Good morning, podcasters, how are you welcome? I see this podcast series welcome to November. Se is November. 1St 2017 hope you had a wonderful Halloween with your family, friends or loved ones or acquaintances, or whoever just hope. You made some good memories in that you enjoyed it. It was a nice cold night lot of decorations, a lot of people out a lot of trick or treaters seem to be having a good time. Anyways I hope you know that. I hope you got to enjoy that and then woke you up this morning to November 1st, I’m it’s going to be a beautiful day, nice weather and then it’s going to be really warm starting tomorrow up to 80 degrees, again tomorrow, pretty crazy for this time of year, but also where does is that actor that type of weather people start seeing buds right, I’m as weather cools off the bus come inside and then as it heats up. It’S kind of like moving in and out in and out in and out and then and when people see a lot of bugs. We get a lot of calls on bugs, but I am Jared JohnI’m. Your host. These podcast series am also co-founder Platinum, pass, along with my beautiful amazing, wonderful adorable, spouse and the also better half of me, Jennifer Johnson. We are a family-owned and operated the company, I’m servicing the greater Tulsa area, providing Pest Solutions and also Turf Solutions on to homeowners and to those who need solutions to the 2000s. So that’s what we all that that is who we are when we started up the company. A few years back, you are tame, has become the best pest control Tulsa has seen, and so that is our aim. That’S what we’re trying to accomplish, I’m in and based on our Google reviews. I work we’re doing okay on that back. We are well on our way to accomplish that task, which we are ecstatic about. I’m we are so excited about that, so that is who we are, and so we are no solution, but, as I mentioned before and, so are people ask as well? How do we get in contact with you at your house?

How we would like you to come out in service are home and in our yard, make sure everything looks good. But how do we get in contact with you, but we get a lot of our customers through customer referral. So I’m people who use this before and and and they feel comfortable enough to refer us over to their friends or loved ones, kind of when you give a referral. Your reputation is on the line. Also, I’m almost never said, but you know I don’t refer people over to or refer companies or anything else to our friends unless we are confident they’re going to produce unless we’re confident, I’m there going to go through with what they say that they’re going to go Through with it, and the reason being is because our reputation is on the line whenever that happens right in so I bet that’s one way that the people get in contact with us at their customer referrals. Another way, probably the most common is people I type it in in some sort of search engine on the internet. Okay and put the keywords and they type when are Pest Control Tulsa on those seem to be the most common words and I’ll type it in our information come up from giving us a call right in so again, we want to welcome you look at Sears today. Hopefully, you learn a little bit.

Hopefully, you laugh. Hopefully what we give you a little over humor along the way and hopefully you’re able to fit something inside your cranium. That will last value to you, but I understand that not everything is going to fit inside the cranium and that you’re not going to have to work all everything. That’S okay, I’m what we there’s a couple. Different options for you to do is to be able to write down everything. We say, pen, pencil paper or write down near the fun fact that you weren’t, that you won’t remember, I’m at the other is actually just did. Have the information on how to get in contact with us, which we recommend that way? If you have any questions, you don’t have to do a bunch of research, you can just call us now the way that did that you can get her number on his. You have time for those billboards signs around Tulsa having a safe pest control Tulsa next time you see one of those just pull over jacket down the information and they give us a shower have to come out there for you, I don’t, but this podcast series we are Talking. Aunt’s now we have talked about ants a lot on. That’S because there are a lot of ants around Tulsa around the Oklahoma area. Answer people get him a lot right now. People are getting them.

Sometimes, when we get a lot of rain, you all the sudden dance to start moving the inside the home, that’s not uncommon by any means, and also in times of drought, they start moving inside the homes big months for 4 answers April May or June. Also in the fall, those are big months for ants. You know some people yeah. I think so, all the wintertime you don’t, you don’t need Pest Control. You know that the bugs aren’t aren’t inside their move around on mats false. Pest Control Tulsa We get a lot of calls for answering the wintertime, so she went when we get snow on the ground off timedance move on the inside. I stay warm, I’m going to wait, wait in the moisture also. So if that’s happening to you, if you’re getting ants, you owe it to yourself to really choose the best pest control. Tulsa has available to you at at at your fingertips. I’m going to tell if that’s going to be at that search will lead you over to us on the Platinum pest.


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