. Why else do we control Sandu services out in the yard? So we’ll take care of broadleaf we such as dandelion Hynd that will take care of grassy weeds such as crabgrass and Dallas grass and poison grass will lay down pre-emergent applications will apply pre-merge application to help prevent weeds from showing up in your yard in the first place. Will we also fertilize your yard. Make sure it’s nice and take green. We do all sorts of turf services here in the Tulsa area so if you had if you would like services don’t Google pest control Tulsa and you’ll see our number numbers 9 1 8 3 7 6 8 5 7. You can also reach us at Platinum Peston Londa calm and just remember that platinum. We’re gonna leave you at the perfect one.
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